Fire Angel: The Superhero

Chapter 5:

Joliena vs. Fire Angel

A mover asked, "where do you want me to put this TV set?"

Genudamor answered, "oh, put it on the desk."

A Nebarg member commented, "don't you have enough television sets, Genudamor?" Genudamor was in a room with television sets all over the place. A desk was in the center of the room and the Nebarg had claws out next to a couple of workers. The couple of workers put a television set on the desk.

One of the workers added, "yeah, we never had to deliver this many before."

Genudamor ordered, "that's enough TVs."

The other worker asked, "then where's your money?"

Genudamor smiled evilly as he asked, "uh, Nebarg members?" The Nebarg flung up one of the TV sets, flew upwards, and destroyed it with their claws in mid-air.

One of the workers responded nervously, "have a nice night." The workers ran out of the room. The Nebarg retracted their claws. Genudamor took out some tools from his desk. A Nebarg member with long brown hair approached him.

Genudamor asked in an annoyed tone, "what is it this time, Aygnoe?"

Aygnoe asked, "what do you need these TV sets for?"

Genudamor answered vaguely, "they'll help me prepare for an important TV appearance."

Another Nebarg member asked, "how so?"

Genudamor answered mysteriously, "all in good time my children, all in good time." He chuckled to himself as he started to take apart TV sets with his tools, the Nebarg puzzled.

Joliena shortly after came to Genudamor's warehouse, along with Gravaien's parents. Joliena muttered, "Genudamor's warehouse, good."

Gravaien's dad asked, "are you sure this is the place?" Joliena used a visor over her eyes to scan the warehouse.

Joliena answered, "I'm sure." Gravaien's parents parked their motorcycles next to the warehouse.

Gravaien's mom guessed, "then he must be here." The workers went into a nearby truck and left. Joliena took out a jagged knife and used it to pick the lock on the warehouse front door.

Joliena said, "we're in." She and Gravaien's parents went into the warehouse. Joliena realized, "there he is."

Gravaien's dad pointed out, "but he doesn't even know us."

Joliena commented, "that's why I brought this with me." She took out a computer disk.

Gravaien's mom asked, "what is it?"

Joliena revealed, "it has enough information about Truslin Gobet to explain who you two are." A Nebarg member with short blond hair noticed her and Gravaien's parents.

The Nebarg member realized, "I think we have some uninvited guests, Genudamor."

Genudamor responded, "you can take care of it, Sabrhel. I need to keep working." Sabrhel motioned the other Nebarg members towards her.

Gravaien's dad revealed, "we came to talk to Genudamor."

Sabrhel pointed out, "as you can see, he's busy."

Joliena revealed calmly to their surprise, "but I know Fire Angel and Spike Girl's true identities." The Nebarg tapped their hands over their clothes to check for any hidden deadly devices. Surprisingly, they were checking to see if they meant business, not if they were harmless.

Aygnoe instructed satisfied, "this way." The Nebarg guided Joliena and Gravaien's parents to a room away from the entrance, sleeping bags scattered in a circle from within. Sabrhel instructed, "tell us."

Joliena suggested nervously, "capture Redra Roggur and Violet Jayen, they're probably them."

Aygnoe asked, "but how do we know if you're telling the truth?" Joliena took out a Kram Bot part and showed the Nebarg members the small print of "Truslin Gobet" engraved on it.

Joliena revealed, "I was the leader of Truslin Gobet. I sent robots to try to kill those superheroes for the good of the company. This is just a part off of one of those robots, and Fire Angel and Spike Girl made Truslin Gobet grind to a halt."

Sabrhel commented, "Interesting story." Joliena handed the disk to her.

Joliena suggested, "this disk will prove I'm right, see for yourself." Sabrhel put the disk into a computer nearby and looked at it with interest.

Sabrhel realized, "the website and Truslin Gobet was shut down weeks ago. This has more specific information than the website's info…only a member of Truslin Gobet could find it. You're right, my apologies." Joliena smiled.

She continued, "I wanted to see if Genudamor could make me a new army of Kram Bots, the plans to make them are in that disk."

Aygnoe replied, "we'll tell him about it. If this goes well, they'll be a place in the new world order for you." Fire Angel and Spike Girl then flew into the room.

Fire Angel said, "knock knock."

Sabrhel asked, "who's there?"

Fire Angel answered, "superheroes."

Aygnoe asked, "superheroes who?"

Spike Girl answered, "superheroes not amused."

Fire Angel responded, "darn, you killed the joke."

Spike Girl commented, "now is not the time."

The Nebarg made their claws come out, Joliena and Gravaien's parents running out of the warehouse. Spike Girl instructed, "you follow them, I'll deal with the Nebarg."

Spike Girl took out her gun and shot fire missiles at the Nebarg members, the Nebarg dodging them as they blew up the furniture around them.

Aygnoe commented, "we were going to redo this room anyway."

Meanwhile, Fire Angel followed Joliena and Gravaien's parents to a warehouse.

They went into the building and parked the motorcycles alongside it. Fire Angel muttered, "what's my mother up to?"

He flew through the front door, just as it closed. Fire Angel grabbed onto the ceiling and swung to a nearby closet.

Fire Angel thought, "this place doesn't look familiar."

He used his claws to unlock a nearby closet door and swing through it, landing into the closet behind it. Fire Angel realized, "footsteps."

He quickly closed the closet door and watched a nearby room through the peephole in the closet door's doorknob. Fire Angel could see Joliena and Gravaien's parents sitting in black chairs. Knight Niveru with every part of her armor on except for her helmet, Cy-Krom, and Helm were also sitting in similar furniture. All 6 chairs were arranged in a circle. A cat was in the room as well, resting on top of Knight Niveru's lap.

Fire Angel realized in horror, "my mother's working for them too?! I need to talk to her soon, or I'm history."

Helm asked, "so Joliena, why did you call this meeting?"

Joliena revealed, "I wanted to discuss to all of you a plan for revenge on Fire Angel and his sidekick. I've already completed phase 1."

Fire Angel muttered at the volume of a whisper, "sidekick?!"

Cy-Krom asked, "and what was the first phase?"

Joliena answered, "getting these robots." She pointed to Gravaien's parents.

Fire Angel muttered in shock, "Gravaien's parents are robots?!"

Knight Niveru asked, "how are these robots going to be useful to finishing those superheroes off?"

Joliena revealed mysteriously, "they're the key to phase 2: Finding this artifact." She took out an ancient scroll and unrolled it onto the ground.

Knight Niveru pointed out, "don't you already have a weapon?"

Joliena revealed, "this is a magical sword, according to the legend of the Ica-Sword." The others in the room were puzzled and staring at her.

Joliena checked, "come on, you never read the Gloda City Times?"

Helm asked, "what are the Gloda City times?" Joliena sighed.

She continued, "never mind, the legend's on the scroll." Joliena gave the scroll to the villains, the villains passing the scroll around the room.

Fire Angel thought, "maybe if I get that scroll, I and Spike Girl can find the sword before they do." He went through the closet door, but it made a loud noise.

Cy-Krom realized, "an intruder's somewhere in this warehouse." Fire Angel snuck into another room, the villains getting up from their seats.

Joliena realized, sensing the floor vibrating with her scanner visor, "footsteps." Most of the villains chased after Fire Angel, Joliena taking the scroll from the floor. Fire Angel turned around to realize the unfortunate turn of events.

He muttered, "darn, Joliena remembered the scroll."

Joliena replied, "that's not all I remembered, Fire Angel." Joliena, Cy-Krom, Helm, Knight Niveru, and Gravaien's so-called-parents appeared in front of Fire Angel. Joliena continued, "I know you and Spike Girl stopped Truslin Gobet, your true identities, and that those Kram Bots were sent by me personally."

Fire Angel commented, "you've gone too far." Joliena made both her hands turn into missile launchers.

Joliena responded, "I don't think so, Warehouse Alley's in Gloda City." She shot missiles at Fire Angel, him destroying them with his claws, the impact pushing Fire Angel backwards.

Fire Angel replied, "that's not what I meant!"

He flew towards another room, but Helm blocked the way. Fire Angel went through the front door instead, but Cy-Krom shot magnetic spikes at him.

Fire Angel muttered, "how many visitors do you get these days?"

He dodged the spikes and flew towards the other warehouse. A cloud of smoke appeared before him.

Fire Angel guessed, "Spike Girl?"

He flew into the cloud of smoke, Cy-Krom, Helm, Joliena, and the robots chasing after him into the smoke, followed by Knight Niveru and her cat. The cloud then disappeared, along with Fire Angel and Spike Girl flying out of the villains' sight.

Spike Girl asked, "we lost them, now what?"

Fire Angel replied, "I know what Joliena's up to."

Spike Girl asked in disbelief, "Joliena's a bad guy? Your mother?!"

Fire Angel answered, "it's hard to believe for me too, but she thinks we're the reason why Truslin Gobet's out of business. In my opinion though, they weren't doing as good a job as we have before we came along."

Spike Girl commented, "the price of being superheroes." She and Fire Angel flew away from warehouse alley.

Fire Angel revealed to their horror, "I also found out that she's working with all of our greatest villains. They might as well be considered a syndicate."

Spike Girl suggested, "what if you show her that you're her son as Fire Angel? She might come to her senses then."

Fire Angel responded, "I'll try next time, but first, Joliena mentioned she was trying to find an artifact called the Ica-sword."

Spike Girl suggested, "Newair can help."

Fire Angel pointed out, "but it's the middle of the night, he's probably still asleep by now."

Spike Girl responded, "then we'll tell him tomorrow."

Fire Angel pointed out, "we have no choice. There's one other thing."

Spike Girl asked, "what? I'm not sure we can handle more surprises today."

Fire Angel answered, "you won't believe this, but Gravaien's parents are robots."

Spike Girl asked, "how could that be?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "in the superhero world, anything is possible. I also think we need to break this piece of news to Gravaien."

Spike Girl checked, "you're right, but do we tell him as ourselves or as superheroes?"

Fire Angel responded, "we'll sleep on it, but do you think you could drop me off at my house for a change?"

Spike Girl answered, "sure." She and Fire Angel flew into Redra's bedroom by going through the window right outside of it.

Fire Angel pointed out, "at least tomorrow's Saturday, which means no school."

Spike Girl responded, "true, but maybe you could tell Saldi about Gravaien's parents so that the shock of the news is less dramatic." Fire Angel took off his costume and put it into his closet.

He replied, "if you talk to Newair about that Ica-Sword legend, I will." Redra silently closed the closet door and embraced Spike Girl into his arms.

Spike Girl responded, "don't worry, I'll send Newair a message." Redra smiled. Spike Girl warned, "watch out for my spikes."

Redra realized, "oops." He let go of Spike Girl.

Spike Girl responded, "good night, Redra."

Redra replied, "good night, Violet." Spike Girl was about to kiss him good night, when she saw Saldi start to wake up. Spike Girl quickly flew through the window and back to her apartment. Redra waved to Spike Girl as Saldi was getting up.

Saldi asked, "am I dreaming?"

Redra lied, "yes."

Saldi responded, "thanks." She went back to sleep.

Redra sighed with relief. He sighed, "I will not fall asleep, I will not…fall…asleep." Redra fell to sleep.

The next day, a group of figures bungee-jumped off of an airplane, above the Grand Canyon. Cy-Krom checked, "you sure this is the secret lab, Joliena?"

She replied, "I'm sure." She took out a DVD from her pockets.

Helm asked, "what does that have to do with it?"

Joliena revealed, "it's Fire Angel the movie."

Knight Niveru asked in disbelief, "you got the location from a movie?!"

Joliena pointed out, "then how come the secret lab has a shield that makes itself invisible from scanners?"

Helm replied, "that was just a coincidence! It doesn't mean that it's going to go exactly as the movie shows it will." He, Cy-Krom, Knight Niveru, Joliena, Gravaien's robot parents, and Knight Niveru's cat landed next to the canyon.

Cy-Krom asked, "what was that?" The villains looked behind them to see Violet's car swooping down towards them.

Joliena pointed out, "the movie showed exactly what's happening now." She held up the DVD in front of Cy-Krom.

Cy-Krom asked in amazement, "made by Miracle Comics Studio in California? Why couldn't I get a copy of it?!"

Knight Niveru suggested, "maybe your powers gave away that you were the real Cy-Krom and not an actor?"

Cy-Krom asked, "how in the world did you know that?"

Knight Niveru revealed to his inner fury, "that was just a guess." The villains started to glide down the canyon in parachutes, Violet's car diving towards them.

Fire Angel asked, "there they are, but where are they going?" Spike Girl took out a copy of Fire Angel: The Movie and chuckled.

Spike Girl answered as she put the dvd away and put her hands back onto the wheel, "you should see Fire Angel the movie."

Fire Angel responded, "depends on what it's about."

Spike Girl replied, "it's about our superheroes adventures, duh."

Fire Angel responded with a chuckle, "maybe we'll watch it later." The villains took off their parachutes as they landed on solid ground below.

Knight Niveru realized with an evil smile, "I have a better idea than to throw this away." She threw her parachute at Violet's car, the parachute wrapping around one of the flying car's wings. The car spiraled towards the Grand Canyon, the parachute wrapping around some rocks nearby.

Fire Angel asked, "could you park the car?"

Spike Girl asked back jokingly, "always thinking of your sidekick, aren't you?"

Fire Angel answered with a sigh, "girls." He opened one of the car doors and flew towards the group of villains next to a nearby cave. Spike Girl flew the car onto a ledge and parked it. The parachute ripped off of the car, the force knocking rocks down and starting an avalanche.

Spike Girl warned, "Fire Angel, look out!" He landed next to the cave and turned around.

Fire Angel replied, "come on!" Spike Girl activated her Jet-backpack and dove towards the cave, crushing rocks along the way with her spiked suit and claws.

Spike Girl exclaimed, "duck!"

Fire Angel replied, "there's no ducks out here."

Spike Girl muttered to herself, "boys." She nearly dodged Fire Angel, but ended up ramming into a cave wall, the cave wall caving in nearby. The group of villains went deeper into the cave, Fire Angel and Spike Girl using their claws to destroy rocks in their path as they chased after them.

When they finally escaped from the falling rocks, they saw a security door ripped off its hinges. Fire Angel realized, "I think they went that way." They ran into the area beyond the door. Fire Angel and Spike Girl each took out their scanners and scanned the area.

Spike Girl asked, "they're gone?!"

Fire Angel responded, "that can't be! There's no other way in this laboratory."

Spike Girl realized, "according to computers, this is a testing area and workshop for advanced electronics…electronics that are even more advanced than any technology we knew of."

Fire Angel tried to point out, "and all the security around here's knocked out."

Spike Girl responded, "not all of them." A security guard tried to stand up, but quickly sat down.

The guard struggled to mutter, "A box…of Zref bombs…gone."

Fire Angel asked, "what are Zref bombs?" The security guard fell to the floor. Fire Angel called Newair with his cell phone.

He asked, "Newair? What are Zref bombs?"

Newair answered, "I don't know, but I'll find out in a couple of minutes…Hmm…they look like cell phones, but get this, they can release gas from their antennas that puts any target for 3 hours in a slower or faster time zone. Cameras built into them are their targeting systems, which point red dots at their targets." Red dots appeared on Fire Angel and Spike Girl.

Fire Angel responded as he hung up, "thanks man, but we got to go." Gas released at Fire Angel and Spike Girl from cell phones in Cy-Krom's, Helm's, Joliena's, the 2 robots, and Knight Niveru's processions.

Spike Girl realized, "red dots."

She shot a fire missile at the gas, the missile disappearing into it. She exclaimed, "run!" Fire Angel and Spike Girl flew through the security doorway, back into the room, and over the gases. Shortly after, the villains zoomed through the doorway in the blink of an eye. Fire Angel took a couple of Zref bombs from the ground.

Spike Girl asked in amazement, "what are you thinking?!"

Fire Angel answered, "it's called borrowing."

Fire Angel made gas come out of a Zref bomb and snuck another into Spike Girl's Jet-backpack. Fire Angel insisted, "no time to put them back."

Spike Girl asked with a sigh, "why do you have to be so stubborn?" Fire Angel and Spike Girl went after the villains, the villains seeming to run at regular speed.

They chased the villains through a different cave opening, moving back towards the Grand Canyon's river. Knight Niveru started to climb up the Grand Canyon with help from her great sword, her cat on her shoulders as she climbed.

Cy-Krom and Helm charged towards Fire Angel and Spike Girl, ready to bounce them with their chests. Joliena used her jagged knife to help herself climb up the Grand Canyon while the two mysterious robots took out missile launchers recovered from the police station.

Fire Angel taunted, "seems like you're in your environment…" Fire Angel kicked some rocks down towards the Crab Brothers Helm and Cy-Krom.

Spike Girl finished the sentence, "…respecting justice." She rammed the rocks to rubble with her spiked suit and claws, the rubble tripping the Crab Brothers by forming around their ankles. It made it seem like they were bowing.

Fire Angel commented, "that's better."

"Fire." The two mysterious robots jumped onto the Crab Brothers' backs, catapulting them onto the top of one of the sides of the Grand Canyon. Shortly after, they started to shoot missiles at Fire Angel and Spike Girl.

One of the robots commented, "perfect." Fire Angel and Spike Girl flew towards the robots, destroying and dodging missiles coming towards them with the element of fire and claws.

Fire Angel realized, "they're recovered Tele-Missile guns!" Cy-Krom shot magnetic spikes at a ledge on the Grand Canyon and created a magnetic field over that ledge as the spikes went back into Cy-Krom's fingers.

Cy-Krom instructed, "grab on!" Helm got up and clung to his ankles. Both of them were pulled towards the ledge.

Spike Girl muttered, "exactly as the movie showed it."

Cy-Krom shot a bolt of lightning towards Spike Girl's car, making lightning go into the ground. The robots reacted faster as it climbed up their bodies. Joliena activated rockets under her shoes and rocketed up the canyon.

Joliena suggested, "Niveru, want a boost?"

Knight Niveru responded, "yes, but it's Knight Niveru." Joliena sighed as she grabbed Knight Niveru around the waist and rocketed up the canyon. The Crab Brothers landed onto the ledge, the magnetic field becoming disabled.

Joliena replied, "ok, Knight Niveru, get in!" She and Knight Niveru landed onto the ledge. They went into Violet's car as well as the Crab Bothers and the two robots. Joliena commented, "seems like the two robots I got from Truslin Gobet are paying off."

One of the robots realized, "that reminds us, you owe us each 50 bucks for today." Joliena groaned. She responded, "very well, here." Joliena handed $100 to the Truslin Gobet robots. Cy-Krom steered the vehicle into the air, Fire Angel and Spike Girl chasing after them.

He and Spike Girl chased the car to the North Pole. Ice covered the surface. Spike Girl pointed out, "we only have a half hour to find the Ica-Sword before freezing to death, if it's here."

Fire Angel revealed, "according to the legend, the Ica-Sword belonged to a knight. The knight lived in a castle in England, and that castle was sunk into the water one day. No one knows why it sunk to this day, but icy water carried the castle, to a snowy place north of England."

Spike Girl guessed, "Newair told you."

Fire Angel responded, "yep."

Spike Girl realized, "if it continued north, it would end up here, right?" Fire Angel looked around and saw a cone-shaped roof sticking out of the ice.

Fire Angel pointed out, "this might be it." Spike Girl took out her scanner, the car starting to turn around towards the cone shape.

She realized, "the rest of the castle is under that cone."

Fire Angel pointed out, "seems like they know it too."

Spike Girl reminded him, "and our hours are up." Clouds started to move, the car diving towards the cone shape. She instructed, "this way, quick!" Spike Girl rammed her suit into the cone, creating a hole in it. She flew through the hole along with Fire Angel, when his cell phone rang.

Fire Angel checked, "who is it?"

Newair answered, "Newair, and Genudamor is hosting a game show for superheroes."

Fire Angel asked in surprise, "where?!"

Newair answered, "in Gloda City, and the superheroes are the members of the Experimental League."

Fire Angel checked, "but when?"

Newair answered, "any minute now."

Fire Angel commented, "great, I'm in the North Pole while this is going on! Could you show it on my cell phone?"

Newair answered, "can do. By the way, you told me to discuss that certain thing later."

Fire Angel responded, "Violet did, thanks. Also, she might be competition for you, Newair."

Newair chuckled a little. He commented, "we'll see about that. Good luck."

Fire Angel responded, "thanks." He put away his cell phone and took out his Zref bomb as he turned around to go after the car. Fire Angel realized, "I'll see if I can delay them while you go look for the artifact."

Spike Girl responded, "good plan, but isn't that sidekick work?"

Fire Angel replied, "there's no time for that! I'll see you later."

Spike Girl checked, "are you mad?"

Fire Angel answered in understanding as he flew out of the tower, "no, just remember your response when you start ordering me around."

Spike Girl sighed. She responded, "won't you be lost without me though?"

Fire Angel sighed back as he waved back, the two of them going separate ways.

He tried to activate the antenna. He realized, "wait, this is the wrong cell phone. Only one chance left."

The car tried to land onto the ice, but Fire Angel struggled to push it away with his strength.

The villains used their Zref Bombs to go back into the fast dimension, making their car and Fire Angel go into the fast dimension along with them. He realized to his relief, "it worked?!"

Fire Angel tried to throw the car away, but before he could, the car rocketed towards the cone, skidding him across the ice. Fire Angel took out his cell phone. He realized this method wasn't going to work for long.

He asked over the phone, "Violet? Do you read me?"

In the castle, Spike Girl was running from the blur that was her car, when she heard something rub against her suit. Spike Girl grabbed at the rubbed spot and picked up a Zref Bomb. Spike Girl smiled as she put herself back into the fast dimension with her Zref Bomb. Her cell phone then vibrated, Spike Girl swapping the Zref bomb in her hands for the cell phone.

Fire Angel asked, "Violet, come in!"

Spike Girl asked worried, "Redra? What's the matter?"

Fire Angel revealed, "I have to go back to Gloda City to stop Genudamor, he's up to something else. Think you can stop Joliena from getting the Ica-Sword in the meantime?"

Spike Girl answered, "I'll try, over." She put away her cell phone. She muttered to herself, "hope this isn't the last time I see him." Spike Girl took out the scanner and went further into the castle.

Fire Angel put away his cell phone. He muttered to himself, "I'm out of my mind again."

Fire Angel dug his feet into the ice, pushing ice molecules into still water below. He pushed himself into the water, breaking his claws free from the car. He muttered, the water surprisingly staying still around him, "here goes."

Fire Angel pushed water molecules away as he glided towards Massachusetts, using his scanner to guide himself back to his country.

Spike Girl was using the scanner to try to find the Ica-Sword. Joliena, the 2 Truslin Gobet robots, Knight Niveru and her cat, and the Crab Brothers were chasing Spike Girl down. She realized, "it's a faint signal." Joliena and the 2 Truslin Gobet robots shot missiles at Spike Girl, Spike Girl using her claws, missiles, and suit to destroy the cloud of weapons around her. Unfortunately, the explosions sent her crashing into an abandoned room below.

Fire Angel realized, "there's Boston."

He pushed water molecules away as he moved towards the surface, the Zref Bomb indicating that almost 3 hours have passed.

Fire Angel commented, "why do we cut these things so close?"

He got his head out of the water when things started to move again.

He thought, "'s not the time for a drink though." Fire Angel used his strength to swim towards the Boston Harbor, holding his breath.

Fire Angel realized, "waves of water are pushing against me, might as well go with the flow."

He noticed a big shark coming towards him, looking hungry. He muttered, "then again..."

Fire Angel tried to push himself out of the water, but a wave pushed him deeper into the ocean below. He felt around for something to push off from, the shark charging at him. Fire Angel kicked off of some nearby sturdy coral, the shark missing him by inches. The shark sniffed around and started charging upwards at him. Fire Angel didn't dare open his eyes or breathe. Down here, he was like everyone else.

He felt a change of current coming from the shark as he dug into the coral in desperation with his claws and started climbing it as fast as possible under the strength of the underwater currents. He got more nervous as the shark started closing in faster and faster.

Fire Angel quickly kicked off of the coral again, but this time to use his claws to hitch a ride on the shark as the massive predator got to the surface. Fire Angel quickly swung off, dodging another wave as he finally opened his eyes again and flew towards shore. The shark turned around and left in frustration.

Fire Angel realized, sneezing water in mid-air, his costume drenched, "oh my gosh! That was the worst stunt I ever did."

When he got out of the water and landed on a not so busy nearby dock, he looked at his waterproof cell phone, courtesy of Newair.

Fire Angel realized, "the show has begun. Wait, that background looks like that newsroom, with Gloda City's newscaster."

He took out his scanner to scan the room beyond the cell phone. Fire Angel realized, "the Gloda City Times studio."

He took out the Zref Bomb and groaned as a bunch of water came out of its battery compartment. Fire Angel realized, "water got into its batteries, I'll have to repair it later." He flew towards Gloda City. He muttered to himself, "I don't know what Genudamor's planning, but I need to find out."

Spike Girl was knocked out for a while.

When she woke up, she saw that she was chained up against a cell wall with metal chains around her wrists. She asked herself, "how did I…?"

In the cell was a locked door in addition to a bed. Spike Girl saw Cy-Krom and Helm leaving the cell through a small square opening. She struggled to free herself with her spikes and claws. No luck. It was like clinging metal against metal…almost pointless.

Her dark-red gun was lying on the ground with her Jet-backpack. Spike Girl thought, "if I could just reach my gun…"

She waited until Cy-Krom and Helm left. She tried to reach her gun with her feet. Spike Girl figured out, "I can knock it across the room. If the trigger hits that bed, my chains can come off."

Fire Angel landed next to the Gloda City Times Studio. He asked himself, "must be the place, but where's Genudamor?"

A voice sounded, "help!" Fire Angel heard the voice in his head. He thought, "what the…? I must be dreaming."

The mysterious voice in his head continued, "this will show the way…the way…"

Fire Angel thought back, "who are you? Come in." He then saw a door nearby be blown off of its hinges by a fire that mysteriously appeared on its frame. He exclaimed, "how did that…?!" Fire Angel cautiously walked through it and saw an Experimental League member with the word Sentinel written across his red full body suit trapped in a gravity chamber.

Sentinel revealed, "it's me!" Fire Angel took out his scanner.

He realized, "if this is a real Experimental League member, then how can there be a show?"

Sentinel asked back, "what are you talking about?" Fire Angel saw the Nebarg behind him.

A Nebarg responded, "no, you won't." The Nebarg threw Fire Angel into the gravity chamber, getting suspended in the air as a result.

He realized, "I can't fly."

Fire Angel saw the Nebarg close the door.

He figured out, "Sentinel, I know how we can break free."

Fire Angel took out his Zref Bomb, aimed it at a turbine-like engine above, and shot gas from it. The huge barely visible engine above slowed down. A force from above slowed down too, both Fire Angel and Sentinel pushed up into the roof with an artificial gravity force from below.

Fire Angel and Sentinel covered their heads as they rammed themselves straight through the engine with the element of fire on their side, the engine blowing up around them as they swung themselves past a storm of still metal parts as though time was frozen around it.

Sentinel used his powers to blow up the roof above in flames, Fire Angel hurling him past the rubble and onto the roof as he flew to go faster than the rubble. He dodged more rubble at great risk, until he landed onto another section of the roof next to Sentinel. He was trying to catch his breath.

Sentinel explained, "thanks, Fire Angel. I was a little short of air supply in there, so I couldn't focus my elemental power as well as I could outside of that chamber."

Fire Angel responded, "you're welcome, but how did you know my name?"

Sentinel answered, "I'm a telepath. Now come on, the other members of the Experimental League need to be freed."

Fire Angel pointed out, "Actually, you can take care of yourself from here and free the rest of the captured Experimental League members yourself. I need time to stop Genudamor."

Sentinel responded, "sure, but be careful. Genudamor has robots in those pods."

Fire Angel realized in shock, "so that explains this mix-up. Artificial intelligence?"

Sentinel answered, "afraid so, good luck." Fire Angel waved to him as he flew towards a pod nearly, almost out of his view.

He realized, "I can handle this." Fire Angel took out batteries from his cell phone, put them into the Zref Bomb, and used his Zref Bomb to go into the fast dimension again. When in the fast dimension, he flew towards the pod.

While Fire Angel freed Sentinel, Spike Girl kicked the gun, the gun hitting a bed leg, a fire missile hitting the door instead. She muttered, "darn it!"

The door blew up, setting the room on fire. Cy-Krom and Helm circled back towards Spike Girl in response.

She realized, "one chance."

Spike Girl used her feet to pick up a strap from her Jet-backpack, press a button on its side, hold it down with her other foot, and fling it into the air.

She muttered, "it worked in the movie."

The Jet-backpack melted her chains, the chains exploding off Spike Girl as the fire almost set the rest of her aflame. Spike Girl grabbed her gun and tried to put the Jet-backpack back on her back.

She realized too late, "I think I should have turned it off first."

The Jet-backpack rocketed Spike Girl through the room's ceiling, the room exploding behind her as she bent her head to avoid having a concussion. She figured out with horror, "I'm not in frozen time anymore." Helm shot lightning bolts at Spike Girl, the explosion below pushing her upwards even more so. Spike Girl dodged the bolts by shifting the Jet-backpack in different directions, seeing the Ica-Sword buried in an old-fashioned scabbard in ice the next floor down.

She responded, "you're just making this harder on yourselves, Crab Brothers."

Spike Girl flew towards the sword, her Jet-backpack being hit by a bolt of lightning as she struggled to turn around and put it on her back.

She asked herself, "why does my Jet-backpack have to be hit often?"

Spike Girl fell towards ice below, but caught herself on a balcony nearby as the Jet-backpack slipped onto her shoulders disabled. He commented, "nice try, but I'm still here." Helm turned his hands into drills, drilling at the balcony's railing.

Helm called out, "get the sword!"

Cy-Krom chuckled evilly. He responded, "why not let her get it for us?" Helm chuckled himself as Cy-Krom shot lightning at the ice, the ice aflame and slowly turning into water. Spike Girl tried to pull herself over the railing, but it broke off, Spike Girl having to hold onto it to save her own life.

Fire Angel opened the door to a nearby pod and swung himself into it, a robot of an Experimental League member with the words Silver Man written across its red full body suit at the controls. By accident, Fire Angel made the Zref Bomb still in one of his hands slow down himself, time unfreezing itself before Fire Angel's eyes. He realized, "hero work's never done." The Silver Man robot saw Fire Angel.

The robot responded, "intruder alert! Intruder alert! Intruder must be eliminated." The robot hit a button. Stun rays came out of some guns nearby. Fire Angel dodged the continuous stun rays, but then he saw a swarm of bats pass by as the sun started setting.

He realized with a smile, "there are a lot of moths in here." Fire Angel opened the door and flew out, bats swarming into the pod. The stun rays hit the bats instead, but some drove the robot away, through the door.

The robot realized, "uh oh." The robot crashed onto the ground while Fire Angel flew back into the pod.

He realized, "now to get the others robots." Fire Angel buckled up into a seat, the pod starting to dive downwards. Fire Angel steered it towards the clouds, towards outer space. He commented, "time to speed things up." Fire Angel used the Zref Bomb to go back into the fast dimension. He went back to steering the pod. Fire Angel figured out in amazement, "they're heading towards the moon."

The ice on the bottom was gone, but ice-cold water was there instead, rising up towards the top.

Spike Girl was using the Ica-Sword as a paddle, the scabbard slipping off of the Ica-Sword's blade as it froze all the water back into ice. The balcony railing broke, Spike Girl sliding across it on her two feet. Above, the fire spread up the walls, the walls blowing up around Helm.

He swung himself onto the ice floor, Cy-Krom shooting lightning bolts at Spike Girl again. She taunted, "is that the best you've got? Might as well give up."

Spike Girl pointed the sword at a lightning bolt, the bolt turning to ice and gliding on the ice floor. She realized, "it turns everything its blade touches into ice, no wonder they want this."

Spike Girl quickly put some extra batteries into the Jet-backpack, using the Ica-Sword on herself to be protected from the flames of falling rubble as the Jet-backpack carried her upwards.

Helm cried out, "she's getting away!"

Cy-Krom commented, "not without me."

He shot a magnetic field at Spike Girl, shortly afterwards shooting magnetic spikes at a wall next to her. The wall and some ice exploded, ice-cold water putting out the fire.

He suggested, "follow me."

Cy-Krom jumped off of another medieval style balcony and slammed his chest into the ice floor. He bounced towards Spike Girl, the ice floor starting to crack. Helm did the same, the ice floor breaking apart and releasing water. Spike Girl flew towards a higher floor, seeing Knight Niveru with her own cat on her shoulders waiting for her.

Knight Niveru suggested, "seems like you have the Ica-Sword. I challenge you to a duel. Winner takes the sword." Joliena silently crept behind Spike Girl.

Spike Girl asked, "how?"

A familiar voice answered, "or you die." Spike Girl turned around to see Joliena aiming a missile at her.

Knight Niveru added, "you lose, you die."

Spike Girl sighed. She pointed out, "guess I have no choice, do I?" Knight Niveru smiled, Joliena still aiming a missile at Spike Girl.

Knight Niveru went on, "winner takes all." Knight Niveru took out her sword, Spike Girl using the Ica-Sword to block it. Joliena shot a fleet of missiles at Spike Girl.

She commented, "I should've known it would be unfair."

Spike Girl used the Ica-Sword to freeze the missiles into ice one by one while dodging Knight Niveru.

She continued, "you're fools, Knight Niveru and Joliena."

Spike Girl shot fire missiles at the frozen missiles below, making a chain reaction of explosions occur and the floor she was on collapse at the seems. Joliena used her rocket boots to pick up Knight Niveru and fly up to the top.

Joliena called out, "this is only the beginning, Spike Girl!" Cy-Krom and Helm rammed themselves into Spike Girl, Spike Girl bouncing off of their chests. The sword fell into Cy-Krom's hands.

Cy-Krom exclaimed menacingly, "we've got the sword! Now to finish you with it!"

He aimed the sword at Spike Girl, freezing her in midair. Cy-Krom and Helm fell backwards due to the collapsing floor directly under their feet, falling towards the ruins of the floor beyond. They bounced themselves from floor to floor with their crab skin, leaping and tumbling from one floor above to the next. Spike Girl's icy prison fell from the collapsing floor, crashing into a wall and breaking the ice around her as she fell.

Spike Girl's Jet-backpack got short-circuited. She asked, "could this day get any worse?"

Spike Girl tried to pull herself up onto the ruins of the lower floor she partly blew up, but the rising ice-cold water swept her away as she tried to remain afloat.

She realized, "I must stop them! I only have one shot."

Fire Angel was back in real time, steering a pod right behind more pods.

He theorized, "I finally caught up, now I need to stop these robots without being noticed."

Fire Angel shot at the other pods with lasers from his pod, getting rid of one of them. A small escape pod launched from the exploding pod. He muttered to himself, "that's 2 down, 5 more to go."

Fire Angel chased the other pods onto the moon. He took out a space suit from a compartment in his pod.

Fire Angel asked himself, "how do I use this thing?"

He tested it through some quick tests and went out of the pod. Thanks to his incredible strength, he was able to move around easily in it.

Fire Angel realized, "they'll want to come back to their pods to come back to earth."

He went behind the other pods, using his claws to destroy them. Fire Angel figured, "my work is done."

He tried to get out the Zref Bomb, but before he could activate it, an Experimental League member robot saw him.

The robot called out, "imposter!"

Fire Angel responded, "I'm looking at the real imposter."

The robot of Sentinel tried to punch him, but missed. Then he started to make blasts of fire around Fire Angel as well as try to physically hit him, Fire Angel zipping around them and pretending to trip into a nearby crater.

When the Sentinel robot looked down into it, Fire Angel pulled him down by the head in mid-air, hurling it into the ground of the crater. It tried to get up as Fire Angel landed next to the robot.

He pointed out, "now for the public to behold."

Fire Angel took off the robot's mask to reveal that he's a robot.

Fire Angel sliced the robots to pieces and went back into the pod. He thought, "wonder if I can unmask all the robots?"

Fire Angel took out the batteries in the Zref Bomb and put them back into his cell phone.

He guessed, "maybe it's off the air." Fire Angel saw on his cell phone that the game show has been cancelled because of a robot imposter. He realized, "my work really is done."

Fire Angel then saw guns and robots circle around his pod.

The rest of the robots called out, "imposter! Destroy! Destroy!"

They shot lasers at the pod as did gun turrets nearby.

Fire Angel said with a sigh, "I stand corrected."

He tumbled into the pod, the pod starting to explode to pieces. He quickly used the controls to aim an escape pod for Earth, the North Pole.

He commented, "don't forget to write."

Fire Angel ran into the escape pod, the escape pod flying towards Earth and the last pod exploding behind him. The robots still chased after him. He realized in shock, "I shouldn't use the Zref Bomb while I'm at the controls out here. Those robots could just catch up to me faster!"

Fire Angel pressed a button that activated emergency power, the pod going faster towards Earth like a comet. The robots shot more lasers at him, Fire Angel struggling to dodge them. The escape pod went into the Earth's atmosphere, the remaining imposters flying after him on Nebarg-like jetpacks.

Spike Girl aimed her gun at Cy-Krom and fired fire missiles at him, knocking Cy-Krom up against a wall and making him drop the Ica-Sword. Cy-Krom bounced off of the wall, falling into the cold water and making a tidal wave from diving into it. The tidal wave swept Cy-Krom and Spike Girl through a hole within the castle's former ground floor, into the Arctic Ocean. Spike Girl and Cy-Krom were knocked out from the tidal wave, at the bottom of the ocean.

Fire Angel asked over his phone, "come in, Violet. Violet? Violet?!"

Fire Angel ripped his space suit off with his claws and pressed a button on the pod. A parachute came out of the vehicle, the pod stopping its engines. Fire Angel breathed fire on the pod's door, tore it off, and hurled it to the side. He flew out of the pod, the pod and the robots blowing up from behind him thanks to the exploding door that came into contact with the pod's rocket engines. The door blew up, parts rammed into the rocket engines as a result. The engines and the pod blew up all together, the robot imposters gone with it.

Fire Angel asked himself, "why is there the sound of water coming from Violet's cell phone? Unless…"

He flew towards the Arctic Ocean and used the Zref Bomb to go to the fast dimension. He realized, "time's running out." Fire Angel took out his scanner to locate Spike Girl.

After a short while, he exclaimed, "I only have 15 minutes left!"

Fire Angel dove into the ocean and noticed Spike Girl lying at the bottom with Cy-Krom. Fire Angel grabbed Spike Girl and tried to carry her with him to the surface, but Spike Girl's weight was slowing him down.

He muttered in determination, "no."

Fire Angel used the Zref Bomb to speed up the water molecules, making the water move normally. He flew out of the water while holding his breath, the Zref Bomb short-circuiting.

Fire Angel muttered, "oh great!"

He threw the Zref Bomb away, the clouds starting to move again. Violet's car flew off the North Pole, with Joliena, Helm, the 2 Truslin Gobet robots, Knight Niveru, and Niveru's cat inside.

Joliena threatened, "Fire Angel, I'm glad you could witness the beginning of my revenge."

She threw the Ica-Sword at Cy-Krom, using a Zref Bomb to do it unnoticed. Spike Girl took out her Zref Bomb, but it was short-circuited too. The Ica-Sword touched Cy-Krom, freezing and just saving him from dying underwater.

Spike Girl realized in shock, "oh no, it freezes anything it touches."

The Ica-Sword touched the Arctic Ocean in the process, freezing the entire ocean, along with all the other natural bodies of water across the entire world. Fire Angel and Spike Girl pushed off of the growing blanket of ice just before it could possibly trap them.

Fire Angel guessed, "the frozen touch."

Spike Girl asked in worry, "what are we going to do?"

Fire Angel suggested, "maybe the Experimental League will help us."

Spike Girl asked confused, "who?"

Fire Angel answered, "I'll explain later." The villains in the car activated their Zref Bombs, the car zooming away too fast for Fire Angel to catch up to it.

The next day…

Spike Girl checked, "you sure this is the Experimental League's headquarters, Newair?"

Newair answered, "I'm sure of it." Spike Girl put her cell phone away. She and Fire Angel were standing in front of a tall futuristic tower as big as a skyscraper.

A familiar voice sounded, "Fire Angel?" Fire Angel heard the voice in his head.

He answered, "yes, it's me, right outside." A door opened nearby, Sentinel coming out.

Sentinel asked, "why, so it is, but why so soon?"

Fire Angel pointed out, "I saved you, so I think it's time to return the favor."

Sentinel sighed. He revealed, "I know why, Joliena even has an army of robots by her side now."

Fire Angel asked, "what did those robots look like?"

Sentinel answered, "blue, with missile launchers and stun guns."

Spike Girl guessed, "did they also have rockets on their feet and backs, as well as the ability to teleport?"

Sentinel summarized, "they're Kram Bots."

Spike Girl asked in amazement, "how in the world do you know about all of this?!"

Sentinel explained, "I'm a telepath."

Fire Angel realized, "you're Sentinel."

Sentinel responded, "you know me already. The Experimental League will help. Joliena's attack on Arizona and what happened in the North Pole proves she means business."

Spike Girl pointed out, "where they probably stole some Zref Bombs. How will we stop them?"

Sentinel revealed calmly, "Silver Man's trying to make powered armor that can help us go into the fast dimension."

Fire Angel suddenly realized, "so you know what our true identities are?"

Sentinel answered, "yes, but I won't tell. You're welcome to come in." Fire Angel and Spike Girl followed him into the Experimental Tower.

Captain United suggested, "I have a plan."

Fire Angel asked, "good, what is it?" The main members of the Experimental League that escaped from Genudamor were in the Experimental Tower, crowded around Fire Angel and Spike Girl in chairs. These chairs were next to walls covered in computers, black limousine-like windows, and scattered control panels.

Captain United pointed out, "we could locate Joliena with help from Sentinel and create powered suits for ourselves to even the odds. Then we could use the suits to break into where Joliena is and shut her down."

Fire Angel realized, "it's so simple, it should work." The others replied in agreement.

Spike Girl suggested, "Silver Man, here's a Zref Bomb to study so the process goes faster." She took out and handed Silver Man her short-circuited Zref Bomb. Sentinel concentrated on his super hearing and telepathy as suggested.

A while later…

Sentinel revealed, "I sense near Joliena, a dragon, Cy-Krom, Helm, a bunch of robots, Niveru, and a cat below Gloda City."

Fire Angel realized, "a dragon? The cave, but I don't remember where it is." He took out the batteries to his scanner and put them into his cell phone.

Spike Girl checked, "are those suits ready?"

Silver Man answered, "all set." Spike Girl nodded as Fire Angel dialed a number.

Fire Angel asked, "hello, Saldi?"

Saldi asked back, "depends, who's calling?"

Fire Angel responded, "Redra. Silver Man, think you could make another suit?"

Saldi asked in surprise, "you're with the Experimental League?! Think you could get me Captain United's autograph?"

Fire Angel suggested, "I don't think that's necessary. I have something better in mind."

The main members of the Experimental League, Fire Angel, Spike Girl, and Saldi in powered suits were flying towards forest nearby. Captain United suggested, "lead the way, Saldi." Saldi lead the others to a familiar group of caves.

Sentinel realized, "this is the place, and there's your car Spike Girl."

Spike Girl responded, "yes, but now's a good time to go to the fast dimension." The group used their powered suits to go to the fast dimension.

Saldi remembered as she pointed to the one in the very center, "the dragon was in that cave."

Fire Angel commented, "A trip down memory lane." Saldi led the way into that cave from months ago, down a winding tunnel.

Captain United asked, "Sentinel, could you locate Joliena again?"

Sentinel answered, "I'll try…footsteps, dragon, rockslide."

Spike Girl realized, "we find the dragon, we find Joliena." The group was next to a tunnel sloping downwards in the center of the cave floor. Captain United's insight acted up.

She reported, "Kram bots, patrolling below the tunnel."

Fire Angel suggested, "they could have information on what Joliena's up to, if we could catch one." Saldi looked at the others.

Saldi suggested, "I have a faster alternative, but I'll need some help to pull it off."

Captain United responded in shock, "from an inexperienced youth?!"

Fire Angel answered, "not exactly, but there isn't time to explain. What's the plan?"

Saldi answered, "Thank you. The plan is that half of us hold off those robots while the rest of us go find Joliena."

Fire Angel pointed out, "we won't know what else there is in this place, so it's a good idea for Captain United to help go look for Joliena. Her insight could come in handy."

Spike Girl realized, "we could surprise her to catch her off guard, but we need faces that aren't familiar to her."

Fire Angel insisted, "I have to tell her the truth about me, there's no way around it. She has to know now, or she'll hunt me down till I or she dies first." Spike Girl decided to stay and help hold off the robots. Captain United and Fire Angel decided to go find Joliena.

Spike Girl pointed out, "I'm the only one left who knows about the Kram Bots' weaknesses and strengths. Dodging is the key."

Captain United asked, "any volunteers?"

Some voices sounded, "I do…I volunteer too." Experimental League members Moon Sorceress and Blue Wolf decided to help hold off the robots.

Saldi realized, "I know my way around here, I'll go with Fire Angel and Captain United." She decided to help find Joliena.

Sentinel pointed out, "we don't know what's up ahead, so I'll help find Joliena. We need the best help we can get, for that's the highest priority." Sentinel decided to help find Joliena.

Another voice sounded, "I have good reflexes. We could use some against the Kram Bots." Experimental League member Spider Sorceress decided to help hold off the robots.

Fire Angel pointed out, "Silver Man's technology and thinking could help us in finding Joliena."

Silver Man asked, "do I get a second opinion?"

Fire Angel insisted, "with time running out, I don't think we can waste any more time."

Silver Man replied, "then I accept." Saldi took out her cell phone.

She whispered into it, "good plan, Newair." Saldi put away the cell phone. Moon Sorceress, Blue Wolf, Spike Girl, Spider Sorceress, and Dark Bolt flew or slid down the tunnel, towards the army of familiar robots below.

Robots turned around and fought the superhero team that appeared, the other team running past the robots when they had a chance. Saldi realized, seeing a recently made set of seemingly unnatural footprints, "the dragon went down this tunnel." She lead her team on the trail.

Captain United realized through her insight, "there are more robots, patrolling the entire cavern." Sentinel simply thought of blowing up some nearby Kram Bots, and they did in flame.

Saldi instructed, "this way!" Superhero team 2 used their powered armor to continue following the footprints, Saldi leading them. More robots saw them, shooting missiles at them as they passed.

Fire Angel realized, "I don't think bursting things into flame is going to help as easily." He used his claws to destroy incoming missiles, Captain United using her webbing to jam more of the missiles and swing them into each other. Sentinel used his thoughts to blow up the Kram Bots that recently shot at them. Saldi took out her scanner and scanned the area.

She figured out, "the dragon's right ahead of us." A familiar-looking purple dragon was roaring and breathing fire, seen through an opening nearby.

Fire Angel talked to the dragon, "what's wrong?"

The dragon revealed, "these creatures tried to capture me."

Fire Angel summarized, "well, we won't. We're do-gooders, now who are these creatures?"

The dragon answered, "see for yourself." The dragon showed Knight Niveru and her cat nearby, accompanied by a bunch of Kram Bots.

Fire Angel responded, "we'll take it from here." The dragon stepped aside as superhero team 2 flew towards Knight Niveru. The other superhero team finished the Kram Bots at the tunnel entrance and went to follow superhero team 2. Spike Girl looked at Fire Angel.

Spike Girl insisted, "go, we'll hold these Kram Bots off. Go!" Fire Angel nodded, then followed superhero team 2.

Superhero team 2 went past Knight Niveru, seeing that Joliena was using her rocket boots to try to escape through another tunnel. Knight Niveru and the Kram Bots with her tried to hit superhero team 2 with missiles. Fire Angel suggested, "one of us needs to hold off Knight Niveru." Captain United looked at him.

She responded, "I'll do it. Go!"

Saldi replied, "good luck."

Captain United responded, "you'll need it more." She held off the Kram Bots with Knight Niveru by tying them and incoming missiles with webbing, blowing them up from the impact of the missiles' rockets. Knight Niveru tried to hit Captain United with her sword, but Captain United's insight saved herself as she kicked off of a flat side of the weapon and flipped in mid-air. Knight Niveru was knocked to the ground by a kick to the head as Captain United landed back on her feet.

The rest of superhero team 2 chased after Joliena, Joliena accompanied by the Crab Brothers in spiked metal suits. She instructed, "Crab Brothers, destroy them." Joliena flew into another tunnel, the Crab Brothers shooting magnetic spikes from their gloves at the group of four.

Saldi commented, "she keeps running away. It's like she's playing a game with us."

Fire Angel commented, "the nature of politics." The Crab Brothers switched their weapons to drill launchers, shooting magnetic spinning spikes at them. Silver Man looked at their suits.

Silver Man commented, "this will be easy, you go ahead without me." Fire Angel, Saldi, and Sentinel went after Joliena. Silver Man used his powered armor against the Crab Brothers' armor to hold them off.

Captain United disabled the remaining Kram Bots near Knight Niveru with her gauntlets punching right through them, but still had to hold off standing Knight Niveru herself. Knight Niveru commented, "seems like fate has made us face each other again, Captain United. Want another duel?"

Captain United responded, "I'd like to get a second opinion on that."

Superhero team 1 was still holding off Kram Bots with their extraordinary super powers and abilities. Spike Girl commented, "Joliena must have an empire worth of robots in this place."

Joliena flew into another cave, leading Fire Angel, Saldi, and Sentinel back to the huge army of Kram Bots shooting at Superhero team 1. Sentinel was suddenly shot with a stun ray. Fire Angel cried, "Sentinel!" He threw Sentinel's body at some nearby Kram Bots, his invulnerable body crushing Kram Bots to pieces as it rolled towards Superhero team 1.

Saldi called out, "come on!" Fire Angel and Saldi chased after Joliena. Saldi took out her scanner. She realized, "this tunnel's a shortcut." Fire Angel and Saldi dodged missiles and stun rays as they flew through a tunnel, Saldi on a jetpack attached to her powered suit. Joliena was on the other side of it, the three of them ending up in a big empty area.

Fire Angel asked, "what are you up to, Joliena?"

Joliena asked amused, "you mean you don't know?" She pressed a secret switch nearby, making a panel of controls and a TV screen flip out from one of the cavern's walls. She revealed, "While Genudamor created an elaborate distraction to even the odds, I've used the sword to freeze the earth's water, and the only way I and my henchmen got water is through a tube. People will have to pay me for water now. Think of it! This place could be considered one of many water factories underground, and I could force people to surrender themselves to me if they don't want to pay for it. I'll be richer than I ever was…enough to get more spy recruits, upgraded gear, bribe the government to make me the next president…and it could just be the beginning!"

Fire Angel sighed. He responded, "Joliena, I'm sorry, but I have to show you something." Fire Angel took off his mask and helmet, revealing himself as Redra. Joliena gasped, but stayed near the controls. Shortly after, she caught her breath.

Joliena accused him in limitless fury, "you've almost ruined us, your parents! How could you do something so cruel?!"

Fire Angel answered solemnly, "I didn't know Truslin Gobet would go out of business if I were to become a superhero…I didn't know. I thought I and Spike Girl could be under the honest duty of being agents someday, ever since the start of my superhero career. But I guess things change when you're too overcautious for your own good." Fire Angel fought back tears as he put his mask and helmet back on.

Joliena glanced from the screen to Fire Angel. She sighed. She replied solemnly, "I forgive you." Gravaien's robot parents walked into the room with rocket boots, laser-cutters, and spiked throwing disks.

Joliena responded, "no, you don't understand."

One of the robots replied, "we understand that Fire Angel is in this room." The other quickly kicked Saldi towards another passage unexpectedly, Saldi knocked unconscious temporarily from the impact against a cavern wall with a groan. The robots threw their disks at Fire Angel at almost the speed of light, scraping his metal suit, costume, and skin as he dodged in a little pain.

Joliena cried, "no!" She changed her hands to missile launchers and shot missiles at them. The robots shot laser-cutters at her as they dodged, the tiny lasers hitting Joliena in the heart straight through her clothes. She fell backwards, falling into a dark cave below without a sound.

Fire Angel realized horrified, "she's dead." Saldi started getting up. The robots shot their laser-cutters at Fire Angel and Saldi, but they dodged them quickly. Fire Angel instructed, "there's nothing else to do here. Saldi, tell the others that we've stopped the plot!"

Saldi asked worried, "but what about you?"

Fire Angel answered, "remember me if I don't come out of this alive." Saldi flew away, Fire Angel using his fire breath to destroy more disks in the air. He flew towards superhero team 1. He commented, "it's almost over. Give yourselves up!"

One of the robots evilly replied, "oh, it's over now, for you." The robots shot a swarm of lightning fast disks at Fire Angel. Fire Angel tried to block them all with his claws and fire breath, but one cut him in his side. His vision turned blurry as he fell to the ground unconscious next to Superhero team 1.

Spike Girl realized in horror, "we've got to get them to safety!" The conscious superheroes circled back. They dodged weapons and carried Fire Angel and Sentinel out of the cave while losing all the villains still alive in the cavern by going through random tunnels. Saldi's powered armor started exploding as she ran out from the impact of a number of missiles, Saldi having to press the emergency button on it to be able to throw the armor away to survive.

Saldi realized, "we need to get Fire Angel to a hospital, and quick!" Blue Wolf put a hand on Fire Angel's shoulders as the rest of the main members of the Experimental League carried unconscious Sentinel back with them.

Blue Wolf realized, "no, he's in the fast dimension. Once he returns, he'll die if I don't bring him to an expert. I'll handle it." The main members of the Experimental League nodded and left carrying Sentinel with them, except for Blue Wolf.

Spike Girl insisted, "we'll go with you. We've known Fire Angel personally for a long time. We at least deserve to know what happens to him." Blue Wolf nodded in understanding. He, Spike Girl, and Saldi got into Violet's car waiting next to the cave entrances outside, Fire Angel still in the fast dimension.

Blue Wolf realized as he checked the time left on a display across his helmet, "we only have one hour! Hang on."

Spike Girl pointed out, "the car flies, you know."

Blue Worf commented, "even better." He launched the car into the air and steered it towards the Experimental Tower.

Forty or so minutes later, Blue Wolf arrived at the Experimental tower. He suggested, "I'll carry him inside." Blue Wolf got out of Violet's car and carried Fire Angel's body into the mansion in a hurry.

Saldi asked, "why are we here? This isn't a hospital."

Blue Wolf revealed, "A newly discovered mutant named Alice Blaze could restore Fire Angel, better let me bring him to her."

Spike Girl responded, "before you go, you may need this." She took off her powered suit and gave it to Blue Wolf.

Saldi asked in confusion, "what are you up to?"

Spike Girl was holding Saldi's hand to keep her in the fast dimension, so both vanished from the fast dimension at the same time and back into real time.

She realized, "come on! We can grieve later if we have to. Right now, there's something I need to fix before it's too late." Spike Girl put back on her regular spiked suit and steered the car back to the Arctic Ocean.

Blue Wolf went into the main office of Goliath and Alice Blaze and laid Fire Angel down onto the floor. He muttered, "10 minutes left." Blue Wolf lifted Alice Blaze up and quickly put the powered armor he was holding onto her, Alice Blaze going into the fast dimension. Using her telepathy powers, Alice Blaze figured out what was going on.

Alice Blaze realized, "please, let me handle it." She concentrated on Fire Angel's body, performing surgery on Fire Angel with her telepathy powers. Fire Angel returned to real time, and so did Alice Blaze and Blue Wolf.

Blue Wolf realized with relief, "he's breathing." Goliath stood up.

Goliath asked, "what's going on?" Fire Angel got up.

He commented, "I was about to ask the same question." Alice Blaze put her thoughts into Goliath's and Fire Angel's minds.

Goliath realized, "now I understand." Fire Angel looked around.

He responded, "I can't thank you enough, Blue Wolf."

Hours later, Spike Girl and Saldi got to the Arctic Ocean. Spike Girl instructed, "take the controls." She dove towards the Ica-Sword and rammed her suit into the ice.

Saldi muttered, "come on, come on!" Spike Girl pushed harder and harder, until she reached the sword's handle.

She thought to herself, "this is the world's only chance." Spike Girl shot fire missiles at the ice around the sword, loosening the sword from the ice as she jumped out of the way of the impact. She pulled on the sword's handle, pulling it out. Spike Girl muttered, "I have to destroy this cursed thing." She threw the sword into the air and shot all the fire missiles she had left at it, until it blew up into pieces. Spike Girl realized, "now to break the ice, but I don't have a fully charged…" Fire Angel hovered above Spike Girl.

He finished the sentence, "weapon?"

Spike Girl realized happily, "Fire Angel!"

Fire Angel called out, "Spike Girl! It's great to be alive, but they'll be time to celebrate later. Stand back!" Spike Girl ran to the North Pole nearby and created a border around it with her claws, running around the area in circle with one hand stretched out. She jumped from one part of the North Pole to another, fighting against the extreme cold with help from Fire Angel's fire breath from above. Meanwhile, Saldi turned up the car's heater all the way to prevent getting frostbite.

After a while…

Saldi commented, "even with this heater, it's still cold here."

Fire Angel checked, "is it ready yet?" Spike Girl nodded in agreement. Fire Angel took a very deep breath and breathed a big gust of fire onto the ice, melting the ice around the North Pole's glaciers back into the oceans and seas below.

Spike Girl realized, "it's over, we did it!" Fire Angel carried Spike Girl into the car, the Jet-backpack still disabled.

Fire Angel asked, "could you turn down the heat?"

Saldi realized in shock, "oh, sorry. I'll turn it down, but I almost got frostbite because of you two!"

Spike Girl replied, "sorry, there wasn't much time to get coats."

Saldi responded, "good point." She turned down the heat and went back to her seat. Spike Girl piloted the flying car back to Gloda High, Fire Angel having mixed feelings over his current events.

The following night, Violet battled Newair on the "Superhero/Villain Battle" game several times and won indeed. Redra and Saldi were getting bored from it though. Newair insisted over the internet, "rematch."

Saldi commented, "I don't miss it."

A computerized voice sounded from the game, "5, 4, 3…" Redra and Saldi went into his not-so-secret room under the bedroom and went to bed there for the night with sleeping bags.

Redra realized solemnly, "I still can't believe my mother's gone."

Saldi responded, "I don't believe it either, but what are we going to do about it? We can't bury her, she already has been…in that villain kingdom."

Redra answered, "we just don't forget her, that's all that matters. However, we can't tell my father about it. He'd think I killed her."

Saldi asked curiously, "and what about the other Zref Bombs that those villains had?" Redra took out some cases of batteries from his pockets and smiled.

Redra revealed to Saldi's shock, "I swiped them from the villains' major storeroom on our way to Joliena. Now the Zref Bombs will be useless when they have no clue which kind to get." Saldi and Redra laughed a little at this piece of information. They soon after went to bed, not in the mood for entertainment tonight.

Weeks later, Redra, Saldi, Newair, Violet, and Gravaien graduated from 9th grade. During those weeks, Fire Angel and Spike Girl merchandise stacked up in stores. Redra decided to get "Fire Angel: the Movie", which showed this entire story, but with different actors. He was seeing it alone, for everyone else already has, and he didn't want someone to spoil it. Redra asked in disbelief, "how did Hollywood know my life story?! They must have gotten lucky." He saw himself in the movie. "How did…?!" Redra looked around him with his scanner, but there weren't any cameras around.

When the credits came onto the screen, he noticed some interesting information.

He found out to his surprise, "director's some new guy in the movie business named Arim Cresim, also the person who submitted the screenplay for the movie? But how could someone so inexperienced with something like that know so much about me?!"

Redra turned off the television in his not-so-secret living room chuckling to himself. He theorized as he put the remote control on top of one of the tables, "it's just a coincidence."

Redra flipped a light switch nearby, turning off the lights in the room around him, the extra living space covered in darkness.

The End