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Nikki wakes up and sits up slowly. She stretches before realizing-this isn't my apartment. She thinks before reaching over to grab her phone but feeling a hand come to rest on her thigh.

"Don't leave yet." She hears a groggy voice say.

Niki turns around and sees a man-a very naked man lying in bed next to her-and then everything that happened to her came back, her audition, the man, the date and then the sex.

"Oh my God." Nikki says.

"What?" The man says.

"I'm going to be late for my first day." Nikki says before climbing out of bed and searching through her clothes.

"Nikki, calm down I can give you a ride back to your place." The man says.

"No Jake, I've got it, I can take a cab or run." Nikki says.

"Are you sure." Jake asks getting up. Okay at least he's wearing boxers, and not like naked, naked.

"Yes I'm sure." Nikki tells him nodding as she slips on her dress from last night and puts her hair back into a ponytail.

"Okay." Jake says and when she's on her way out the door Jake stops her and turns her around.

She looks into his eyes and he strokes her cheek and says,

"Text me okay, I had fun last night-and not just the sex. I want to see you again. Also you almost forgot your flowers." Handing the small bouquet flowers to her.

"Okay." Nikki says smiling before Jake leans down and kisses her quickly before she rushes out the door.

Nikki sighs and gets into the cab before closing her eyes and thinking. How did I get to be here of all places?...

Two days before….

Nikki walked out of the audition room and felt like she was going to cry-she had just auditioned for one of the most prestigious travelling chamber orchestras, and she completely bombed the audition. She had been invited by the founder of the orchestra himself to come and audition-the only one in her graduating class at her school to even be considered by this orchestra, and she had blown the audition because of a stupid scale.

Nikki bit back tears as she was packing up and grabbed her bag and put it on before walking out of the warm up room. Way to go Nikki, you get an amazing opportunity that could allow you to do what you love, and not have to work as a full time bartender and you go and blow the audition because of a F-major scale! She thinks to herself as she gets to the bus station and checks her watch. Speaking of bartending, I'm going to be late for work. She says and then sighs, it would be easier to walk-even lugging her case behind her.

Nikki began to walk, her eyes still clouded with tears, and she didn't notice just how much it impaired her vision before she ran into somebody dead on.

"Oh! God I'm so sorry!" Nikki said.

"It's fine." The man said smiling before looking at her, "You alright?"

"Yeah, I'm just-bad morning." Nikki said.

"You're telling me. I had a conference with a possible sponsor for my work-but they blew me off for another organization." The man said.

"I was invited to audition for an orchestra, the only one in my graduating class to get invited-and I blew it over an F-major scale." Nikki said.

"What instrument do you play?" The man asks.

"Violin." Nikki said.

"No way, I play the violin too." The man says smiling.

Nikki looks at the man, he wasn't dressed as fancy as she was dressed, with her dress and heels, but he wasn't dressed casually either. He was wearing khakis, with a blue button up shirt with brown dress shoes.

"Really?" Nikki asks.

"Yeah." The man says smiling. "I'm Jake."

"Nikki." Nikki says and the two shake hands.

"Want to grab a coffee sometime, or now even?" Jake asks.

"Um it'll have to be sometime else, I'm actually late for work right now." Nikki says gesturing to her watch.

"Oh okay." Jake says smiling. "Maybe another time then."

"I'd love to-um here let's exchange numbers then." Nikki says and Jake nods before the two exchange numbers and go their separate ways…

The Day after that….

Nikki stood at the bar cleaning up and reorganizing from whoever had the night shift last night. She always took the morning or afternoon bar shifts, in the morning nobody came in so it was just her tidying up-and the afternoon wasn't busy unless there was a game.

She was in a good mood this morning, turns out she had made it into the orchestra, and would be getting her information when she came to the first day later this week.

"Nikki!" She hears somebody call from the kitchen.

"What?" Nikki yells back.

"Order 3 is up!" They say. Nikki sighs, The breakfast crowd and the waitresses won't do anything about it, wonderful. Nikki thinks before she puts her glass down and says,


She grabs the order tray and begins to walk. Those fucking waitresses need to pull their weight I swear to God if I have to cover for them one more time, they will never be found. She thinks to herself as she approaches the table.

"Here you are folks, sorry for the hold up-the waitresses here are too lazy for their own good." Nikki says to the three men at the table.

"No problem." One guy says.

"Is there anything else I can get you while I'm here?"Nikki asks curling hair behind her ear as one guy looks up.

"Nikki?" He asks a smile creeping onto his face.

"Jake?" Nikki asks smiling back.

"You work here?" Jake asks.

"Yeah, I'm the bartender, I have the early shift today-frees up my evening." Nikki says smiling.

"Could we-talk really quickly?" Jake asks.

"Yeah sure." Nikki says and Jake gets up and leads her a little bit away from the table.

Jake smiled and then says,

"You never answered my text last night-the one about possibly having dinner tonight. Since our conversation last night was what we would find out over coffee."

"Oh, yeah sorry. I meant to reply but it was crazy here last night. I got your text and then one of the guys assaulted a stripper and the police got involved and I had to leave early because there was a robbery in my building." Nikki says.

"Sounds exciting." Jake says.

"It was." Nikki says letting out a sigh.

"Anyway, would you be interested-in going out with me tonight?" Jake asks.

"Yeah, I would. Where do you want to meet?" Nikki asks.

"How about the south entrance to the park at 8?" Jake asks.

"Let's make it 6, I actually have my first day with the orchestra tomorrow."

"You made it in?" Jake asks.

"Yep." Nikki says nodding.

"Awesome." Jake says. "But I might be late, I have to be somewhere at 6 so it might be closer to 6:30."

"Okay." Nikki says. "Sounds like a plan."

"Alright." Jake says smiling.

Nikki watches him go back to his table and nods to herself, Not bad Nikki-not bad at all.

Nikki walks into the park and sits down on a bench before checking her face and hair again. She had her long red hair curled and held back with a headband and was wearing a simple pink dress and some flats. Nothing too fancy but nothing casual at the same time. She honestly was a little worried. You shouldn't be worried, come on Nikki you can do this. He obviously does like you-I mean he's gorgeous and he's acting like he likes you-unlike Mark-NO DON'T THINK OF MARK. Mark and you have been broken up for-like almost a year now it's time for you to move on!


Nikki is pulled of her thoughts by a voice,

"Hi." Nikki says seeing Jake, he was holding a small bouquet of 5 flowers.

"For you." He says.

"Thank you." Nikki says taking them.

"Let's walk." He says and the two walk side by side.

Nikki looks at him, Okay so he's like totally gorgeous, so much more gorgeous than Mark-no don't think about Mark. She smiles, he had brown hair that was short around the sides and longer around the top, and wore glasses that suited his face shape. Tonight he was wearing jeans and a polo shirt with some dark brown boat shoes.

"So, before we go any further in this date I need you to know something." Jake says.

"Go for it." Nikki says and the two stop.

"So I might've lied about my age at first to make sure that you didn't mind the idea of dating an older guy I'm not actually 26." Jake says.

"How much older are we talking?" Nikki asks.

"Well, I just turned 30 last month." Jake says.

"Oh-that's not bad." Nikki says nodding.

"And there's something else. When I was a teenager me and my girlfriend at that time-who is now my ex wife-had a daughter named Amber." Jake says.

"Oh." Nikki says.

"Anyway what I'm getting at is that I have a 14 year old daughter and an ex-wife that I'm co-parenting with. That's why I was 30 minutes late, I had to drive Amber to her mother's house." Jake says.

"Well, that's a lot to say on a first date." Nikki says. "I mean if it is a date, if it isn't that's fine too."

"Don't worry it's a date-and I like to tell my dates about my daughter before they accidentally try to surprise me at home and end up coming face to face with a 14 year old girl while they're in their lingerie." Jake says.

"How many?" Nikki asks. Jake thinks before saying,

"5." and cringing.

"Well, don't you worry because I'm pretty sure I'm fine with that-and we're not even past the first date yet. For all I know you're some crazy person who I won't want to even look at after this date." Nikki says and Jake smiles.

"You're right, anyway on with the date."

Nikki smiles as she feels his hand take hers gently as they continue walking, He's pretty cute, and nice. I don't even care if I get dinner out of this or not. She thinks as they stop by the pond in the park. She turns to him and before she could stop herself she said,

"I'd really like you to kiss me."

Jake laughs before saying,

"That makes the two of us." And he presses his lips against hers.


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