I will be honest, I have no idea what younger me was thinking when she wrote this. Not a clue. So I am going to rebrand it as a reincarnation poem, since it is an idea I have considered fondly in the past. Enjoy. -CW

The Cycle

The story of our lives, and how we lived them well.

Birth wasn't our beginning; we began during dreams, experienced

The sunshine unlike those who traversed reality.

We recorded our lives, illustrated the pages of the

Story with images from the past; future hopes and what

We wished those for whom we care.

One day, we ventured out to that distant stretch of

Powdered sand, where the horizon kept our dreams. The

Warmth welcomed us to lie, watch the stars, and

Be satisfied by what we found there.

In love we fell, and stayed where we were wanted.

The greatest feeling, we thought, was being one with

Each other and knowing we were never alone.

We relished in the quiet life, and loved the closest as

They came and went. We ate, we drank, we slept, we lived.

Life was good.

When He came Death was swift, merciful. We lay in

His arms and slept peacefully from then on, no longer

Remembering those left behind, but knowing that silent promise.

We shall return.

And we did. And we started again, dreaming, marking

The pages, travelling, living, loving….

And the Cycle will continue.


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