In dim twilight, in harsh, almost militant music full of high wordless vocals, percussion, angst and determination and just plain grit, wrapped in a tough-as-nails determination, was her habitat. Not always, once a bright cheerful flower, life had turned her hard as stone, with thorns to prick the unwary who reached out to her. She had long since ceased to mourn her lost innocence and brightness - survival instinct had taken over, and her sense of humor had been restored by one who managed to slip past the thorns. Dreams, hopes, ideas, goals, had all been sacrificed on the altar of her life, but she had one thing left, one thing she to which she clung tightly - her life. Sheer determination and stubbornness kept her clinging, when so many didn't care, or actively wished her to lose all - spite and gritting her teeth kept her holding on.

Those who knew her disapproved of her hardness. She didn't care - it was get tough or die, and she had no suicide wish. She wouldn't stray past the curb of the straight and narrow, but she wouldn't lie down and take being trompled, either.

And she survived.