Pig Wars

Chapter 3

By Shadowgate

A peace agreement was reached immediately.

The two leaders General Grant Pig and General Lee Pig came up with two reasons for the peace agreement.

Civil war would go on forever. Plus it was the first time in history that pigs butchered humans.

Upon the agreement both surrendered and they went off into the woods where they would live happily ever after. The agreement was reached at 6AM, the morning after Denny Rigs crashed his truck. The county sheriff along with the FBI were there. They discovered the bodies of the two families. They could not get fingerprints or footprints of a human. They were baffled by the lack of evidence and wondered who could have done it. In order to clean up the waste federal officials in space suits came on to the scene.

The pigs of course were long gone. The national news had everyone shocked and questioning both the sheriff and the FBI over why they couldn't get evidence nor link anyone to the crime. Other farmers in the area along with their families simply did not witness the brutal murders take place.