This is why I like poetry – flying through editing now, as you can tell! I am much more aware of the truth in this one, more so than when I wrote it. -CW


It's been so long. I've wandered so far

From the path I'd set myself.

The goals I once held

No longer hold me.

The road is winding, full of stops, scrapes and scars.

Cannot bring myself to turn back

To pick up the pieces

To face the same pains once more.

And why should I want to –

Become that girl again?

Age drags me forward, looking back

Through the winding street of Time

Doors dependant on my choices.

Do I have a choice?

Holding bated breath

To see what I'll do

Would I return?

Is it now too late?


I am changed;

Older, now.

To time Already Lost.

It was very pleasing to read and change this one. I hope you liked it – you know what to do by now! Thanks for reading. -CW