Ariel's Curse

Once in a very distant land there was a mermaid named Ariel and she was the Princess of Atlantis. Her mother and father's names were Poseidon and Amphitrite and her older brother's name was Triton- Triton was also the crown prince of Atlantis; which means Triton would one day become King of Atlantis. The day that Ariel was announced as the Princess was the most joyous day in all of the realm. Ariel was pampered by everyone in all of Atlantis except for Ursula the daughter of the Titan Oceanus and Hel. Ursula had a very strong loathing for Ariel because thanks to Ariel being born her father had cancelled the betrothal contract between herself and Triton. Ariel's story with Ursula begins on an eerie and dark day in Atlantis.

Ariel was watching her brother and father practicing with their swords wishing that they'd teach her how to dual and show her how to wield her magic that comes with being a goddess as well as a mermaid. They never even showed her how to turn her tailfin into human legs; she's seen all of her immortal family and some of her mortal family walk on two feet. "Father, Triton when will you show me how to do what you two do? I want to be like you two and mother! It's not fair!" Ariel whined petulantly for the hundredth time in the past six weeks.

"Ariel not right now, I'm trying to prepare your brother for his duties as future King of Atlantis!" Poseidon said ignoring her complaints; as usual. "But father you never listen to me! What's the point of me even living under your roof if you don't even appreciate me?" Ariel wailed swimming out the castle and up to the surface -even though she knew it'd make her father mad; for some reason he didn't like her going above the ocean.

"Why won't they ever let me train with them? I'm so sick and tired of learning all of the court etiquette! I want to learn how to be like a true demigoddess; I want to fall in love with someone. Not be stuck in a castle like a trophy for all of eternity!" Ariel cried into her hands. "Hello darling, would you like a mentor in demigoddess etiquette? I heard your sorrowful woes from my reef." said a voice to her right.

When Ariel looked to her right she saw a beautiful looking Goddess. She had soft looking porcelain skin, smooth curly honey blonde ringlets, she had rare teal-purple eyes and her tail was the rarest color out of everyone besides the royal family; the Goddess had a burgundy and violet tailfin. "Yes please, I would love that. What's your name? Has anyone ever told you that you're the most beautiful non-royal in all of Atlantis?" Ariel asked the Goddess staring at her.

"No, I've never heard that. And my name is Ursula. What's your name darling?" Ursula said smiling sweetly at Ariel. "That's a beautiful name Lady Ursula. And my name is Princess Ariel of Atlantis. How soon can we begin?" Ariel asked nearly sliding off the rock she was perched on in her excitement. "Careful darling! We wouldn't want you to slip and hurt your pretty little head would we?" said Ursula smiling a full smile," and Ursula is fine darling. There's no need to call me Lady or Madam Ursula."

Ariel just smiled back; she was excited to finally learning what she's begged her family to study since she was old enough. Sadly her pleas fell on deaf ears everywhere she went. "Right, that's amazing. Thank you again Ursula, I can't wait to get started." Ariel said throwing her head back and soaking up the sun on her skin. "Ariel we can get started tonight. Make sure you pack your stuff and meet me at the statue of Zeus' fist; meet me there at midnight." Ursula said shaking Ariel's had gently.

"Thank you, I'll go pack all of my stuff right now. I'll see you tonight at midnight. Again thank you so much Ursula." Ariel said sliding back into the water and swimming back to her father's palace. Once Ariel was out of sight Ursula started chuckling darkly and tonelessly. "I will have your beauty you man stealing witch." Ursula said snarling angrily.

"Smile and sing while you can Little Mermaid. Because when I'm through with you, you won't even know what hit you!" Ursula snarled swimming off to her small coral reef cave. When Ursula made it inside her cave she swam straight towards her shelves with potions; she then started looking for a potion to transform a mermaid's tailfin into human legs. "Aha, I've found the recipe to a transformation potion. Now I'll have that Little Mermaid's beauty if it's the last thing I do!" Ursula swore with a vindictive smirk curled around her lips.

Ariel swam as fast as her tail would allow her to; she wanted the day to be over with so she could get her lessons over with and go and live up on the land already. Ariel slipped back in the castle as quietly as possible; she needed to be very careful otherwise her father would ground her for a century. "Ariel! Get in here now, we need to discuss your behavior from earlier. A princess does not behave like you did earlier!" her mother - Amphitrite- also known as the Queen of Atlantis. "Yes mother. I'm sorry mother. I'm just so sick and tired of being ignored at home but being treated like a life size trophy for the rest of the realms!" Ariel screamed crying into her hands. Ariel saw her mother's face lighten up slightly at her words but her mother's face then tightened up in anger.

"That may be the case Ariel, but you are a Princess first and foremost! Not a normal mermaid! You have a duty to your kingdom, and you must accept that! Now go and apologize to your father and triton for disrupting them this afternoon. You are to stay in your rooms the rest of the day and only come out for dinner." Amphitrite sternly said holding her head up elegantly. "Yes mother. I understand completely." Ariel said staring resentfully at her mother's perfectly done jet black curls and aqua colored eyes.

Ariel then swam to her father's throne room to go apologize to him properly before leaving later on that night. "Father. May I please come in?" Ariel asked knocking nervously on the door. "Yes, you may enter daughter." Poseidon said in what Ariel called his "King of Atlantis" voice. Ariel then opened to door and clasped her hands behind her back as she bowed in respect to her father and Triton. "Father, Triton. I wanted to apologize for disturbing your training session earlier and acting like a petulant child. I'm sorry." Ariel said making her voice sound sincere and apologetic.

"It's alright sister, we understand. We were once teens too. Now go on and retire to your room until dinner." Triton said waving his hand in her direction dismissively. Ariel grit her teeth in anger and smiled fauxly and swam back to her room and slammed the door shut in anger. "I can't wait to get out of this prison tonight!" Ariel groaned in frustration yanking on her neatly done burgundy braids. Ariel then swam around her room packing her important items; her books, her instruments, and all of her jewelry minus her tiaras and circlets. When she was done shoving all of her belongings into a bag she went and laid down on her bed.

After Ariel had dinner with her family she grabbed her bag and waited until they all fell asleep she hightailed it out of the palace. As soon as she was in the clear Ariel slowed down her pace, after a while she made it to Zeus' fist where she saw Ursula waiting patiently for her. "You made it darling! I didn't think you'd be able to slip your family's leash. Well let's go to my home and we'll get started okay?" Ursula asked Ariel smiling sweetly. "I didn't think I would make it either; but I've made it and I left a note saying I went to go stay with my cousin Artemis and her huntresses. Will you please show the way?" Ariel asked smiling a happy smile showing off her rosy color dimples and full red lips.

"Of course. Come darling; follow me." Ursula said smiling in victory. 'I'll finally have exactly what I deserve! Once and for all.' Ursula thought vindictively. "Wow your home is positively beautiful Ursula!" Ariel said staring around her in shock and surprise. "Thank you darling!" Ursula said opening her study room which they'll be using as her chamber for Ariel's fate. "Sit down darling, let me go get the potion to transform your tailfin into legs and then we'll start the incantation." Ursula said swimming into her room and grabbing the ingredients. "Drink this and say "I am Ariel Princess of Atlantis and I ask the Fates to turn my tailfin into human legs! So it has been said, so mote it be!" in Greek." Ursula said handing Ariel the vial of potion.

"Alright, thank you Ursula. Here goes nothing." Ariel said downing the potion in one gulp. "Eímai Ariél prinkípissa tis Atlantídas kai zitó tin týchi na gyrísei tailfin anthrópina pódia mou ! Gi 'aftó échei eipotheí , Mote as eínai !" Ariel chanted then she felt her body shaking. Ariel then started screaming in agony as she felt her tailfin being ripped apart scale by scale. "Darling it's alright calm down please. That happens every time a mer takes that potion for the first time in their life." Ursula said resting her hand on Ariel's forehead in sympathy. "I didn't tell you that way you wouldn't be expecting it." Ursula spoke.

"Thanks, I feel a whole lot better after hearing that." Ariel said sarcastically. "Hush child, the more you talk the worse it'll hurt. Also what will you be giving me for my help?" Ursula asked. "What do you mean? I thought you we're helping out of the goodness of your heart?" Ariel asked shocked. "Well I am but its custom in my family for the person helping someone to attain one of their best attributes as payment." Ursula said swishing her tail back and forth eagerly. "Well what do you want? I don't have anything you want do I?" Ariel asked once she had successfully transformed her legs. "Yes, in fact you do. I'd like your beauty darling. It wouldn't be permanent, just until you found what you're looking for." Ursula said smiling sweetly at Ariel. "W-w-what? You want my beauty? Why would you want my looks? Wouldn't that mean you'd look just like me?" Ariel stuttered.

"I want your looks so I can impress my suitors. And no I wouldn't have your exact looks; I'd just have your hair color and your eye color. I would keep my complexion and tailfin color." Ursula sweetly said. "Alright, I'll do it. But what would I look like then? How would this work out?" Ariel anxiously asked. "You'd have my hair color and eyes. And you'll sign a contract; in seven months if you're not in love with someone you'll turn back into a mermaid. And if I get married before those seven months are up then you'll turn back into yourself." Ursula said taking out a contract and pen. "Sign here darling and the deal will be done." Ursula said.

Ariel picked up the pen against her better judgment and signed at the bottom without reading the fine print. "What name should I go by when I'm on land? How will I breathe under water?" Ariel asked. "You pick a name. And you'll be encased in an air bubble until you reach the surface. Bye darling; until next time." Ursula said smirking as she saw Ariel swim all the way up to the surface. "Now, it's time for my revenge on my father and Triton." Ursula said vindictively.

When Ariel finally made it up to the surface she noticed she was naked. "Oh my gods! Where can I find some clothes?" Ariel asked herself. "I can give you some Miss. If you follow me and I'll even give you a free meal." a strange woman said walking up towards Ariel. "Of course, I would love that ma'am. My name is Rayna Luna Amore Jackson. Which way is your shop?" Ariel asked smiling sweetly. "Right this way Lady Rayna. And I'll even give you a cloak until we get there. My name is Hippolyta; I am queen of the Amazon's." said Hippolyta handing Ariel her cloak.

Ariel took the cloak and buttoned it up as fast as humanly possible. "Thank you so much Queen Hippolyta. May I ask what city I am in?" Ariel asked. "We're on the border of Scythia. And just Hippolyta is fine when we're not in front of men or any of the lower warriors. I'll have Phoebe train you in weapons and I shall train you in hand to hand combat." Hippolyta said opening the doors to the mess hall. "Phoebe please bring a standard armor and bring an option of beginners' weapons. We have a new friend who you and I will be training." Hippolyta said calling her lieutenant into the mess hall.

"Thank you Queen Hippolyta. I appreciate you training me, I don't know how I can repay you." Ariel said bowing her head in gratitude to Hippolyta and Phoebe – who had just walked into the mess hall with all of her new things. "You can repay me by learning how to be one of the best Amazon's of this generation. And becoming the most dominate Amazon warrior we've had in all of the years and showing everyone how strong the Amazon's are!" Hippolyta said laying her hand on Ariel's shoulder in a sisterly way. "I will, I will become one of the best Amazon's in the history of Amazon's! I will make you and the rest of my new Amazon sisters proud!" Ariel proudly said. "That's what I like to hear!" Hippolyta and Phoebe said smiling proudly.

Meanwhile in Atlantis Ursula disguised herself as Ariel and was flaunting herself all over the realms to try and attract a suitor. It was also working- much to Poseidon and Triton's ire and Amphitrite's pride. In addition Ursula was talking to one of her newest suitors at this moment- whose name is Eric the son of Zeus and Themis. "Ariel your father and brother would like to talk to you about all of these visits you're getting from your suitors." Amphitrite said smirking vindictively. "Of course mother. I'm sorry Prince Eric but you and I shall have to meet again on another day." Ursula said bowing in respect. "Of course Princess Ariel. It'll be no problem, I wanted to ask your father a question anyway. I shall see you again soon." Prince Eric said kissing her hand and swimming away.

"Okay Prince Eric. Until next time; I'll see you soon." Ursula said smiling sweetly at him. "Alright Ursula let's go. I don't know how you've fooled the entire kingdom except me. I don't even know why I'm keeping your secret." Amphitrite said rolling her eyes and swimming towards her husband's throne room. "Husband I've brought Ariel here as you've requested. Not that I have much choice." Amphitrite mumbled holding her head up high. "Thank you my Queen. I'll take this from here; you may resume your previous activities." Poseidon said standing up as he saw Ursula enter the throne room.

Back in Scythia the real Ariel was training with Hippolyta and Phoebe using a set of twin daggers which were named Lethe and Styx. "You're getting better Rayna. But we're still better." Hippolyta and Phoebe said matching all of her blows. "Maybe, but I'm faster." Ariel said slipping out of the chokehold and cutting off their armbands. "Well done. You beat us. Well I think you are fine to leave if you wish." Hippolyta said giving Ariel a knapsack filled with armor, weapons, clothes and provisions. "Thank you, I'll be on my way. I'm going to go to Olympia. Do you have any means of transportation that could help with my journey?" Ariel asked brushing her hair magically transformed honey blonde hair off of her shoulder.

"As a matter of fact there's a person who's heading there and we'll send you with him. His name is Loki son of King Odin and brother to Prince Thor of Asgard." Phoebe said after having a silent conversation with Queen Hippolyta. "Thank you so much Queen Hippolyta and Phoebe. Where can I meet Loki?" Ariel asked nervously. It'd been some time since she stood in the presence of the opposite sex.