AN: Well, one of my favorite YouTubers' said that homosexuality was a sin, and it pissed me off. I speak more fluently when angry, and this is the result of my anger in the form of a rant.

And it is safe to say that I don't watch her anymore.

Okay, anyone homosexual here?

Well, let's get something straight here: Homosexuality is NOT a sin, and none of you closeted or uncloseted people should even think that. You guys are a grace in this world, and contrary to what other people say, you have a place here in this world with who you are. No one should ever be scared with who they like, whether it may be an alien.

I am pansexual, and though I prefer guys, I am open to finding someone of the same gender, a different race, a transgender, a genderfluid, a non-binary human.
It's liking someone's personality, not if you guys can procreate or what the Bible says is right. Besides, there are a lot of children that have no home and need one.
And what about the women who are with a man, but are unable to have a child?

Nowhere in the bible does it say that they are a Sin, so why is it when it happens to be two people of the same sex?
It says in the Bible to love your sinners.

So if you like people of the same sex, have at it.

If you like people of the opposite sex, HAVE AT IT.

If you like Jesus, have at it.

Just don't hurt people over it.