I walked along the castle halls. The strange talking pomeranians or Bingonians as they call themselves arqued about raiders and slavers. Stil trade with our kingdoms was flourishing. We Isauloaunians were making good buisness deals with the Bingonians. The cloned children and adults were next. Zachary's I guess you could call them. Their cute when their little lustful when they get older. Finally the Zachary Dulkaron and the Bingonian were with me.

"Estefania it's wonderful to see you" Bingo the Lap Dog barked wagging his tail. Zachary mearly nodded his head. We went inside the trade office. "Brothels were a bad idea I've lost count how many Zachary's i'd have to execute due to harlots and wine". I laughed "Dear merchant general Isauloaun is a isle of beauty and passion". Zachary shrugged. We talked about the ships we lost to pirates and shared wine. Nothing special just a noble lady, a talking dog, and a clone arguing about trade nothing special.

Hope you guys liked it I was bored!