Thirty five minutes later, Drew appeared again, wearing his leather jacket. He didn't sit beside Jordan this time, just stopped in front of him. "Okay?" Drew asked and Jordan nodded. Jordan stood and followed Drew out of the hospital.

"So what sort of surgeon are you?" Jordan asked as they walked to the car park.

"General surgeon," Drew said.

"What does that mean?" Jordan asked and Drew smiled.

"Means I can do anything," Drew said and Jordan looked at him in awe and Drew chuckled. "It means I'm not tied down to one specific area. I can carry out different types of surgery but if there's something too complicated in a specific area, I have to leave it to the specialists."

"Wow," Jordan mumbled. It was kind of intimidating. Here he was, a stripper on a wage that Jordan wasn't sure was even legal, about to go home with a surgeon who seemed like he could handle just about anything. What right did Jordan have to take up any of his time?

Jordan was pulled from his thoughts when they reached Drew's car. He slid in the passenger seat this time without any hesitation. Drew got in the driver's side and smoothly pulled out of the car park. "Where do you live?" Jordan asked and Drew glanced at him.

"Chelsea," he said and Jordan turned to him in surprise.

"Seriously?" Jordan asked and Drew nodded.

"Wow," Jordan said and Drew shrugged.

"I don't have much to spend my money on so I figured I'd splash out on somewhere to live," he said and Jordan nodded slowly.

"And the car," Jordan said and Drew grinned.

"Of course," Drew said.

"Do you live alone?" Jordan asked and Drew nodded.

"I did roommates when I was a student until I was 23 and I was desperate for my own space after I graduated medical school," he said and Jordan nodded in understanding. "I've lived on my own ever since." Jordan nodded again the silence stretched out but it wasn't uncomfortable, Jordan smiled slightly. "Well, me and my dogs," Drew added and Jordan turned to him.

"You have dogs?"

"Yeah, are you okay with dogs? They're a little excitable but harmless," Drew said and Jordan smiled.

"I love dogs," Jordan said. "I had a Labrador when I was a kid."

"Oh yeah?" Drew smiled. "I have a German Shepherd called Leo and a Husky Lab cross called Angel."

"You splash out on your dogs, too?" Jordan asked and Drew grinned. Jordan's breath caught in his throat.

"Who else am I going to spoil?" he asked and Jordan smiled softly before forcing himself to ask the awkward question.

"Girlfriend?" he suggested. "Or boyfriend."

"If I had a girlfriend or a boyfriend, I would be dropping you home right now, not taking you back to mine," Drew said, shooting him a glance. Jordan lowered his eyes and nodded. Well at least he'd checked this time. "What about you?" Drew asked after a moment of silence.

"What about me, what?"

"Girlfriend or boyfriend?" Drew asked and Jordan laughed softly.

"No," he said and Drew frowned slightly.

"Why is that a funny question?" Drew asked and Jordan shrugged, not wanting to answer that. He didn't want to talk, not about that stuff. The stuff that he was trying to escape from.

About 20 minutes later, Drew pulled off the road into a private car park behind a block of houses. Drew turned the car off and jumped out and Jordan followed. It was silent outside, compared to the buzz in Lewisham and the walk to the hospital; Chelsea wasn't somewhere where the neighbourhood tolerated pounding clubs and drunk teenagers.

Drew startled Jordan by taking his hand as they walked across the car park towards the glass doors that led into the building. It was only about 3 storeys but it looked pretty fancy just from the outside. Drew entered a passcode on the panel next to the door and held it open for Jordan, who smiled as he slipped inside. "I'm on the top floor," Drew said, crossing the lobby to the stair case, taking Jordan's hand again. They climbed the stairs together and Jordan felt his heart start to beat faster in anticipation.

Drew entered another code into the door of the flat on the top floor and the door buzzed open. Jordan had never come across somewhere that didn't have a physical key lock. "High tech," he muttered and Drew smirked and nodded. Jordan blinked in amazement once he was in Drew's entryway. "Holy shit," he whispered and Drew chuckled. They were standing in a large open space with hardwood floors and white walls which led down to a large open plan living area. And then they could hear the pattering of paws and two dogs came trotting towards them. Drew crouched down to stroke the head of the German Shepherd. The Husky Lab nudged at Jordan for some attention and he smiled as he stroked across the soft head.

"Leo," Drew motioned to the German Shepherd. "And Angel."

"Hi, Angel," Jordan smiled, scratching behind her ears. Leo came over to him to investigate and then he was having to pay both of them equal attention. They got bored after a minute and then trotted back through the door they'd arrived through.

"They'll probably just go back to sleep now," Drew said as he shrugged his jacket off and threw it over the back of a black leather sofa and Jordan pulled his off too. All the furniture was black and it contrasted starkly to the white walls. Off the living room was a kitchen which had white cabinets with black tops and a shiny black fridge. "This place…" Jordan started and Drew hummed in agreement, falling onto the sofa. Jordan looked down at him and Drew just looked back up at him for a moment before motioning him over. "How long have you lived here?" Jordan asked, perching on the sofa next to Drew.

"Just over a year," Drew said, placing a hand on Jordan's shoulder and pulling him down into the comfy cushions. Jordan turned towards Drew and bit his lip, suddenly anxious about this whole thing. "Can I ask you something?" Drew asked and Jordan nodded. "You didn't call." Jordan waited for him to continue but he didn't so Jordan smiled softly.

"That's not a question," Jordan said and Drew smiled and nodded.

"Okay, my question is why," he said and Jordan sighed, looking away from the impressive man sitting in front of him.

"I lost my phone in the river," Jordan said and Drew nodded.

"Of course," he muttered and Jordan smiled.

"And, uh, I didn't really have the money to replace it," Jordan said, his cheeks flushing.

"I wish you'd told me," Drew said, setting his hand on Jordan's. "I wouldn't have spent the last week gazing at my phone and waiting for it to ring." Jordan's eyes widened and he looked back up at Drew.

"Really?" he whispered and Drew smiled and nodded.

"Of course," Drew said. "I kind of regretted leaving it the way I did. I put the whole decision on you and that meant I had no say in whether we ever spoke again… You've been on my mind all week."

"I have?" Jordan whispered, not quite able to believe that this man could be as interested as him as he was in return. "You've been on mine all week too." Drew smiled at the admission and lifted his hand to cup Jordan's jaw.

"You're so gorgeous, you know," Drew whispered, shifting closer. Jordan widened his eyes and Drew grinned quickly. "No, you don't know, and that just makes you even more gorgeous." And with that, Drew pressed his lips against Jordan's in a soft kiss. Jordan forgot about everything else, about how inferior he felt compared to Drew, and just relished the feeling of his soft, plump lips. Jordan raised his hand to Drew's thick, slightly wavy hair, and gripped tight. Drew moaned, parting his lips, and Jordan took advantage and thrust his tongue against Drew's, shifting as he did so, so he could straddle Drew's lap. Drew's hands rested on Jordan's hips and tugged him closer and then slid up his body into Jordan's hair and tugged. Jordan moaned, grinding against Drew. He loved having people tug his hair. "So sexy," Drew groaned, scooting forward on the sofa. Jordan wrapped his legs around Drew's waist and then gasped as Drew lifted him as he stood. He hadn't realised Drew was so strong. Jordan wrapped his arms around Drew's shoulders and pressed his lips to Drew's throat as he walked through the flat, sucking on the warm skin. "Babe you can't leave a mark," Drew said as he pressed Jordan up against the wall for a moment. He pulled back slightly but kept his body pressed against Jordan's to hold him up. "Can't have a doctor with a hickey." Jordan grinned and met Drew's eyes.

"I'll have to find something else to occupy my lips then," Jordan said and Drew practically growled, grinding the hardness in his trousers against Jordan. Jordan gasped, tilting his hips towards Drew.

"Tell me what you want," Drew said and Jordan blinked his eyes to focus for a second before meeting Drew's gaze.

"I want you," Jordan whispered. "In bed. In me."

"Fuck," Drew muttered and Jordan grinned.

"Exactly," he said, seeking out Drew's lips for another intense kiss. Drew picked Jordan up again and a moment later Jordan was lowered onto a cosy mattress with soft, cool sheets. But he really wasn't all that bothered about what was beneath him; his main focus was the hot man lying above him. Drew kissed down Jordan's throat and settled just above his collar bone, sucking sharply until Jordan cried out.

"Just 'cause you can't give me one doesn't mean I won't be giving you one," Drew said as he sat up on Jordan's thin hips.

"Not complaining," Jordan said and Drew grinned. He reached down and tugged Drew's shirt out from his trousers and then quickly unbuttoned it and pushed it off Drew's shoulders. Jordan ran his fingers over Drew's chest and flat stomach, swallowing back the desire to trace his tongue over Jordan's muscles.

"Your turn," Drew said, pulling Jordan's t-shirt up and over his head. Drew's gaze poured over Jordan's skinny frame and he licked his lips. "I feel like I could look at you for hours and not get bored." Jordan frowned and shook his head, dismissing the comment. "Seriously," Drew said, swirling his finger around Jordan's belly button, making the younger boy gasp.

There was very little talking after that moment, just gasps and heavy breaths and cries of pleasure. Neither Jordan nor Drew could remember ever experiencing such passion before. And neither wanted to let it get away.