Pig Wars

Chapter 1

By Shadowgate


Denny Rigs stopped his truck by a big highway. He saw two roads to take and got confused. Two years ago he broke up with a girlfriend and hadn't been the same since. He'd envisioned marrying her. He saw a 24 hour restaurant and a 24 hour grocery store. He was grateful to see both. He figured he could stop and rest and make a phone call.

He parked his truck in the grocery store parking lot. He knew that one of the two roads would be the right one but didn't know which. He knew that taking the right one would lead to a truck stop where he could shower at day break.

He called his supervisor back at the base and his supervisor told him the one on the right was the right one. After that he got a soda and a piece of pie at the restaurant.

After taking a piss and washing up in the restroom he got back in his truck. He turned on the radio to his favorite metal station. He cranked up Metallica's Turn the Page.

He soon got his truck in gear and started rolling.

In the meantime Michael Callahan and his wife Cindy along with his son Martin were all about to turn in. Martin was listening to War Pigs by Black Sabbath but it was now 10 PM. Michael told his son to shut off his music because it was bed time.

15 minutes later a drunk driver swerved into Denny's truck and sent him flying off the feeder road. He crashed into a tree and his truck flipped over. The nuclear waste he was carrying came pouring out.

The pigs at the Callahan Farm turned into 6 foot tall mutants.

While the Callahan Family slept the pigs went into his shed. They also went into the pig butchering house.

The leader of the pigs said "TONIGHT WE GET EVEN!"