Editing done for this one, a little story of a bit of the lime green jellies, as we call it. Hope you enjoy.


Potent gaze of lucid thoughts, are dark

Glaring 'cross the room at what can't you have.

Why want for that to which you have no right?

Why toil toward an uninspired goal?

Why hope for him, when his gaze already wanders where you are not?

And what of your own?

Who is he to watch you waver?

Let you want beyond his arms?

Let you dream of what is..

Perhaps I've said too much already.

Let my own hope shine through

Let my own struggle be noticed

Let my own heart be bared.

And for what?

His heart is not mine to covet.

What do you think? I didn't want to change that much; felt too odd, especially since not many will know that I wrote it when I was about twelve.

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