Fire Angel: the Superhero

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2011

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:

Truly a Superhero?

A dark figure muttered to herself, "where is that chemical I need?"

It was 10:00 p.m. in the middle of the night. The dark figure had a helmet, and black hair was sticking out of an opening in the back of her helmet. The dark figure also had a spiked-suit, a jetpack, and a dark-red gun. The dark figure activated her jetpack, and rocketed into the sky; police just missing a chance to stop that dark figure. The police sent helicopters after the figure.

The figure taunted, "I'm Spike Girl, and you're not going to catch me!"

She then took out her dark-red gun and shot at one of the helicopters, shooting a tiny missile with fire around it towards that helicopter. The flame-covered missile hit the helicopter successfully at its big propeller on top.

The policemen cried, "Jump!" The two policemen bungee-jumped out of the exploding helicopter onto a sidewalk nearby. Spike Girl disappeared deeper into Gloda City as police were checking if those two policemen were all right. One of the policemen exclaimed, "she's gone! Check if anything was taken from that secret lab she broke into!"

The next day in Gloda City, in a house with 3 floors, was a black-haired boy getting ready for Gloda High School. His name was Redra Roggur. Redra Roggur went downstairs for breakfast, passing his pet dog Roma lying on the floor of the living room along the way to the kitchen. Roma followed him. Redra looked at a note he expected to see which was on his seat. He read the note, which said this:


Your father had to work late, so if you find him on the couch, don't wake him. I've been called on an "assignment", and I don't know when I'll get back, but I'll try my best to finish quick. You know what I mean by "assignment". Try to do your best in school like you usually do.


Redra thought to himself, "Spy Work. That's what the assignment is." He sat down in his chair in the kitchen, and started eating a full bowl of cereal on the table.

Later, at 7:30 a.m., Redra was at a bus stop 2 blocks away from his house, waiting for a school bus to take him to Gloda High School. At 7:40 a.m., a school bus came to the bus stop, and other school students got in as well as Redra. When everyone was in the bus, the bus doors closed, and the bus headed towards Gloda High. "Hey Redra, have a seat," said a light-brown haired girl on a bus seat nearby Redra.

Redra asked, "thanks Saldi. Are you prepared for the variable test Ms. Nadia's giving us today?"

Saldi replied, "ready as I'll ever be."

While Redra was heading to school, his mother Joliena Roggur was starting to work on her assignment, or spy mission, whichever you would prefer. Joliena asked, "what's the name of that secret lab Spike Girl broke into?"

A co-worker responded, "the Tester Laboratory."

Joliena Roggur said as she took out her hacking manual and looked up chapter 6 in it, "thanks…Hacking into labs."

She used it to hack into The Tester Laboratory's video cameras, and look at video footage recorded last night. Joliena thought to herself as she found footage of Spike Girl breaking in, "here's what I'm looking for."

She drew the image of Spike Girl on a piece of paper, and colored it the same exact way it was shown on the security cameras. Joliena said as she handed the nearby spy/co-worker the piece of paper, "here's the picture to put on wanted posters."

The co-worker replied, "thanks, Joliena. With you back on this spy company, we have a chance of stopping Spike Girl before she does anymore harm."

The bus stopped at Gloda High School, and Gloda High School students got off the bus, including Redra and Saldi. Redra saw a golden-haired girl with green eyes pass by as he headed into Gloda High. Redra asked, "who's that?"

Another black-haired boy who heard Redra answered, "that's Violet, the new girl who moved to Gloda City two days ago."

Redra responded, "well hello, Newair, didn't see you there."

Newair realized, "hello Redra. Seems like you got a crush on her."

Redra asked surprised, "what are you talking about?"

Newair pointed out, "you don't have to hide secrets from me, Redra. I have some suggestions to get her to like you."

Redra asked, "oh, really? What do you suggest, be yourself? Is that good enough?"

Newair said, "it is. Trust me."

Redra responded, "okay, I'll try."

Saldi added, "that's the spirit!"

Redra started saying, "Saldi, you've been…?"

Saldi said as they walked down one of the school halls, "see you later in algebra class, Redra." Newair started cracking up and started heading towards his locker. After Newair was out of Redra and Saldi's earshot, Saldi said, "You've got a crush on a girl? This is news."

Redra said as he saw Violet at her locker, "I don't want to talk about it. It sounds so silly, the whole thing. I mean, look at her. She would never be interested in me." Violet was talking to a bunch of cheerleaders while putting stuff into her locker.

Saldi pointed out, "what do you mean? Why wouldn't she? You're smart, you get good grades, and you've been a detective for years. Of course she would be interested."

Redra responded, "thanks for that, Saldi."

Saldi replied, "you're welcome. Come on, we better get to our lockers."

Later, during a study hall, Redra took a pass from study hall after he finished homework (with help from Newair to finish), and headed to Violet's locker. He didn't see Violet there.

Redra muttered to himself, "maybe there's another way to meet her." He took out the scanner Newair gave him just in case, and scanned the locker. Then he wrote down objects found, and went back to study hall. The objects included a comb, pom-poms, weights, and a collection of thug-like outfits. Redra thought, "must be popular and tough…that's some girl."

After school, Redra and Saldi went to Redra's house to get Redra's car. Roma was lying at the front door, but got up and followed Redra and Saldi to Redra's car when she saw them pass the front door to Redra's house. Redra opened the garage connected to his house. Redra, Saldi, and Roma then went into Redra's car. Redra realized, "you want to come along, Roma? Well then, let's go." Redra then started the car, and drove the car down a wide dirt road in the middle of forest.

Saldi asked curiously, "remind me, Redra. Why are we going down this bumpy dirt road to find a cave for both of our science projects that are due in a week from now?" Redra pointed out, "because Newair said these caves have a lot of bats in it, and we have to do our projects on animals, right?"

Saldi answered, "you've got a point."

When Redra's car got to some caves deep in the middle of forest, they all got out of the car. Saldi asked, "okay, Redra. Which cave?" There were 6 caves around them in a circle.

Redra realized, "I didn't realize there was more than one cave to choose from in this area."

Saldi suggested, "let's try the darkest one, there might be bats in that cave." Redra figured out, "that's a good idea. Let's try it, but before we do, there are some flashlights in my car."

Saldi responded, "you can go get them. I'll wait."

Redra said, "thanks, and maybe you can lead the way."

Saldi asked, "really?"

Redra answered as he started getting out the flashlights from the car's trunk, "uh-huh."

Saldi asked, "then I accept. Did you find the flashlights yet?"

Redra answered as he handed Saldi one of the flashlights in hand, "yep. Here is yours. Lead the way." Both of them started to walk into the darkest cave nearby.

Saldi said a while later, "Redra, maybe we should turn back."

Redra pointed out with a notebook under one arm and a flashlight in one hand, "what do you mean? I see a lot of bats, and I'm getting good notes and pictures for the biology essay project."

Saldi asked, "no, I mean we didn't tell our parents we were coming here in the first place. Do you think they're worried about us?" Redra looked at his watch.

He realized, "the time's 4:00 p.m. My mother's gone back to spy work because of a secret assignment and my father doesn't usually worry about me."

Saldi asked, "why doesn't your father worry about you?"

Redra pointed out, "he knows I come home eventually."

Saldi commented, "I wish I had your parents."

Redra responded, "okay, I get what you mean. How about for 10 more minutes? Here's my notes, ask me any questions about the stuff I wrote down in my notebook while I take more pictures. This is a project where we work in partners, you know, and we get to choose who we're partners with."

Saldi realized, "can't argue with you there. You could be a good photographer someday."

Redra took out a camera from his backpack, and started snapping more photos of bats hanging on the ceiling, he started backing up to get a better angle on the bats hanging on the ceiling, not knowing he was heading close to the edge of a tunnel in the floor of the cavern. Redra pointed out, "I don't really want to be a photographer, believe it or not."

Saldi replied, "you don't want to? I thought you wanted to be a photographer since you heard about that woman who shot photos of Captain United for good money."

Redra started saying, "after a while, I realized that he works to get money from a guy who turned out to be a criminal who doesn't care about other people…" Suddenly, Redra backed up and fell into that tunnel in the floor, and his flashlight fell onto the floor of the cavern where Saldi and Roma were still.

Saldi asked worried, "Redra, Redra? Where did you go? Redra, where are you?!"

Well, to answer that question, the tunnel Redra Roggur fell into turned into a slope of rocks, and Redra landed on the floor of a cave with no other exit except the tunnel he fell into.

He didn't know a purple dragon was sleeping in this cave because the cave was pitch-black. Redra looked up at the only source of dim light, a hole in the ceiling of the cave. Redra could see the cavern he was just in through the hole. Redra asked himself, "now what do I do?"

The purple dragon heard this loud enough to wake up from its slumber with a groaning noise and smoke coming from its nostrils. Redra saw Saldi look down from above the hole, and noticed the dragon behind Redra getting up.

Saldi cried, "Redra, behind you!"

Redra ducked as the dragon breathed fire just missing his skin, but it got his clothes. Redra saw another tunnel behind the dragon he didn't notice before, and ran for his life as he went through the tunnel.

The dragon breathed a big gust of fire, which went through the tunnel, collapsing the tunnel behind Redra. Redra saw a faint light at the end of the tunnel ahead of him, and Redra ran faster.

He didn't stop until he got out of that tunnel, and just in time too.

The whole tunnel collapsed behind him in flame, and the dragon was cut off from that collapsed tunnel, having no idea where Redra went. The dragon just went back to sleep.

The flames around Redra had disappeared, and he collapsed onto the cave floor. Saldi realized worried, "Redra? Oh boy. There might be a chance."

Saldi then dragged Redra into the car still waiting outside of the cavern. Roma got into the car and they drove out of the middle of forest as quickly as possible.

After an hour trying to drive to the hospital, Redra woke up. Redra asked, "Saldi, what's going on?"

Saldi explained, "you collapsed on the cave floor after you escaped from that dragon."

Redra asked, "but dragons aren't real, are they?"

Saldi asked, "seems like they exist as well as the superhero Captain United does. Can you move?" Redra moved his arms slowly, slowly enough to notice his muscles were stronger than before. Redra looked at his other body parts, realizing all his muscles had somehow become stronger as well. Saldi asked, "so, do we have to go to the hospital?"

Redra realized, "I'm fine, but my muscles are stronger than usual."

Saldi asked, "how did that happen?"

Redra pointed out, "I don't know, but maybe we should go home. It's getting late."

Saldi asked in response, "it's sunset. Can you drop me off at my house?"

Redra realized, "sure, and maybe along the way, you could use the scanner you got from Newair to see if I have other strange powers." Saldi took out her scanner, and started scanning.

Saldi suggested, "Redra, maybe you should take the wheel."

Redra said in agreement, "good idea." Redra and Saldi switched seats, and Redra drove the car to Saldi's house, trying to be careful not to break anything on his car like the steering wheel along the way.

Thirty minutes later, Saldi was about to tell Redra his other powers, but they were already at Saldi's house, and her father was just coming into the house from work.

Saldi said, "I'll tell you tomorrow, Redra. My father's here. Sorry Redra, but I have to go." She then went into her house, waving goodbye to Redra as she did. Redra, a little disappointed, drove back towards his house.

All of a sudden, he heard from the back seats of his car the voice of someone saying, "What a wacky day today, Redra."

Redra pulled the car into a closed gas station, and looked behind him at the back seats, seeing only Roma on the car floor.

When he was about to drive the car out of the closed gas station, he heard that voice again, but this time saying, "Are you trying to give me a check-up?"

Redra realized for sure that the voice talking was coming from Roma.

Then he had an idea. What if he tried to talk back? Redra decided to try that.

Redra answered, "I'm not trying to give you a check-up."

Roma asked, "then what are you trying to do?"

Redra realized, "figure out something, which I just did."

Roma asked, "which was?"

Redra answered in amazement, "I think I have superpowers, and one of them is being able to communicate with other animals or people and know how to translate other languages into English."

Roma pointed out, "oh. Sounds like you got them when you were in that cavern."

Redra replied, "you might be onto something there." He then started the car again and drove the car back to his house.

After Redra got back to his house, he drove the car into the garage carefully, and he and Roma got out of the car. They both went to Redra's room. Roma asked, "I'm getting a little bored. How about we play?"

Redra asked back, "play what exactly?"

Roma suggested, "fetch outside, maybe?"

Redra responded, "how about after I finish some English homework?"

Roma answered, "okay, Redra."

When Redra finished homework, he went to his backyard with a Frisbee in one of his hands. Roma followed him outside happily. "Ready, Roma," Redra checked.

"Uh-huh. Go ahead," Roma responded. Redra threw the Frisbee, which went real fast. "Nice throw. I've never seen such a throw before," Roma commented. Redra ran after Roma to try to make sure she didn't go too far, but the Frisbee went over the fence, and Roma climbed over the fence to try to get the Frisbee.

Redra warned, "Roma! Roma, don't go too far!"

He had to jump to climb the fence, but instead of jumping, he shot into the air like a rocket. Redra thought to himself, "What's going on?!"

He willed himself towards the ground, and succeeded at that.

Redra thought after landing on the ground, "I can fly as well."

He saw the Frisbee still going towards the road, and Roma heading towards the road as well. Redra flew towards the road, and then realized that Roma stopped when she saw cars passing by. Redra landed onto the ground, saw the Frisbee bounce off the road, and shoot back into the backyard. Redra and Roma went back home.

Redra and Roma went back to Redra's room.

Redra started petting Roma, thinking to himself what to do with his powers when all of a sudden…claws came out of his fingers. Redra looked at his hands. Redra asked himself, "cool, but how do I retract them?"

He tried a couple of things to retract his claws, but nothing worked. Redra thought again, "how do I retract them?"

He changed his hands into fists, and then right before his own eyes, his claws retracted. Redra commented, "now that's useful."

Roma suggested, "maybe you can pet me more? I kind of like it." Redra sighed, and fire came out of his mouth, almost setting the room on fire.

Redra realized, "whoa! I have to learn how to control that fire breath."

Roma replied, "you definitely do. You'll get it someday, along with all your other cool superpowers."

Redra asked, "I hope I do, Roma. How long before I can stop petting you?"

Roma answered, "as long as you can. It feels nice." Redra sighed.

The next day at Gloda High, Saldi and Newair met Redra again along the way into school. Saldi pointed out, "hello Redra. I've got that scanner info for you." Newair asked, "scanner info? What are you guys talking about?"

Redra whispered, "Newair, I'll tell you when there's no others except for Saldi and you can hear…after school."

Newair responded, "oh, all right. I'll wait." They passed a wanted poster on a tree nearby.

Redra asked, "what's that?"

Newair deduced, "I think that's a wanted poster for someone called Spike Girl." Saldi asked, "how did you figure out that?"

Newair reminded them, "you keep forgetting, I'm a super-genius, remember?" Saldi realized, "oh yeah, but we also got to get to our homeroom before we're late."

Redra remembered, "oh, I just remembered. You put all three of us in the same homeroom, didn't you?"

Newair answered, "you get an A."

Saldi reminded them, "come on, or we're going to be late."

Redra muttered, "fine." They went to their lockers. Redra saw Violet at her locker again, picking a thug-like outfit from her locker to wear over her regular clothes, which was a jet-black vest with a zipper and two jean-like pockets on it. The outfit also had a pair of dark-blue jeans with holes in it, like teenagers today wear them.

Redra thought, "Cool way of dressing up."

During passing time right before a study hall for Redra, he went towards Violet's locker to try to talk to her. He thought nervously as he walked towards the locker, "I can do it. I've got superpowers. I can do anything I set my mind to. I get good grades." He got to the locker. Violet turned around.

Violet asked, "do I know you?"

Redra commented, "well, not well anyway?"

Violet asked, "then who are you?"

Redra asked back, "Redra Roggur. Your name, if you've got the time?"

Violet answered, "Violet Jayen. I've got a study hall after passing time, and I've got a pass to get there if I'm late."

Redra realized, "So do I."

Violet pointed out, "oh yeah, Redra Roggur. I've heard about you. You're one of the boys who gets good grades often, don't you? You know, I get all A's."

Redra asked in amazement, "really? How?"

Violet answered, "I'm really smart, and so are you."

Redra asked, "thanks for the complement. Do you think I could drop you off at your house after school?"

Violet asked back curiously, "you have a car, right?"

Redra answered, "yeah, as a matter of fact, I do. I can also drive."

Violet asked, "I'll be looking forward to it, and maybe we could get to know each other better while we're at it."

Redra responded relieved, "sure. I'll see you later."

Violet responded, "bye for now, Redra." She then headed to her study hall. Redra took the nearest elevator, and headed for the 2nd floor.

After school, Redra and Saldi told Newair how they went to caves to do their science project, how Redra found a purple dragon in the cavern, and how Redra got superpowers. Newair pointed out, "you're lucky to be alive, Redra."

Violet said, "hello, Redra." Redra turned around, and saw Violet Jayen come out of Gloda High School, with her long golden hair glowing in the sunlight.

Redra whispered to Saldi and Newair, "I'll explain later. See you guys later." Saldi whispered back, "okay, see you at your house."

Newair realized, "I understand." He then got on his rocket-bike and shot off towards his house. Newair waved to Redra as he left.

Violet questioned, "your friends?"

Redra answered, "pretty much, yeah."

Violet realized, "I know who those people are."

Redra asked curiously, "you do?"

Violet pointed out, "Redra, I know everyone in Gloda High."

Redra asked, "how is that possible?"

Violet replied mysteriously, "I have my ways. Saldi's someone you could definitely trust who's also really nice, and Newair's a cool super-genius."

Redra confirmed, "all that stuff about my friends is true."

Violet questioned, "so, where's your car?"

Redra replied, "follow me." He and Violet walked to the parking lot behind Gloda High.

Violet realized, "so you prepared for this, didn't you?"

Redra responded, "it was just in case you said yes to my suggestion."

Violet pointed out, "and I did." They both got into Redra's car, and Redra drove out of the parking lot. Violet suggested, "maybe you could tell me a little about yourself."

Redra responded, "well, I have a dog named Roma."

Violet asked, "sounds lovely Redra. You know something else?"

Redra asked back, "what?"

Violet answered to his surprise, "I'm a super-genius like your friend Newair." Redra realized, "you're a super-genius, have cool outfits, get good grades, and are popular too?"

Violet deduced, "yep. You don't believe how many guys try to date me, but you're not like those other guys. You like me for who I am, and not because you want to be popular in school."

Redra responded happily, "I'll take that as a complement."

Redra drove his car to Violet's apartment with help from directions from Violet herself, and Redra dropped her off. Violet said, "thanks. I'll see you around."

Redra responded, "see you later, Violet."

Redra drove back to his house, and in his backyard, Saldi was playing fetch with Roma. Redra greeted, "hello again."

Saldi asked curiously, "hey Redra, how did it go with Violet?"

Redra answered, "we know and like each other better now."

Saldi reminded him, "good for you. You know, it took a while to try to make friends with me in 5th grade, remember?"

Redra said as he thought back to years ago, "yes, I remember it well."

Saldi pointed out, "which means you're improving." Redra and Saldi laughed from that remark, and went to Redra's room to do homework.

After they finished homework, they decided to explore the rest of that cavern in the middle of forest that they visited before for fun. Saldi commented, "this cavern's like a maze."

Redra added, "and "amazing" too."

Saldi pointed out, "that's such an old one." They both laughed a little, and then continued exploring. Saldi asked nervously, "Redra, how do we get out of here?"

Redra pointed out, "no prob. I'll ask the bats for directions whenever we want to get out of here."

Saldi responded, "okay."

Redra asked, "are you ready for a ride?"

Saldi asked curiously, "what ride?"

Redra pointed out, "you're looking at him. I'm super strong and can fly now, so don't worry."

Saldi realized, "well, we can try it." Redra hovered a little.

Redra asked, "can you get onto my back?"

Saldi responded, "I'll try." Saldi went and grabbed on Redra's back, Redra not feeling any pain at all.

Redra suggested, "you can try to follow us Roma, if you can keep up."

Roma responded, "I accept the challenge." Redra took off and flew through tunnels, with Saldi riding on his back, and Roma following both of them while dodging rocks and boulders in her way.

Saldi exclaimed, "Redra, this is awesome!"

Redra suggested, "I knew you would like it. You know, whenever you want to stop, let me know."

Saldi responded, "I'll see how long I can go." They kept going through tunnels and caves until they came back to where they left Redra's car. Roma got into the car, Saldi got off Redra's back, and both Saldi and Redra got into the car. Redra drove the car to Saldi's house to drop Saldi at her house, and then he went back to his house with his dog Roma.

Redra said, "what an adventure that was. Maybe these kinds of adventures don't have to end."

Roma pointed out, "you could be a superhero like Captain United, saving the universe from aliens."

Redra realized, "I could? What a great idea!"

Roma replied, "anytime, Redra, anytime."

At home, Redra thought long and hard until 6:00 p.m., and then got right to work on the plan he came up with himself. He went to his mother's room quickly and quietly, and took his mother's old sewing machine from a trashcan nearby.

Redra muttered to himself, "mom won't mind if I take this sewing machine and put it to good use." He went back to his room, and placed the sewing machine next to his laptop. Redra thought, "now what kind of costume should I make?"

He opened a drawing program on his laptop and drew some ideas for his costume. He kept drawing ideas and deleting them until he found one that looked good. It was a complete suit bright yellow and red striped with flames painted on the arms and legs, a symbol that looked like a gust of wind on fire, shoes with painted flames on them, gloves, and a mask with breathable air holes and lenses. He printed it out.

The next day, he went to get material for his costume with help from Saldi, who decided to help him since she's been to the mall a number of times before. The day Redra and Saldi went to the Gloda mall to get materials for Redra's costume was a Saturday.

After buying materials for his costume, Redra made the costume, which took until sundown to finish. When Redra finished the costume, he looked at that picture of the costume he printed out.

Redra thought happily, "it's exactly what I wanted."

He tried the suit on, and it fit perfectly. Then he pushed his costume in between his bed and the bed frame. Redra and Roma went downstairs to eat dinner, but along the way to the kitchen, he overheard his mother on the phone with his father.

Redra's father asked nervously, "when are you going to come home, Joliena?"

Joliena replied, "I have not finished the assignment yet, but I'll come home after I complete it."

Redra's father asked, "what's your assignment?"

Joliena revealed, "to capture Spike Girl." Redra gulped. He went to the kitchen to eat dinner, and ate as quickly as possible without his father becoming suspicious about it.

After Redra finished dinner, he went back to his room and got his costume out from under the bed. Next, he took off his regular clothes and put on his costume. He put pillows under the covers to make it look like he was sleeping, and hid his regular clothes elsewhere.

Redra opened one of the windows in his room, flew out of it, and closed the open window from outside. Redra flew around the city, looking for Spike Girl. Then he heard something, an alarm going off.

Redra flew towards the sound, and saw Spike Girl coming out of a bank with a sack of money, followed by police and his mother. Redra muttered at almost a whisper, "okay, here I go."

He then flew towards Spike Girl from behind and knocked her to the ground. Spike Girl activated her jetpack, and flew off. Redra thought, "superhero stuff is never easy, is it?"

Redra flew towards Spike Girl again, but this time shot fire from his mouth aimed directly at the jetpack, making the jetpack burst into flames.

Redra made his claws come out of holes in the gloves of his costume, and ripped the jetpack off of Spike Girl with help from his claws, tossing it up into the air. Then he flew down and caught Spike Girl before she crashed onto the ground. He dropped Spike Girl next to the police, and the jetpack exploded in the air.

A police member asked, "thank you, but who are you?"

Fire Angel answered, "Fire Angel, and I'm around to help. See ya." He then flew away, back towards his house.

Spike Girl muttered, "you won't capture me today."

She then threw a smoke bomb on the ground, covering the area around her with smoke. Spike Girl hovered above the police with help from her rocket boots, and escaped from the police.

Another policemen muttered, "well, at least she didn't get away with the stolen loot."

The next day, Redra and Saldi went to the Gloda Arcade to try to compete in the Gloda Arcade Tournament of 2005, and Roma came with them. Redra said, "I wonder what arcade games are going to be in the tournament rounds."

Saldi replied, "me too. I wonder if they're going to include that Life Zone arcade game based on that movie of basically the same title."

Redra responded in surprise, "I didn't know you watched "The Life Zone"."

Saldi replied, "I'm a big fan of that movie, and I've been playing that game for weeks now. I'm now good at figuring out trivia and 3D action games, so I'm ready for those kinds of games. I also hope they make us partners like they did before."

Redra remembered, "yeah, we almost came in 1st last time, and don't forget the virtual reality bonus round with helmets, armor, and guns."

Saldi suggested, "let's go for 1st this time." They went into a section of the Gloda Arcade, with banners saying, "Gloda Arcade Tournament of 2005." They also saw something else, on a television screen nearby. Saldi exclaimed, "Redra, look!"

Redra saw and heard a news report on Fire Angel: "The police saw a masked figure try to grind Spike Girl to a halt, but Spike Girl escaped from the police as well. The money was recovered, but are both mutants' menaces, or is Fire Angel really a superhero? The police will find out the next time Fire Angel appears. The police will get it all on broadcast when Fire Angel appears. This is Gloda City News live, and we'll see you later." Redra couldn't believe this.

Redra thought, "Now to become a superhero, I need to stop a criminal so that he or she can't escape, on live TV!"

Saldi whispered, "is that you?" Redra gulped.

Saldi muttered, "great!" Saldi continued in an effort to change the subject, "it's time to begin the tournament."

Redra responded, "well, let's give it our best shot."

Saldi asked a while later, "we came in 1st place, Redra! I don't believe it. Redra, is something bothering you?"

Redra muttered under his breath, "yeah. Pretty much that I've got to not mess up busting a criminal on live TV, that's all."

Saldi replied sympathetically, "I would be worried too in your position."

Redra responded, "thanks for trying to make me feel better, but it's not working." Suddenly, around the corner, a gunshot was heard.

Redra quickly said, "stay here." Saldi started to say, "Redra…"

Redra interrupted, "I have to."

He went into a nearby alley. He then took off his regular clothes, which revealed his Fire Angel costume. Redra also put on his mask, and flew towards a running bank robber with a gun in one hand and a money sack in the other nonstop. Police started recording what was happening around the corner, and started following Fire Angel. F

ire Angel swooped down towards the bank robber, tripping him onto the sidewalk. The bank robber got up and started shooting at Fire Angel. Fire Angel dodged the gunshots flat footed, and aimed his fire breath at the gun.

When he was in range, Fire Angel shot fire breath at the bank robber's gun, forcing the bank robber to let go of his gun. The gun blew up in little pieces, and the bank robber ran into a junkyard nearby, Fire Angel still following him closely. The bank robber took over a tow truck nearby, shoving someone out of the truck.

Fire Angel flew towards the truck, and caught the person before he fell onto the ground. Then he let him down on the ground gently.

The saved construction worker exclaimed, "Thanks Fire Angel!"

Fire Angel responded, "anytime."

He saw the bank robber start moving the crane on the tow truck towards Fire Angel. Fire Angel continued, "if you'll excuse me, I've got something to settle right now."

The crazy criminal challenged, "come and get me!" The bank robber used the crane to grab Fire Angel by his costume and throw him into a car-masher with it.

Fire Angel thought, "uh-oh." Fire Angel talked to a bald eagle nearby: "Can you keep an eye on that guy in the tow truck for me?"

The eagle responded, "sure, but what for?"

Fire Angel answered, "you'll see."

The eagle replied, "okay, if you want."

Fire Angel insisted, "I'd appreciate it very much."

The bald eagle circled around the junkyard in the air, and watched the guy in the tow truck from above. Fire Angel flew towards the bald eagle, and out of the way of the car-masher just in the nick of time.

The eagle pointed out, "I'm keeping an eye on that guy, just like you wanted." Fire Angel responded, "thanks, I'll take it from here."

He then took the sack of money from behind the bank robber, and started to hover in the air. The bank robber started running away again. Fire Angel said to the bald eagle, "You can go now." The bald eagle took off, and Fire Angel gave the sack of money to the worker he saved from falling out of the tow truck.

Fire Angel asked, "bring the stolen loot to the police for me, will you?"

The worker responded, "sure. You saved my life."

Fire Angel continued, "thanks. Tell them I busted the bank robber though." The worker responded, "will do!"

He ran back towards the scene of the crime. Fire Angel went after the fleeing bank robber again as he went over the fence around the junkyard and went into tree-covered land nearby. Fire Angel ran after him, dodging trees and rocks by flying around them. The bank robber was out of breath after a while, giving Fire Angel a chance to catch up to him. Fire Angel took that chance. The bank robber realized Fire Angel was catching up to him, so he slid down a nearby cliff on purpose, rocks falling down the cliff.

Fire Angel muttered in anger, "this could be easier if you just stayed still, you know."

He flew down the cliff after the bank robber, dodging falling rocks at the same time. Fire Angel grabbed onto a big rock and hopped on it for a ride. The rock Fire Angel was sitting on slid down the cliff and started speeding up. Fire

Angel cried out, "yes! I've got you now, coward!"

The bank robber got on a big rock as well like Fire Angel did, but Fire Angel was still going faster and catching up to the bank robber. Fire Angel made his claws come out, and pushed against the cliff to go faster, more rocks raining down towards Fire Angel and the bank robber.

Fire Angel muttered to himself, "come on! Come on!"

The bank robber couldn't see what was happening anymore with dust flying up towards him and Fire Angel above him. Fire Angel muttered, "time to take another chance."

He swooped down towards the bank robber, saving him just before rocks rained down where he just was. Fire Angel flew towards a crowd of cheering people nearby, and gave the bank robber to the police.

Fire Angel pointed out, "here's the bank robber you wanted."

A police member responded, "thanks, Fire Angel. You really are a superhero." Lots of people were snapping pictures of him and cheering as he took off into the air: "Fire Angel! Fire Angel!"

As days went by, Fire Angel stopped carjackers from taking cars by knocking them out, bank robbers by dodging bullets and tying them up with their own money sacks, wrestling thugs until they're knocked out, and murderers by blowing up their guns and knocking them out. Fire Angel also became more and more popular.

He sometimes went to a big wrestling arena in New York on weekends to practice for stopping criminals by defeating other wrestlers. People had made Fire Angel merchandise, and the merchandise sold like hotcakes.

Redra still spent time with Saldi, and sometimes Violet and Newair too. Fire Angel became as popular as a world-famous celebrity, people always taking pictures of him when in costume. Except for criminals he stopped, everyone knew and liked him in general.

One day, Redra came home from school when his mother came home as well. Redra asked worried, "mom, what are you doing here? You're usually working in that spy company."

Joliena muttered, "not anymore."

Redra asked, "did they fire you?"

Joliena answered sadly, "No, it's not that."

Redra insisted, "then what is it?"

Joliena revealed, "the spy company I worked for got put out of business." Redra exclaimed, "what?! That can't be it!"

Joliena pointed out, "I'm afraid so. The spy company's job was to protect and serve this city, but now Fire Angel's serving and protecting this city." Redra's heart sank. Joliena started saying, "without anything to do for the spy company, the company itself decided to give up, which means…"

Redra realized, "…my father's job's the only thing that can make real money for us now."

Joliena continued, "and without my job we won't be able to afford to live here. We might have to live with your grandparents in Connecticut." Redra realized something bad happened. Because of Fire Angel, he and Roma might have to move to Connecticut, away from his friends, if he doesn't get a lot of money soon.

Saldi asked in alarm the next day, "what?! You might have to move if you don't get good money, Redra?"

Redra answered sighing, "afraid so." He and Saldi headed into Gloda High the day after the day he heard the bad news himself.

Newair asked, "but why do you and Roma have to move to Connecticut in the first place?"

Redra hinted, "my mom's spy company job, protecting and serving Gloda City?" Saldi insisted, "and?"

Redra revealed, "well, Fire Angel does that job now, so that spy company is useless to Gloda City now. The company itself decided to give up, and now my mom's out of a job." Saldi realized that because of Fire Angel, his mom has no job anymore, and Redra and Roma might have no choice but to move to Connecticut. Saldi responded, "I'm so sorry Redra."

Redra asked, "I am too, but what can I do about it?"

Newair answered, "we'll figure it out after school. We have no choice. See you after school."

Redra replied, "you too."

After school, Saldi and Redra went to Redra's room to think of a plan. Redra asked, "so, what do we do about this?"

Saldi suggested, "let's look at the Gloda City Times for ideas."

Redra opened an Internet window, typed on his laptop, and pressed enter. He looked through the Gloda City Times online, and found an interesting thing in the Gloda City Times: "Help wanted for developing a virtual reality game called "Superhero/Villain Battle". Offering $40,000 for game developers, try-outs begin Saturday at 1:00 p.m. in the Gloda Arcade. Real job starts the day after the day of try-outs for the lucky person who will develop the game. When done testing if villains/superheroes are able to be defeated, if all settings can be selectable, if all modes are usable, and if the game developer fixes the game, then that game developer gets $40,000."

Saldi pointed out, "Newair could do that."

Redra responded, "let's call him, tell him all about this game testing job, and get him to deposit that money to my mother's bank account." They did, and Newair answered he would do it for Redra's family no problem.

Saldi realized, "yes! You're not moving!"

Redra responded hopefully, "Newair will definitely not disappoint us. Now we can concentrate on getting homework done."

Two days later, it was Saturday, and Newair went to the Gloda Arcade for try-outs for that game-testing job.

Violet was putting on her Spike Girl costume and packing up her new jet-backpack with some electro-smoke bombs, her dark-red gun, and little fire missiles for ammo for her dark-red gun. Violet left her apartment, and rocketed out of a nearby window. Spike Girl said as she left her apartment, "time to get that chemical I really need now."

Redra, Saldi, and Roma were heading towards the new Haunted Gloda City Amusement Park opening at 12:30 p.m., but Spike Girl also was heading there too. Spike Girl muttered, "I've got to get that chemical, and nothing's going to stop me from getting it, not even Fire Angel."

When Redra, Saldi, and Roma got there, they went into the amusement park. Saldi asked, "Redra, what should we try first?"

Spike Girl then hovered over the map/skull token booth before Redra could reply and stated loudly, "Spike Girl has returned!" People ran away, and even security guards ran as well. Redra changed into Fire Angel and hovered into the air. People looked up and saw Fire Angel.

People cried out from outside of the Haunted Gloda City Amusement Park, "it's Fire Angel!"

In the Haunted Gloda City Amusement Park, Spike Girl said, "I don't want to hurt you, Fire Angel."

Fire Angel asked, "I don't want to hurt you either. What are you doing here?" Spike Girl stated, "I've come to get a chemical."

Fire Angel asked, "why?" Spike Girl was trying her best to control her insanity burning within her as she was talking to Fire Angel.

Spike Girl revealed, "to stop myself from going insane again."

Fire Angel asked confused, "what are you talking about?" Spike Girl went insane all of a sudden, throwing an electro-smoke bomb right next to Fire Angel. Fire Angel pointed out, "I thought you don't want to hurt me!" Spike Girl tried to control her insanity again.

Spike Girl started saying, "I really don't, but that chemical I want is called Insaini, and there's only one…"

Fire Angel realized, "…so you decided to try to steal it?"

Spike Girl responded, "that's exactly it, Fire Angel. Look out!" Spike Girl went insane again, and used her dark-red gun to shoot three little fire missiles at Fire Angel. Fire Angel flew out of the way of the little fire missiles. Spike Girl controlled herself again.

Fire Angel asked, "how are you going insane?"

Spike Girl explained, "because a year ago, I wanted to be a super-genius. Newair had a formula to make me a super-genius, so I got that formula. I realized weeks later, instead of building up my intelligence, it built up my insanity higher and higher. I also visited a cavern in the middle of forest once, which had a purple dragon in it that gave me mutant powers. My insanity also builds up quicker around you, but I don't know why that is. It's happening again."

Spike Girl became insane again, and threw Fire Angel towards a haunted house ride window nearby, but Fire Angel flew away from the window quick enough. The little fire missiles blew up the window instead, and a pool of water from inside the haunted house ride extinguished the flames.

Fire Angel asked, "how did you know about Newair?"

Spike Girl explained further in desperation, "there's no time! I heard that The Tester Laboratory was transporting it through here. You've got to give me directions to that chemical!"

Fire Angel replied, "look behind you."

Spike Girl did, and saw a car nearby with The Tester Lab emblem on it. Spike Girl opened the car, found a container inside labeled Insaini, opened the container, and drank it. Fire Angel saw glass shatter from where a haunted house ride window used to be. Fire Angel extended his claws onto the ground, and pulled himself out of the way of the falling glass pieces.

Fire Angel asked, "so, how do you feel?"

Spike Girl realized, "fine. I think my insanity doesn't rise around you anymore."

Fire Angel asked, "so, how did you know about Newair?"

Spike Girl explained, "he was a super-genius before I became one, so I thought he could help me become smarter, and I have." Fire Angel took out the scanner Newair gave him, and scanned Spike Girl. He looked at the screen on the scanner. Fire Angel saw Spike Girl was Violet, according to the scanner.

Fire Angel asked, "you're Violet Jayen?"

Spike Girl answered, "yes, a student in Gloda High School." Fire Angel was shocked to hear this. All this time, his girlfriend was Spike Girl?

Fire Angel said, "you have the right to remain silent." He grabbed hold of Spike Girl. Fire Angel continued, "does the name Redra Roggur ring any bells?"

Spike Girl asked, "are you Redra Roggur?"

Fire Angel responded, "uh-huh." Spike Girl became shocked at this, but quickly recovered.

Spike Girl said, "I'll escape again."

She threw another electro-smoke bomb onto the ground and flew away, back to her apartment. Spike Girl decided to never again be a threat to Gloda City as well.

Meanwhile, in The Tester Laboratory in Gloda City, some scientists were doing an experiment that had to do with DNA, combining hermit crab and gorilla DNA to make better soldiers for the United States.

A scientist said as he pressed a button nearby that had the word "combine" written on it, "combining DNA in 4, 3, 2, 1. Combine!"

Two big cylinder-shaped containers filled up with liquid and gas. One of the big cylinder-shaped containers had a hermit crab in it, and the other had a gorilla in it.

A computer voice sounded, "combining DNA in 10, 9, 8…" A bank robber was running towards a door to The Tester Laboratory after he escaped from prison. The computer voice continued, "7, 6…"

The bank robber went into the building and hid behind a big cylinder-shaped container nearby. The countdown went on: "5, 4…" The gorilla heard the bank robber from inside the cylinder-shaped container and pounded his two fists on the cylinder-shaped container, which made a big hole in the cylinder-shaped container itself, allowing the gorilla to escape from the container. The countdown continued, "3, 2…"

The gorilla angrily threw the bank robber through the big hole, and into the cylinder-shaped container.

One of the scientists exclaimed in excitement, "1! Helm is here!"

The two containers split apart, connecting back together in a bigger circle-shaped container. The circle-shaped container opened up. The liquid and gas disappeared from the container. A humanoid with crab shells instead of skin, 2 hands with claw-like fingers, a crab-like head that's human-shaped, and claw-like toes as part of each foot came out of it.

Helm thought, "where am I? I'm not in jail anymore." Helm made a run for it, heading towards an exit door nearby.

A nearby police officer ordered, "stop him!" Helm tried to take out a gun, but realized he didn't have clothes or his gun anymore. He looked at his brown hands and saw his own hands had five red fingers, each one half of a hermit crab claw, which were the size of human fingers.

Helm muttered, "how did I get like this? Fire Angel will pay!" He grabbed the handle of an exit door with his hands, ripped the door off its hinges, and threw it towards police trying to stop him. He ran down the sidewalk, and saw that his feet had a crab shell and five red toes, each half of a hermit crab claw the size of human toes.

The police officer cried out, "he's escaping! Stop him!"

Redra, Roma, and Saldi were heading to Redra's house, until Redra saw Helm climb up a building with his half-claw fingers. Redra said, "two adventures in one day? I'll be back." Redra changed back into Fire Angel and flew towards Helm. Fire Angel asked, "who are you?"

Helm replied, "I'm Helm, and I'll have my revenge."

Fire Angel responded, "I don't even know you."

Helm muttered, "enough talk!"

Fire Angel commented, "boy, you are crabby today." Helm held onto the building with one hand, and with the other tried to grab Fire Angel. Fire Angel exclaimed as he dodged Helm successfully, "whoa!"

Helm reminded him, "remember the first bank robber you ever fought?"

Fire Angel realized, "you were that bank robber?!"

Helm replied in acknowledgement, "A bank robber's brain in something else's body, but you won't catch me this time." One of Helm's arms and hands rotated fast and changed into a drill. Helm continued, "I'm back, and call me Helm!"

He then carved a big hole with the drill he created and swung into the hole. Helm stopped the drill by thought, and it turned back into an arm and hand.

Helm ran out the front door of an abandoned house he fell into, and Fire Angel shot fire breath at Helm as he came out of the abandoned house. Instead of damaging Helm, the fire breath bounced off of Helm's crab shells, and fire headed towards Fire Angel.

Fire Angel exclaimed, "how is that possible?" He then swooped down towards the ground, nearly missing getting hit by a blast of fire. Fire Angel thought frantically, "fire won't work on him. What do I use to defeat this guy?!" By the time he was on the ground, Helm was out of sight. Fire Angel figured out, "he's gone." The abandoned house started burning. Fire Angel muttered, "time to call the fire department." He took out his cell phone, and called the fire department about the abandoned house catching fire. Fire trucks soon enough came to put out the fire, and Fire Angel hid in a dark alley to change back into Redra Roggur.

Saldi responded after Redra told her what happened, "so you're saying this bank robber's brain is inside a different body? All of this is weird."

Redra continued, "that's what I'm saying. I wonder how he's going to try to get revenge, and also, what can I hit him with in the first place? Fire breath doesn't work, it just bounced back at me like a mirror."

Saldi pointed out, "there must be a way. You know, Newair got that money you wanted and put it in your parents' bank account."

Redra responded, "that's good. I'll call him up and thank him." He then did. Newair soon after responded, "you're welcome! You should try that "Villain/Superhero Battle" game sometime."

Redra asked, "where can I get it from?"

Newair answered, "usually people buy it, but I could make it pop up on your laptop."

Redra responded, "go ahead."

Newair replied, "I take the challenge." Newair got the game to Redra's laptop's screen and all three of them played against each other on the Internet, until Saldi had to go back home and Redra dropped her off at her house. After Redra dropped Saldi at her house, he got an idea what to do next.

Redra thought, "time to call Newair again." He took out his cell phone and called Newair. Redra said, "hello, Newair."

Newair responded, "hello, Redra."

Redra asked, "can you figure out Violet Jayen's telephone number, and put the number on my cell phone?"

Newair asked, "I can in a couple of minutes, but why?"

Redra revealed, "you know Spike Girl? Well, she's really Violet Jayen." Newair asked, "what?!"

Redra explained further, "but don't worry. The whole reason why she became Spike Girl was to find a chemical to cure herself from becoming permanently insane." Newair started saying, "you mean it built up, and she tried to…"

Redra finished, "…kill me. She also has superpowers too, and we both know Spike Girl's Violet and I'm Fire Angel."

Newair responded, "I'll get Violet Jayen's telephone number downloaded into your cell phone."

Redra replied, "thanks."

Newair challenged, "you're welcome, but if you want to try to beat the master of "Villain/Superhero Battle, go ahead and try."

Redra replied, "maybe some other time. See you later."

Newair responded, "you too." Redra looked on a list of phone numbers on his cell phone and found a new telephone number in it. Redra muttered, "thank you, Newair." Redra selected Violet's telephone number, and pressed the "DIAL" button on his cell phone.

Violet asked, "this is Violet Jayen. Who's calling?"

Redra answered, "Redra Roggur."

Violet started asking, "Redra? How did you…?"

Redra suggested, "no time for that now. There's a juggernaut that calls himself Helm who also escaped from The Tester Laboratory earlier today. Maybe you could help me?"

Violet pointed out, "but the police will send me to jail!"

Redra suggested, "not if you help me stop Helm. You wouldn't go to jail then." Violet responded, "okay. We'll try it. I've got to get my Spike Girl costume on." Redra said, "wait at your place. I'll be going there soon."

Violet replied, "I better prepare quickly then."

Redra drove to the apartment building where Violet lived, and saw Spike Girl wave from a window on the 3rd floor. Redra changed into Fire Angel and flew through the open window. Fire Angel landed in Violet's apartment. Spike Girl greeted, "hello Redra. Long time no see."

Fire Angel warned, "let's go find Helm. He wants revenge on me, so be careful."

Spike Girl asked, "why is that?"

Fire Angel explained, "A bank robber I helped the police send to jail has his brain in Helm's body."

Spike Girl realized, "oh boy, is that not good."

Fire Angel suggested, "let's go!" Spike Girl and Fire Angel flew around Gloda City, looking for Helm.

Spike Girl suggested, "what does Helm look like? Maybe that would help us look for him."

Fire Angel pointed out, "well, he has crab shells instead of skin."

Spike Girl asked as she pointed to somewhere below, "like that?"

Spike Girl and Fire Angel looked through a dark alley and saw Helm running with a sack of money over his back, towards another dark alley nearby. Police were coming after Helm, and so were Fire Angel and Spike Girl. Fire Angel extended his claws and swooped down towards Helm's ankles. Spike Girl threw an electro-smoke bomb right in front of Helm, making Helm not able to see what's in front of him. Fire Angel struck at Helm's ankles, tripping Helm onto the ground with a thud, but he still wasn't knocked out.

A police officer realized, "thanks Fire Angel and Spike Girl. Maybe we shouldn't arrest you after all, Spike Girl."

Helm wanted to hide. All of a sudden, Helm's head, arms, and legs went into his chest; Helm had accidentally changed himself into a big circular shell.

Fire Angel asked, "now what do we do?"

Another police officer suggested, "we put the shell into an electrifying net with help from helicopters. It's the only way to stop something that big and tough." The police got four helicopters, with a big electrifying net to the shell. The helicopters were about to drop the electrifying net on top of the shell, but then Helm extended his body parts out again, grabbed onto a building, and swung out of the way of the falling net, the net nearly hitting him.

Helm challenged, "you have to try harder than that!"

He then changed his arms and hands into drills, and drilled a hole into the sidewalk.

One of the policemen muttered, "he's going to get away." Spike Girl activated her jet-backpack and charged towards helm.

Helm exclaimed, "we'll meet again, Fire Angel!"

He threw himself into the hole and changed his drills back into arms and hands, disappearing into the sewers below. Spike Girl just missed hitting Helm and fell onto the sidewalk with a crash, but got the sack of money back from Helm at the same time Helm fell into the hole he had created. Spike Girl got back up unharmed, and with a sack of money as well.

The nearby chief of police pointed out, "you'll still have to come with us, Spike Girl. You won't be arrested though, but you need to answer some questions, and also do a little paperwork for your crime attempts."

Spike Girl responded reluctantly, "fine." The police took Spike Girl into a police car and headed towards the police station of Gloda City.

Helm walked down the sewers, thinking about what to do next.

Helm realized, "so, Spike Girl helps Fire Angel."

He then heard a police car siren from above. Helm muttered, "I've got to get Spike Girl to tell me what she knows about Fire Angel. She might have enough information to kill him."

He then ran down the sewer pipes, using the sound of police car sirens to guide him to the police station of Gloda City. When the sirens stopped, Helm made a hole in the sewer pipes by changing his arms and hands into drills again. He then climbed out of the sewer pipes by changing his drills back into his arms and hands to help him climb out.

He saw police cars parked in front of the police station of Gloda City. Helm thought, "time to find Spike Girl."

He then went into the police station in search of Spike Girl, throwing anyone who got in his way aside. The sun was setting around this time.

Fire Angel went into the sewers to try to find out where Helm went.

Fire Angel asked himself, "where did he go?"

He saw a light source right behind him. Fire Angel realized, "that's where you went, isn't it?"

He flew towards the light source, and saw a hole right above him. Fire Angel muttered, "here goes."

He flew through the hole in the sewer pipes and saw he was at the police station.

Fire Angel realized, "uh-oh. Spike Girl." He ran into the building and saw knocked-out policemen on the ground.

Fire Angel figured out, "Helm was here."

He then saw a trail made by the knocked-out policemen and decided to follow it. The trail led him down some stairs, down a hall, and towards a room with the number 13 on it. Fire Angel asked himself, "where did he go?"

Helm then came out of a room with the number 10 on it, holding Spike Girl with one of his hands and heading up the stairs nearby.

Spike Girl cried out, "Fire Angel!" Fire Angel turned around and saw Helm running up the stairs with Spike Girl in his grip in one arm. Fire Angel ran up the stairs after Helm as fast as he could.

Fire Angel exclaimed, "you're not going to get away!"

Helm asked, "oh, really?"

He then changed one of his arms and hands into a drill and put it in front of Fire Angel's path as Helm himself kept running up the stairs. Fire Angel extended his claws and swung from wall to wall to dodge Helm's drill, trying to catch up to Helm. Helm taunted, "you will die one day, Fire Angel."

Fire Angel responded, "only if it's of old age, Helm, not by force." Helm ran towards the front door to the police station.

Helm stated, "Spike Girl and I are getting out of here." Fire Angel pulled an alarm nearby and threw a piece of metal towards Helm, tripping Helm down the stairs outside of the police station. Spike Girl got out of Helm's grip and tried to fly away, but Helm grabbed her by the neck. Helm menacingly asked, "who are friends with Fire Angel?"

Spike Girl answered, "everyone decent around the world."

Helm started to threaten, "no, his real friends. Tell me, or…"

Fire Angel cried out, "let her go, crabby!" Helm just thought of another plan in his mind.

Helm taunted as he went into a police helicopter nearby and flew it into the night sky, "come and get me first!" Fire Angel flew after Helm in anger and extended his claws.

Fire Angel thought, "he's using people I love to try to kill me. I have to be really careful now."

Saldi saw Fire Angel chasing a helicopter in the night sky from a window in her bedroom. Saldi went outside, took out her bicycle, and pedaled her bike along the sidewalk, following Fire Angel in the middle of the night. In the night sky, Fire Angel flew as fast as he could towards the helicopter. The helicopter headed towards the Quabbin Reservoir, with Helm piloting it towards that reservoir and picking up speed.

Helm taunted, "almost time to drop!"

Fire Angel responded, "you can't do that!"

Helm explained, "I can. Watch me. The rockets attached to Spike Girl's jet-backpack have been taken off. No one will stop me this time, Fire Angel, not even you. If you try, I'll use those rockets to escape and this helicopter will be set to self-destruct. It'll also result in polluting the water in the Quabbin Reservoir, destroyed with Spike Girl inside. If you don't, I'll throw Spike Girl into the Quabbin Reservoir, polluting it permanently. With this reservoir polluted, the whole population of Massachusetts will get sick because of polluted water below. Now, are you going to try, or not, Fire Angel?"

Fire Angel knew it would take great thinking to save Spike Girl and the whole population of Massachusetts.

He decided to try to stop Helm. Angrily, he flew towards the helicopter.

Helm replied, "then that's your choice!" He then threw Spike Girl out of the helicopter, but also set the helicopter to self-destruct and flew out of the helicopter on her stolen jetpack.

Helm explained further to Fire Angel's fury, "seems like you got tricked, Fire Angel! You can try to survive now, but we probably won't meet again."

Spike Girl cried, "Fire Angel!"

Fire Angel swooped down and caught Spike Girl in his arms. He saw the helicopter falling towards the reservoir, Helm flying away into the night sky. Fire Angel then got an idea of his own.

Fire Angel asked, "can I borrow that dark-red gun for a minute?"

Spike Girl took out her dark-red gun from her disabled jet-backpack and handed it to him.

Fire Angel then used the gun to fire a little fire missile at the direct center of the self destruct switch in the helicopter, making the self-destruct turn off.

Fire Angel muttered as he flew into the helicopter, "time to become a pilot."

He laid Spike Girl into a helicopter seat as he got into the other. Fire Angel steered the helicopter towards Helm, away from the reservoir just before it touched the water. Fire Angel realized, "that was close."

Spike Girl pointed out, "no kidding."

Saldi was watching and following the scene from her bicycle while Roma was following Helm. Helm turned around and saw Spike Girl and Fire Angel in the helicopter behind him. Helm taunted, "you will not stop me!"

Fire Angel replied, "you wish." Helm flew onto a rooftop of an apartment building. He lifted a billboard sign near the building and threw it at the helicopter's rotary blades.

Spike Girl realized, "we've got to get out now!"

Fire Angel put Spike Girl into his arms and flew out of the helicopter as the billboard broke the rotary blades on the helicopter. The rotary blades created sparks, making the whole helicopter blow up from behind Fire Angel and Spike Girl. Roma and Saldi went into the apartment building and started heading up the stairs as fast as they could. Fire Angel and Spike Girl landed onto the rooftop of the apartment building, where Helm was still standing.

Fire Angel thought, "we have to knock him off the apartment building to at least knock him out."

Helm dared, "come and fight like a man, Fire Angel."

Fire Angel and Spike Girl extended their claws. Police were circling the apartment building. Everyone was watching the rooftop of the building from below. Fire Angel and Spike Girl both charged towards Helm's ankles, ready to strike with their claws. Saldi and Roma were halfway up the apartment building, but decided to take a one minute break.

Helm changed himself into a big circular shell again, bouncing Fire Angel and Spike Girl off the rooftop. Fire Angel grabbed Spike Girl quickly and flew back onto the rooftop. Saldi and Roma had three more floors to go until they got to the rooftop. Fire Angel placed Spike Girl gently onto the rooftop.

Spike Girl warned, "behind you!"

Fire Angel turned around, but Helm quickly grabbed his neck with one of his hands before he could react fast enough, holding him up in the sky. Helm started tightening his grip around his neck. Helm muttered, "you never should have tried to stop me in the first place, Fire Angel, when you're about to die!"

Saldi and Roma finally reached the rooftop. Fire Angel took out the dark-red gun again and shot four little fire missiles at Helm, enough to daze Helm for a little while.

Fire Angel escaped from Helm's grasp while Helm was still dazed. Spike Girl rammed her spiked-suit into Helm's ankles, knocking Helm onto one of the edges of the rooftop.

Before Helm could balance himself to get back onto the rooftop, Roma ran towards Helm angrily and jumped onto his ankles, knocking Helm off the rooftop successfully. Roma fell off as well though. Fire Angel flew down as fast as he could towards his falling dog. All Spike Girl and Saldi could do was hope that Fire Angel would save Roma. Roma was slowly falling off of Helm, Helm falling towards his doom. Fire Angel swooped down faster and faster until he was in hearing range of Roma.

Fire Angel suggested, "Roma, swing your back legs to hit Helm's chest!"

Roma asked, "why?"

Fire Angel instructed, "just try it, there's not much time left!"

Roma tried to swing her back legs into Helm's chest, but couldn't reach Helm's chest the first time.

"Try again, Roma. Just throw your back legs into it," Fire Angel encouraged.

Roma tried again. This time, Roma's back legs touched Helm's chest. Roma's back legs bounced off of Helm's chest and swung backwards, flipping Roma into Helm's back. Helm's back bounced Roma up into the air. Fire Angel swooped down towards Roma again. Fire Angel caught her and flew back to the rooftop of the apartment building. Helm crashed into a police car, and died from the impact.

Everyone below were cheering, "Fire Angel! Spike Girl!"

Saldi suggested, "let's go home." Fire Angel, Spike Girl, Saldi, and Roma all agreed, and went back to their homes.

On the next day, Monday, Fire Angel and Spike Girl were on the news.

Fire Angel and Spike Girl both became popular that day. People made new merchandise for Spike Girl and Helm.

They also added Helm, Fire Angel, and Spike Girl on the "Villain/Superhero Battle" game. Newair decided to be a game tester every weekday after school because he thought it was fun.

Violet decided to help with Redra and Saldi's homework after school if they need it.

There was a school dance that night. Redra and Violet decided to go to it. Saldi decided to go with Newair to the same dance. All four of them went there, Newair and Saldi on Newair's new rocket-motorbike, Redra and Violet in Redra's car.

Redra convinced Roma to stay home as well by teaching her how to play "Villain/Superhero Battle" game with her own paws.

Redra and Violet headed into the Gloda High School's gym, followed by Saldi and Newair. Redra and Violet started dancing. Saldi and Newair decided to eat for a while instead.

Saldi asked, "Newair, do you think we could play the most recent version of the "Villain/Superhero Battle" game sometime?"

Newair pointed out, "sure. People actually added Helm, Fire Angel, and Spike Girl as choices on that game."

Saldi asked, "how could they so quickly?"

Newair answered, "I actually added it in, but it was really the company's idea." Saldi smiled. Redra and Violet were still dancing.

Violet asked, "so Redra, do you think of me as more than a friend?"

Redra revealed, "as a matter of fact, I do."

Violet suggested, "maybe as a girlfriend?"

Redra responded mysteriously, "it depends."

Violet asked, "well, what if I told you that I think you might be my boyfriend?" Redra responded, "I'd like that." Violet kissed Redra on his lips. Then they both smiled and started dancing again.

Newair revealed, "I'm glad we came here."

Saldi asked, "why is that?"

Newair answered, "they have great food here." Saldi and Newair laughed.