"I look around the kitchen wondering where I had placed it. It wasn't in it's usual place on the table or spice rack. I couldn't keep most foods with my penchant for leaving at month's at a time, either into the outside world or my mind. I was tired of my endless supply of bread and dried meat from my old pack that all the loopers got, and really honey was the only thing that would keep long enough. On the bright side it had at least a few varieties.

Then I spot it having rolled under my one chair. That was it's one problem, with it's being a sphere and my poor craftsmanship it often rolled away from where I placed it. I take it and sitting down in my chair recite, "From dawn to dusk I will not rise until the night shall reach my eyes." I give a small smile as I'm selecting the time period. Solan had been so proud of that rhyme. Even after he had grown up and distanced himself I would always remember him as the youngest apprentice so eager to please.

"I need to go" I look up in Mordak in surprise. This outburst was after having followed what sounded like a battlefield for the past hour. We hadn't seen any other humans following his odd circuitous routes. I still wasn't quite sure if he had been trying to find or avoid people.

"Why?" I ask carefully knowing that Mordak got angry easily when I did not see something that to him was evidently displayed.

"There's someone I have to meet here."

"How do you know he's here? How would you even find him in the battle?"

Mordak gives a snort then replies, "He would not miss a fight like this for the world. Don't worry about how I'd find him."

We crest a ridge and shock takes away whatever I was about to say to him. A deep gorge separated us from the battlefield. Other than that there was nothing between us and the systematic destruction I saw before me. I look away from the scene quickly and hear Mordak's voice whisper "Stay here" into my ear.

I quickly glance towards him and see that he was now flying onto the other side of the rift. I wasn't very surprised to find out he was a mage. I had gathered as much from some of the ways he acted and the way he never seemed to run out of that accursed bread and meat we had every night. I steal another peak and see that a small pocket of open space had cleared around him though somehow the soldiers fighting didn't even seem to notice.

He stood with the corpses and blood at his feet and I almost retch realizing what the stains on his boots was. Then noticing something I look back intently uncaring of the fight. What looked like black tendrils were rising off him and snaking through the battlefield. Soon enough one person walked into the clearing who looked like he was walking normally but looking closer I saw the black tendrils attached to him.

They're far enough away that I can't hear what they're saying but it appeared that Mordak wasn't pleased to see him with his pacing. It didn't look like the other person was glad to see Mordak from how he stood still with a blood streaked sword in hand. After what I thought was a minute of this though it may have been shorter, Mordak makes a large gesture sweeping his hand out in front of him. The man facing him in response lifts his arm up to his mouth as though drying his lips. So fast I miss the motion completely his sword left his hand and flew towards Mordak. Then right as it was about to strike Mordak he disappeared.

A motion draws my eye and then I see where Mordak had gone. He was standing over the man who had thrown the sword. The man falling was what had caught my attention. Mordak was standing over him his right arm covered with gore up to his elbow. I looked down and saw that the man arguing with him no longer had a head. At this I can no longer resist my stomach and I throw up into the gorge in front of me.