Two months later, Billy and Jose were in a blowup kiddie pool.

"Cannonball!" yelled Billy. He jumped into the pool, splashing water everywhere. Indeed, because he was rather portly he even splashed poor Anna who was walking by in her new pretty blue dress.

"My dress! You messed up my dress!" shouted Anna angrily, running off into the house, dripping wet.

"Ha ha!" laughed Jose.

Charlie, who was cutting the lawn, shook his head. He resumed cutting the lawn. Charlie started to hum one of his favorite songs. "Oh, I wish I was in the land of cotton. Old times there are not forgotten. Look away, look away, look away Dixie Land!" he sang, trying to do an Elvis impression. Unfortunately, he was no Elvis, by any means, so it sounded awful, causing Billy and Jose to groan. Eventually, he started to move away with the lawn mower.

"We need more water." said Jose.

"Daddy said we have enough." Billy countered.

"But I want more!" whined Jose. He went over to get the hose and turned it on. Water came out and began shooting out on the deck, getting the welcome mat all soaked.

"Jose, stop it!" cried Billy. Jose, however, had his own agenda. He came toward the kiddie pool with the hose. Unfortunately, he was not paying attention to where he was going. He moved the hose in front of the lawn mower and Charlie ran it over.

Water shot everywhere! "NOOOOO!" yelled Charlie, who had stopped singing. The mower went off and Charlie, trying to get to the hose, slipped in mud that had formed when the water had started shooting everywhere. He fell and hit the ground, banging his head. "OW!" he cried, wincing in pain.

After both Jose and Charlie slipped in the mud, in Charlie's case, getting his clothes all splattered with mud, Charlie was finally able to turn off the hose. He was NOT pleased. "Pool-time-is-over!" he bellow.

"Aw man!" whined Billy, glaring angrily at Jose.

"It's all your fault!" whined Billy to Jose five minutes later.

"Daddy ran it over with the mower. It's his fault!" countered Jose.