Draco and Daphne

Long ago in a land far away, that we now call Crete, Greece the Greek god Poseidon was very worried because his mortal lover Roxanne Black was going into labor with his child. He was also very worried about if his child would be a baby boy or girl. He was hoping it was a boy so he wouldn't have to deal with all of the hardships she would go through. Like her falling in love, having to go on quests, and her dying. Then suddenly a nurse asked if he was the father, he said he was. He went in the room to see he had a baby girl. "What are we going to name her?" Poseidon asked worried about what to name her. "We will name her Daphne Artemis Black." said Roxanne.

"I hope she doesn't end up like most of my sons have." Poseidon said. He was already worrying about their daughter's welfare; it was sweet, thought Roxanne. "Ok, let's do this Roxy." Poseidon said happy. "Yes, let us do this." Roxy said mysteriously. "Ok I hope I turn out good as a father to Daphne. Seeing as I've never had a daughter before, so it's a surprise." Poseidon said worrying about how he was going to do as her father.

Now our story begins with Daphne at sixteen years old in a garden running away from monsters as usual. When her best friend Draco Di Angelo came to help her again. Ugh why does he insist he fight my battles, I have told him over and over again to let me do it myself, thought Daphne. He acts like I am a damsel in distress, thought Daphne. "Thanks, Draco. How would I live without you?" Daphne said sarcastically. "No problem. I don't know how do you survive without me?" Draco asked being serious for once. "I don't know I've survived on my own since my mother died when I was two years old." She said getting teary-eyed. "Oh shoot. I'm sorry for bringing her up again." He said panicking. "It's fine Drake as long as I'm not crying so it's fine." She said. "Bye Arte. See you soon. Draco said trying not to blush. "Bye Drake. See you soon." She said without blushing.

I was sleeping when I heard loud knocking on my door. "I'm coming give me a second." I yelled throwing on my robe. When I got to the door I saw Hermes standing there. "What's the matter Lord Hermes?" I asked bowing. "It's nothing major except my father requested your appearance in front of the Council." He said nonchalantly "Ok, may I get dressed appropriately?" I asked getting my tougher face on. "Yes, please do it would be better that way." he responded. "Ok, I'll only be a few minutes Lord Hermes." I responded rushing out to get dressed. "Ok don't take too long we have to discuss something very important with you." Hermes said. "Ok I'll take that into account sir." I said seriously. Hermes just snickered. "Please call me Hermes it makes me feel old when you call me sir." Hermes said. "Ok." I said laughing to myself. I then walked to my room to get ready to go to Mount Olympus.

"Ok what do I wear in front of the all-powerful Gods and Goddesses?" I asked myself. "How about my favorite sundress and sandals." I murmured to myself. After taking a quick shower I put on my favorite emerald green and navy blue sundress with white sandals. I also put on my trident necklace with pearl bracelets and diamond earrings. I also curled my blonde hair and put natural make up on. I walked out as fast as I can to meet Lord Hermes. "Ok I'm ready Hermes let's go do this." I said trying not to be nervous. "Yes let's and you look nice. Are you trying to impress anybody special?" Hermes asked teasingly. "Nope just the whole Olympian Council." I replied trying not seeming nervous. "Let's go please so we can get this over with." I asked getting a little impatient. "Ok just grab my arm and we can go." Hermes said getting serious.

I grabbed his arm and then suddenly we appeared in the throne room of Mount Olympus. When we got there I immediately bowed and said. "My Lords and Ladies it is an honor to be in your presence. What's the matter? Is there a mission you need me to complete?" I asked getting nervous. "Yes we called you here to discuss something very important with you." Lord Zeus said gently not at all sounding like thunder. "What's the matter Lord Zeus is it major?" I asked almost panicking.

"Yes we want you to go on a quest for us young heroine and we want you to take two other heroes with you on the quest." Queen Hera said. "Ok I'll take Draco Di Angelo and Zoe Hathaway. When do I start my Lords and Ladies?" I asked getting a nonchalant face on. "You need to start as soon as possible Miss. Black and you need to get enough clothes and money for the quest." Lord Hades said. "Yes my Lords and Ladies. But what will our quest be?" I asked them trying not to appear anxious or nervous. Apollo stood up and walked in front of me and he started reciting a prophecy.

"You will go east and confront the goddess who has turned. For if you fail, love shall give you a fate worse than death. So be warned do not fall for love shall destroy everybody around you that you love." Lord Apollo finished. "What am I supposed to do King Zeus and Queen Hera?" I asked being my usual snarky self but didn't let them sense it. "We would like you to do the same 12 labors Hercules did but with your friends so you can show Hercules not everything is about brawns, strength, being invincible, or being boastful." Uncle Hades said. "Ok I will do it so people can stop being sexist and thinking women can't do anything!" I said passionately about this issue. "Yes well you do that for us women cousin." Lady Artemis said with a glint in her eyes. "I will Lady Artemis. For all of us women I will." I replied with a slight accent in my voice.

"Thank you my Lords and Ladies. I will do you proud I will start my quest as soon as I let my companions know and get all of our supplies." I said bowing again getting ready to Vapor travel. "You're welcome get going daughter you've already done me proud." My father said like he was proud. As soon as father said that I vapor traveled to my house to get the supplies needed then vapor traveled to Draco and Zoe's houses and told them about the quest then we left to go pray at our parents temples then we left. "Come on let's get on the road guys." I said getting ready for our quest.

While we were on the quest I felt like we were being watched over Hephaestus TV. I also had a feeling that Aphrodite was using it to spy on Draco and me to see what we were up too. I knew it she loves Draco like me. When we fought the Hydra and a few other monsters she enchanted them to kill me but Zoe and I destroyed them as soon as they tried. While we were travelling I realized I loved Draco my best friend and he probably didn't love me back. After we destroyed the Hydra Draco and I were scouting when I ended up doing something that could kill me. "Drake I have something to tell you but I'm afraid of the impact and I don't know how to tell you." I said getting butterflies in my stomach.

"You can tell me anything Daph. Ok?" Drake asked me. "I better show you Draco it's the only way to explain." I said getting ready to do it. He just nodded looking at me like I was crazy. I can do this it's not like he'll try to kill me for kissing him .I walked up to him and smashed my lips on his he smelt like the ocean and his skin felt like a dolphins skin. When I pulled away I was in a daze from kissing him. "Whoa what was that Daphne?" He asked sounding like he liked it. "I love you Draco but if this is what I get for trying then fine .Let's just get back and kill the Nemean Lion." I said trying not to snap. When we finally killed the lion we went back to Olympus I just wanted to curl up and fall asleep forever when we brought it to the council they were impressed to see we did it in six days.

When I was getting ready to leave Draco turned me around and kissed me in front of the council. When we pulled back he said I love you too. Aphrodite in her rage turned me into a constellation called the huntress hoping she could be with Draco. "Draco I love you forever and always." I whispered to myself. I always watched over Drake and was upset when Aphrodite tried to make him love her but he rejected her. I saw him ask his father Apollo to turn him into a constellation and he did then we were reunited as lovers he was turned into the constellation Draco. Then we fell in love even more and watched over all of our loved ones forever we also could go and visit the underworld and Mount Olympus to see the gods and goddesses.