Grandma Got Run Over by a School Bus

By Shadowgate

Cody aged 12 and his sister Jan Gomer aged 7 both walked out of their house because it was time for school. They saw their Grandma coming back from a walk but she was still quite far away. As she was three houses down from Cody and Jan a school bus that turned from the right and was behind her had gained speed.

Cody yelled "GRANDMA LOOK OUT!"

The school bus that had been going very fast ran over the poor old lady and kept going.

Cody and Jan both screamed out loud.

Their mother Candy rushed out and saw the bus flying like a freight train.

She called 911 on her cell phone.

Kids on that school bus were screaming like mad.

Police and an ambulance came. The elderly woman Patricia Lyn Gordon was pronounced dead at the scene.

Cody and Lyn got the school bus number.

A surveillance camera on the school bus revealed the kids going wild and two of them were smoking pot.

When police along with Candy and her husband Victor Gordon got in touch with the school district it was uncovered that the school bus driver was an illegal alien and had been arrested three times prior to being hired. They filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the school district.

The community was outraged.

Two weeks later a classmate of Cody's sang "grandma got run over by a school bus" and Cody hit him. As a result both were suspended. When Cody's mom got up there to pick up Cody she cussed out the principal and the news of her cussing out the principal went viral.

The principal faced so much harassment over Cody's suspension he resigned a month later.

The family got a $30 million dollar settlement.