They were the Happy Hooligans. They were the Tanner family.

There was Billy, the second oldest. He hated to wear shoes, as he loved to go around barefoot. He also wore a straw hat and bib overalls. He also had Dunlap Disease, where his belly done lap over his belt. This was because of all the cookies and brownies he ate. He loved home cooking.

His older sister, Anna, on the other hand, was skinnier, liked to wear pretty pink and purple dresses. She hated boyish things and as she had four younger brothers, pretended to be from another family. She was different from "those boys", as she called them.

Her younger brother, younger than Billy, was José. He was a geek. He wore nerdy glasses and had pocket protectors on his pants. He always invented these zany things. He had looks of books in his room and din't seem to get that being a kid meant not reading all those books with information.

The next youngest was Jerry. He liked to get dirty, but not to the extent of Billy. He tried to copy Billy a lot. He also wore worn out boy's clothes.

The youngest was Jake. He was quiet, though sometimes threw temper tantrums when he didn't get his way.

Their parents were Sherry and Charlie. Sherry was heavier, though brighter than Charlie. Charlie was thinner, but also not the brightest tool in the shed. They were worn out often from the antics of their kids.