Think Tank: A Short Story Collection

Suvria: The Legend

A figure realized, "it's quiet…too quiet."

Another answered, "maybe it's a sign that symbolizes your need to rest. You've been staying on your shift hours overtime."

The 2nd underwater sentry remarked, "perhaps…and perhaps not. After all, down here, danger rarely rests this deep."

Both each had a pink kraken like head, a human torso and legs, bright red crab claws instead of hands on their arms, and a shiny metallic coating of skin. They were sitting on the ocean floor together, where nothing else seemed to move in the dark. That is, except for more figures like them walking about. They were expecting things like simplistic deep predators, but nothing could prepare them for what's to come.

The other asked, "what was that?" The guards turned around at the sound of footsteps. A mysterious being with a bright light blue tribal like mask on moved up steps below, through the ocean floor. This person had black jeans, a white army belt and vest, a silver metallic backpack, and black army boots.

A menacing voice sounded, "who am I, Kriceams? I'm Kumo!" He set his feet on the ocean floor and moved his left arm swiftly. The figures were lifted off their feet and hurled to the ground with a thud. The ocean floor cracked and caved in from the impact of Kumo moving his left arm the opposite way. The ocean floor started crumbling to pieces in response to being repelled downward by Kumo's deadly powers.

Someone asked, "can I open my eyes now?"

An elderly figure suggested, "yes Suvria, you may."

The other person did, noticing an unusual creature on the ground. Suvria was a young adult with long blond hair down to her knees, a necklace of crystals around her neck, gold bracelets on her right arm, and green eyes. She wore a purple bra sticking out of her red toga wrapped around her torso, a black leather belt around her waist, pink jeans and sandals, a silver crown on top of her head, and a blue light sack wrapped around her left shoulder. The mount was gold colored with a horse's body and head, yet with a mermaid tail, dragon structured wings made of fish skin, gills behind its head, and dragon scales instead of fur. On top of the hybrid steed was a saddle made out of a glass air bubble and straps.

Some holes were carved out of the bubble to allow hands to hold reins. Inside this bubble were interesting molecular advanced technology to transform carbon dioxide back into oxygen called plant packs…literally the size of nanobots scattered all over like bacteria. Buckle straps were wrapped around the horse's scaly legs and wings. Another buckle strap for the rider's waist was built into the bubble along with the steed's straps, which allowed the bubble to come on/off the mount. The courtyard housed many trees and a water fountain not too far away.

Suvria smiled in delight, knowing this unique sea horse was what she wanted.

Suvria replied with relief, "thanks for the secagori."

The wise family member insisted, "it was nothing…you're of proper age now."

Suvria hinted, "still…"

The relative replied with mixed feelings, "you're welcome. What was that?!"

Both looked up towards the sound of an avalanche. To their horror, the Atlantean roof caved in as a rock storm full of dust clouds scattered all over the underground continent.

A near town crier called out, "it's the end of Atlantis! Run for your lives!" People fled left and right down its glowing crystal paths, the equally beautiful crystal buildings up above.

Suvria checked in worry, "what's going on, father?"

He replied, "I don't know Suvria, but you should evacuate quickly."

Suvria protested, "wait! What about we?"

The Atlantean king answered, "the safety of a king's people comes before himself. Go! I'll catch up!" He struggled to run for a military base 30 or so feet away from his palace with a cane.

Suvria replied nervously, "all right. Good luck, father!" She started to open the bubble by the straps so that she could get into it.

Soon after, she was riding her secagori within its saddle's air bubble, flying towards a widening opening in the roof of Atlantis.

This was while dodging falling debris and other fleeing secagori riders around her. Water leaked through spreading cracks in Atlantis's roof.

Waterfalls at great heights started to form, ripping the complex of light bulbs that lit the painted sky to pieces. Sparks danced dangerously, electrocuting and killing riders one by one.

The hopeful lighting quickly started dimming. Suvria muttered in horror, "please be all right, dad…please!"

The bubble's inner buckle strap was around her waist while she pulled on the reins. Her hands were sticking out of the bubble covered with winter gloves to steer her mount. All of a sudden, Kriceams soared out of falling boulders in several directions. They ghosted through as they passed.

Suvria assumed, "at least the Kriceams will help clear the way."

Surprisingly, the Kriceams started attacking the other riders, hurling rocks with their human sized head's tentacles hard enough to break the glass in their air bubbles. Glass shards tore through the straps within at alarming speed, sending more secagori riders to their doom as they fell from their mounts…buried into avalanches. This was despite the creatures diving down to try to catch their passengers.

Suvria commented in frustration, "that's not what I meant!"

She steered her mount past more rocks. She realized in shock, "looks like there's more going on here than I thought possible."

A lightning bolt almost burst her bubble, coming from a Kriceam hand.

Suvria whispered, "hang on boy! It's gonna be a bumpy ride."

She steered the creature past more lightning bolts and rocks. This was within a dust storm that started to engulf her and several other Atlantean survivors. The Kriceams continued to shoot lightning and ram their own tentacles at more secagori bubbles in the chaos. The survivors were easily thinning out as the dust started clearing. The cracks in the colossal ceiling above everyone's heads were as big as houses. Waves rose below in Atlantis's carved out crystal streets, crushing them to shards. The shards dug into the crumpling cavern walls, resulting in bigger rock slides. More riders fell to the doom of the growing flood.

Suvria wondered in worry, "dad? Where are you?!"

A Kriceam on her trail shot lightning at her constantly. Suvria steered into another dust storm to try to lose the Kriceam, but it didn't work. Only ten other riders remained at this point, at least to her knowledge.

Suvria insisted in confusion, "why are you betraying us, guardians?!"

The Kriceam replied in a painful struggle for words, "it's not...our doing…the crystal mask…"

Before she could explain further, she suddenly was hurled by an unclear force into the caving in walls. The Kriceam cried loud as she was killed. In a final effort to escape, she shot lightning at a nearby boulder and made an unexpected dust storm around Suvria. Suvria turned around while dodging more rocks and lightning to continue the conversation with curiosity and fear with another near Kriceam.

Suvria asked, "who has the mask?!" She darted through an elaborate obstacle course of dust, rock, rising water, lightning, and Kriceams that other Atlanteans were trying to escape from…all to reach the ocean floor alive.

The 2nd Kriceam called out in pain, "Kumo…broke out…sorry!"

He was strangely choked to death before he could explain further, falling into the path of flying crystal shards and water waves. Suvria was taken aback by this piece of news as the temperature started to significantly drop.

She recalled the power of the crystal mask back from her school field trip to the Atlantis Museum of Artifacts…and of Kumo's criminal record back from her college history class. She was able to put together what he was up to and why. Kumo would try to use the Kriceams as his henchmen to bury Atlantis and help him take over the world.

He had tried to do this twice already after spying on Earth above ground. Kumo had a perfect killer clone of himself made in an illegal DNA laboratory while he stole priceless crystals as a distraction. His main motivators were greed and power. Kumo caused many deaths by leading several successful attacks in his ultimate quest for power…including to Suvria's deep horror the 9/11 event after stealing an aircraft which ended up killing the perfect clone and starting both world wars on Earth. However, the 9/11 event led to Kumo having a desire to go up to the United States himself to pursue global domination. He also had a long time reputation of cruelty, terrorist acts, curiosity, extreme cleverness, and advanced fighting (even by Atlantean standards).

Suvria thought in deep shock, "now that Atlantis will be destroyed by Kumo before they could lock him up again, what could stop him?! Even if I do get out of Atlantis, will my father fall with it?"

She felt huge discomfort over those two disturbing thoughts. Her secagori was only feet away from one of the many growing fissures in Atlantis's collapsing ceiling.

Dear Diary,

Today was…extremely sad and trying.

When Atlantis got sent to ruin, my father with it…my world gone! When I lost the 3rd Kriceam that chased after me by circling through the collapsing underground continent and back to the surface, I noticed him dead on the ground, his heart pierced by an Atlantean skyscraper. I can't believe it! I don't want to either!

Well, at least the Kriceam didn't come after me afterwards…buried with the Grivit, Atlantis's central city. Grivit was my hometown…until now. I never thought I could lose so much in one day before. When I double checked for survivors on my narrow escape from Atlantis, I didn't see any. In fact, I may be the only one. I can't stop thinking that it's not over yet…that Kumo and his henchmen Kriceams will find me someday and that I'll be unable to stop his domination. A princess…against a long time criminal?!

On the bright side, I don't see either around…that is, not yet. Luckily, I came across a mermaid that welcomed me into her cave for the night after hearing my story. Good thing too, or else I'd be prey. And if it wasn't for the fact that Atlantean glass is blended with crystal to give it structure, the underwater pressure would break it to pieces. Too bad I couldn't save my people though. I thought our military could...then again, what defense would they have against the mask's combined powers? I don't care anymore! Kumo will pay! Since there's practically another world above water, maybe they can help me bring an end to Kumo's reign of terror. I asked about the world above water. The mermaid described it as a beautiful and adventurous place from her past trickery. She used to as a naughty kid steal sparkly things from a place the humans called Miami Beach in Florida.

I should've guessed how attracted to shiny things mermaids are…they're typically very greedy according to my college sea culture class. It explains why there are guards around Atlantis…at least, when there used to be. However, her name is Alia and she's a really nice teen who lives by herself. Surprisingly, that's mature age for a mermaid. She has long flowing red hair down to her tail. In mermaid society, they don't even have high school…only up to middle school. Every mermaid teen usually graduates school altogether and get a job afterwards…their favorite pastime to no surprise is treasure hunting.

Alia's job is to teach seventh grade mermaids and mermen on weekdays. Since its Sunday according to my crystal watch, she's on break.

I love my watch. It keeps track of the days for every year with a nano sized super computer…which makes me miss Atlantis even more for its bold technology. Ironic how we can have so much technology, yet not want to share it with outsiders beyond the water.

Alia suggested that playing on a shipwreck might help me feel better since she does that in her spare time. I decided to go with her to a split ship she found labeled the Titanic tomorrow…amazingly and yet sadly, I read about it. In a sense, it'd be like closure for losing Atlantis…symbolically, my Titanic. I just hope Kumo doesn't ruin tomorrow…he's ruined enough already.

Dear Diary,

It's been another crazy day for me, but thankfully not as bad as yesterday.

This morning, Alia cooked a nice breakfast out of a purified shark equivalent of scrambled eggs and meat. Plus, that trip to the Titanic helped me feel better about the whole disaster. I could tell how Alia figured out its name, despite most of its block letters decayed.

Seaweed has piled around the outline and spelled out the word overtime, which is in my opinion sickly ironic.

All that really remained was a huge split belly of a great tragic ship, but I had my mind off of it somehow. Alia's secret games were hidden within the ship, each covered in seaweed. I thought we were gonna play hide and seek…silly me. We managed to play some good games of a mermaid's version of what she calls Crossword made out of carved starfish.

This was before Kumo came knocking.

It was smart of me to bring my mermaid suit. It has a glass air bubble where the head is and a red wetsuit similar to a mermaid's with an artificial tail and gloves.

I told Alia to hide, but she wanted to help…so I didn't argue.

We both fought Kumo with tails, but Kumo managed to knock Alia unconscious! To my horror, he almost knocked me out.

Then his henchmen came.

I realized at that point that I need more help to protect me from this madman and to bring justified revenge upon him in the name of Atlantis. Too tired to fight, I acted like a blow killed me. This tricked Kumo and the Kriceams into thinking I was finished and so ended up leaving. Phew, that was too close!

I was terrified until they left. I waited until Alia came back to consciousness. Luckily, no predator showed up.

I asked if she could take me to Miami Beach after telling her that I need help from the humans.

I figured…if I can't get help from the humans' military, which I found out about through my history class… Actually, it was all American history since Atlantis's history wasn't as eventful…at least, back then.

Anyway, if I can't get help from the surface, who then?

Alia agreed to do that. She told me a set of directions that'd get me there. However, she has to teach tomorrow and it'd take longer than her preparation time to reach Florida. She said goodbye and good luck to me after a meaningful hug.

Hours later, according to my crystal watch, I found land…with help from my secagori of course.

To my frustration, some tidal waves and sea currents got me confused enough to end up in a cove and not on a beach. At least I found shore.

Unfortunately, to my huge embarrassment, I think I interrupted a boy school's class field trip. This was indicated by their school uniforms and an angry teacher asking me if "I mind" from on top of a long boardwalk near the cove I came out of. I said I was lost, and the teacher replied with the nasty comment, "that's not all you've lost".

The boys giggled at this conversation. It was hard to tell what age, but I had a creepy feeling that that's not all they were commenting about.

I was beginning to wonder if the reason why Atlantis never went onshore was because how disbelieving and cruel humans can potentially be. It would certainly explain the history lessons...why I was never taught their customs. I told myself in my head I had to keep believing otherwise, or else the rest of the world would truly be lost.

I saw some displays that referred to a place called MacArthur Beach State Park and the cove to a place called Lake Worth Cove. Not that really mattered…well, it could help for figuring out where I am later.

I didn't answer back the second time around and decided to wisely motion to the secagori to fly up towards the clouds before security guards could stop me. However, I could barely see them from below as I soared through one of the near clouds.

I then steered my mount towards a food store called MacDimes a distance away I could barely see, because my stomach was making noises around this time. All I had to do was take out one flawless green jewel to pay for a meal. To my inner frustration, I think the cashier tricked me when I asked if that was more than enough money and he said no. Next time, I won't be fooled like that again.

After lunch, I came to the conclusion that I'd need to sell all my jewels to figure out how much money they're really worth. Since I had what was strangely called a "joyfry meal" (what the cashier recommended when he saw me), I decided to use the remains to my advantage.

I mean, how can food be happy? It doesn't think! Maybe some things should remain a mystery.

I checked the price tags and deduced what I'd have to do. I traded a toy for a newspaper at the newspaper stand close by, assuming it was like a written town crier. I told the seller that the toy could be sold for five cents around the time when he asked for that much money and I took a newspaper. He agreed uneasily, but let me keep the newspaper. Next, I looked through it to see if there was an good opportunity to sell my jewel collection. By a stroke of luck, I found one called an "auction".

Long story short, I sold them for four hundred million dollars to a rich man in the area. Yes! Now I was getting somewhere. I have all the dollars, which I recently learned on my own to be currency around here. They're in the McDonalds food bag I saved in my sack in advance.

I asked the rich man if there was a nearby hotel I could rent for the night so I could get some rest after my long day and he suggested Jules Undersea Lodge. I then asked how to get there (hinting I just moved in), and he handed me a map of Florida. I thanked him kindly and with assistance from my secagori got there no problem. Only then did knowing about MacArthur Beach State Park and Lake Worth Cove really pinpoint where I was to my relief. In fact, they were landmarks (course, in Atlantis, they were named Crystal Marks) indicated on the map along with Jules Undersea Lodge. Oh, and that man was so cute.

Anyway, I simply took out some money from my sack and checked if that was more than enough money to stay in for the night. The owner said truthfully yes and asked if I had scuba certification(turns out it's a diving license). When she explained it to me after I hinted I came from another country, I put on my mermaid suit and showed her that I deserve it to her shock (still don't know if it's good or bad shock).

She welcomed me in and asked me to bring my stuff to my room underwater. That's when I realized why it was called Jules Undersea Lodge…it's an underwater hotel.

Guess that rich guy I forgot the name of was partly joking, but to my satisfaction, it's as close to home as I'll ever get now. It brings back so many good memories.

I'm impressed with this hotel I'm currently in, with the architecture and everything. From history class, I know where the Pentagon is. I'll head there tomorrow to satisfy my quest for military assistance. I ordered takeout with help from a phone and some more money. I was able to get well deserved relaxation and luxury for the first time in what feels like forever as I turn off the light.

Dear Diary,

I met a great young man that goes by the name of Dr. Gent in my travels today. There's hope for these humans after all (wonder if the 2 races were separated at birth though…the physique is so similar!).

When my secagori was flying over what's called a "boardwalk", my stomach was making noises again as I noticed a food store nearby. I parked my steed in the black water near the boardwalk and told him to wait for me. I walked into a place called Screen Door General Store to buy groceries that'd last for a week in advance.

This was intentionally to have fewer stops and get to the Pentagon faster, but I didn't know that Dr. Gent would be in the same store and end up asking me out. With his short brown hair around his head and black overcoat, he looked so handsome that I couldn't say no. But on the plus side, it was the best day of my life.

He says the boardwalk we were on is called Divney's Boardwalk Resort and that we're in a place called Walker Divney World Resort. That in itself seemed like heaven.

In all the fun, I almost forgot I left my secagori behind. That's ok…they're a very patient breed of horse. I'll go back to it tomorrow morning.

This morning, for our long date, Dr. Gent escorted me to the room he's staying in for a while in Divney's Foghorn Inn. He showed me an interesting historical book (again, a surface invention) he was reading simply called Perspective (Volume IV). We both read through it in amazement. It went into detail about great thinkers' hard life stories and their contributions. It had ones from stuff called "media" (sounds like a plural form of medium, but I found out it means entertainment)…even one named Walker Divney (need I say more?).

Yet, it also had geniuses like inventors and philosophers from varying time…one in each chapter. I personally hope my home can come back to life with these contributions.

Before that though, we had brunch at a yummy ice cream parlor and fast food place alongside the boardwalk. Amazingly, they were both the same place called Creams and Shores (there was even simulated beaches).

Since I didn't know what a credit card was to his shock, Dr. Gent decided to pay for it on the one he brought. I'm still grateful for that (turns out credit can also mean a loan cycle where one company pays for you and you pay them back later…weird). I was polite and all, but for some reason, people were still staring at me.

When I looked back, they acted as if nothing happened. Maybe that's because the people here have very different clothing styles when it comes to dressing the torso. I concluded to get some more modern clothes then. Soon after the stimulating reading, I asked him where I could go get a shirt. Dr. Gent told me that Downtown Divney's Mickin's Groove is an ideal place and even escorted me to it.

I tried to put on a blue Seeking Jemo t-shirt (what he calls it) that attracted me over my toga. The toga and crown made it too tough to put it on then. I went into a bathroom and went into a stall. I took off my toga and crown and put the shirt on in there to solve the problem. I got the shirt happily after a little pit stop.

I put the toga in my sack in case I'd need it later for something. The crown is in there too to make sure it doesn't break due to how fragile it really is.

This fashion change actually cooled me down a little, so I'm gonna keep the change gladly.

I'm gradually turning into what's called an American. Maybe I'll exchange the crown for more money at another auction later. There's always that option.

When Dr. Gent asked if I've seen the original Divney movie Seeking Jemo, I said no. He took me back to his place to watch it. I enjoyed watching that. I feel like I've been lost and found already. :) I interestingly found out that he's a major Divney fan, which is why he has many more movies of theirs, including Seeking Jemo. Second, he's a medical doctor back in New York, with the job of helping pregnant women deliver babies.

However, he's on vacation since a friend of his took over temporarily. He gets off around the same time Dr. Gent goes back a week later.

Next on the list of places Dr. Gent and I visited was a place he suggested I'd probably like to go to. I took his word for it since I like doing stuff with him. I never felt so free.

This place was called The Sealand with Jemo and Friends in Walker Divney World in Epico, which is one of the several theme parks within Walker Divney World (according to Dr. Gent). It was awesome!

For starters, it had a hilarious interactive show based on a funny character from Finding Jemo called Crusharn. I thought I was gonna "die" laughing (Dr. Gent says it's an expression). Second of all, it had a cool scuba diving tank that we could both go in. That is, after I gave the supervisors the telephone number of Jules Undersea Lodge and told them that the head of the hotel would know for sure I have scuba certification.

When they agreed after making the call, we were allowed in, me with my mermaid suit of course (I lied and told them it was from when I used to do underwater shows). Dr. Gert thought it was nice looking. I think I may be in love, come to think of it...more so than ever before.

Where was I? Oh yeah…the third thing I liked there.

That was early dinner for us at the Deep Sea Dive Restaurant. They had good food. Then there was that cute "clam web" ride where Jemo gets lost and found. Afterwards, we went back to his room. This time, it was my turn to wait for him as he got on his shorts like bathing suit. When I asked with curiosity why, he asked if I knew the definition of a bathing suit. I didn't, until he explained it well enough for me to get the message (pretty much like recreational bathing without the soap and shampoo).

I asked him to wait as I went back to the general store I was in before to see about getting a bathing suit like his. The closest available thing that was small enough to fit me was a The Mermaid Commander bathing suit. I bought it with inner delight and brought it to Dr. Gent's room to clean it. The cleaning materials here are similar to Atlantean ones, so it was easy, despite missing my home.

He asked me if I saw The Mermaid Commander. He told me we'll watch it after swimming in the hotel's outside pool after telling him no. I think Dr. Gent thought I was being funny on purpose, but at least I was getting him laughing. We did both, and I was impressed at how skilled he was at swimming.

After both, we had a wonderful make out session. Ok, I admit it…I absolutely adore him. I got his cell phone number on my crystal watch and he's got mine. What's neat about the small gadget is that it's also a cell phone. We've officially become girlfriend and boyfriend…I think that's what a make out session and sleeping with the guy means.

Today was fun, but I'll go back to my ultimate goal tomorrow…the future of the free world's at stake!

Dear Diary,

Another nice day happened. When I woke up and headed for the door, Dr. Gent asked why. I went back to him, sat down, and told him my story.

He started thinking I was crazy, but that ended when I showed him my pet secagori to his amazement. It was justification that my story about me coming from Atlantis and why I came is truth.

Realizing I was telling the truth, he apologized and asked if he could come and help me on my quest. I was tempted to accept, but there was only room for one person in the air bubble on the secagori's saddle.

Dr. Gent suggested he could follow me in his car and give me directions to the Pentagon. I accepted his offer gladly.

Whenever I had to make a stop for food, I ate some of the food I bought from the general store yesterday with Dr. Gent. We also stopped at several amazing places on our travels.

There was the Amicalola Falls in Amicalola Falls State Park (duh) in Georgia. It was a great sight to see, along with the rest of the wildlife around us. This was during our hiking break from following road directions(the aerial views were a brilliant sight to see).

The second resting place was Atalaya Castle in Huntington Beach State Park in South Carolina. You could walk through it no problem, and wow, was it by analogy a great miniature museum of architecture(wouldn't be surprised if it was referenced in the Perspective volumes).

The third and final resting place for today is the Ghost TownLand Amusement Park in North Carolina. I'm just wondering…if people only believe what they see in history and the present (as Dr. Gent explained), why do they not believe that fiction can become reality most of the time? Oh yeah…great thinkers definitely counteracted that.

The Geronimo High Rise gave a great landscape view and thrill. The Gunslinger Cannon gave an ok thrill in my book (yet I wonder why they're called that).

Some Wild West shows with good guys vs. bad guys were actually beneficial…in fact, they gave me good tactical ideas for future use against Kumo and the Kriceams. The tide will turn again…for Atlantis!

Plus, the Alamo Motel is a great hotel. The cable TV is nice, including a favorite channel of Dr. Gent's that he showed me called Divney Channel (if only Walker Divney himself could see it). So is the heat and air conditioning. We both got a room in the place to sleep in for the night, while my secagori will sleep on the roof(if only he could fit in our room, but it's probably for the better).

Overall, a relaxing time for us.

Dear Diary,

We finally made it to the Pentagon this afternoon. Dr. Gent instructed me to wait outside, because by a fortunate coincidence, he's got a friend on the inside that could help us alert the entire place about the Kriceams and Kumo.

The place looked similar to a pentagon with a courtyard in the center (hence the name) from a bird's eye view when I landed near it. A little while later, I saw that he was right.

I overheard the two arguing over my story being truth, but when the officer saw the secagori open eyed, he stopped arguing almost immediately. Guess social interaction is important in any civilization.

Dr. Gent formally introduced me to his friend who works at the Pentagon named Mr. Dyna Nite, a U.S. General officer with a bald head. I pointed out that Kumo is bent on taking over the world. Dr. Gent put it in better phrasing by telling Dyna that Kumo is a threat to national security.

He explained later that Kumo would have to go through the white house to get control over America in his quest for power, because of it being the biggest and most organized country. Dyna said that it's up to the president and not the Pentagon to decide if he needs more protection.

Thankfully, he suggested going to Washington D.C. to take it up with him in person. When we said we will, Dyna offered to escort us in his jet black stretch limo.

We thanked him for his help after the ride. We were led to the Oval Office in the White House (simplistic really). However, when we saw a ransom note in his official chair and not the president, Dr. Gent's suspicions were regrettably verified. Dyna contacted the Pentagon about the situation, who I overheard will contact the rest of the armed forces about the president's kidnapping (by Kumo).

I couldn't figure out how Kumo could've grabbed the president without blowing something up…unless the crystal mask has more powers than just mind control he put over on the Kriceams. Oh yeah, I completely forgot!

Legend says it has the powers of ghosting and mind control.

That'd explain how he hypnotized the Kriceams before they could react!

According to the note, Kumo wants a billion dollars in exchange for safe return of the president…at the Smithsonian Institution's front entrance at midnight tomorrow. Dr. Gent insisted we should stay out of the police's way and let them handle it, for they've handled more dangerous situations than us.

However, I protested, because knowing Kumo, he'd trick them into giving him the money and keeping the president to gain even more power (he's power hungry).

Dr. Gent decided not to argue with me anymore and let me go, but he wants me to contact him every half hour on cell phone to make sure I'll be all right. Aww! How caring of him.

Tonight, we're staying at a typical hotel in Washington D.C. As for Dyna, I heard he probably went back to the Pentagon to take care of preparations for tomorrow's deal over the politician's safety(sounds more complicated than Atlantis). What a day tomorrow will be.

The police and military were gathered around the Smithsonian Institution. Suvria thought nervously, "I'll just sneak up on Kumo while he still thinks I'm dead to take it from him. Then I'll turn the Kriceams against him using the mask. This atlantean battle armor folded into my necklace should give me invisibility, according to my father when he was alive."

This was while moving through the maze of museums within the institution to the main entrance and steps.

A little while later, Kumo showed up by moving directly upward through the stairs. The crystal mask was on his face as he kept a grip around the president of the United States. Dyna was leading the military forces cautiously closer, holding an envelope in hand.

He explained strangely calm, "this gives the address and bank account number for your billion. When you give us the president, we'll give you the password." This was while offering him the envelope with a firm grip, Kumo agreeing with a nod.

Suvria was at the steps, when she saw them making the deal.

She concluded, "I better protect the president, before Kumo double crosses the law around here." She walked as fast as she could without making a sound towards the president. Suvria noticed with frustration some shapes coming out of the ground around Dyna. This was while Kumo let go of the president.

Dyna suggested, "the password's gecko." Invisible Suvria kicked down the heads of Kriceams rising from the ground below.

Kumo muttered coldly, "pleasure doing business with you." He tapped on his crystal necklace. Atlantean battle armor started to cover him as he started turning invisible. Kumo noticed in frustration the Kriceams falling back into the floor, and the only explanation for it was an invisible Atlantean. Dyna, confused with the goodbye, left the scene with the president and the military forces. Kumo taunted, "nice try, Atlantean!" He turned around to the sound of footsteps behind him. Suvria tried to shift her body out of the way of a punch from Kumo aimed at the chest. It failed, the fist hitting her in the side instead. Suvria fell backwards onto the ground in pain. She rolled herself on pavement to dodge another punch and a kick.

Suvria muttered, "tonight, I have my revenge." She kicked both legs at Kumo, Kumo dodging by flipping up into the air. He landed back on his feet.

Kumo replied menacingly, "that's my line for my foes before they die, like you will!"

He raised his fist at Suvria's jaw. Suvria changed shape with help from the Atlantean armor to become a ball to escape from Kumo by him hitting the shape over the Smithsonian Institution.

He muttered in anger, "darn it! Where's Suvria? No matter. I got my money and henchmen, so phase two is next. Stealing the president for longer would've been a good idea, but now it's time for my backup phase two. It'll bring the government down to its knees, where I'll replace it with my monarchy and become absolute ruler of Earth! Not even the last atlanteans standing will stand again before bowing to me!"

A short while later…A familiar voice asked, "so, Kumo is still on the loose?"

Suvria sadly replied, "unfortunately." She and Dr. Gent were in his car, with Dr. Gent himself driving. The secagori decided to sleep on top of the vehicle's roof.

Dr. Gent pointed out, "oh, don't worry about him. Bad guys usually fail in the end…it's the nature of karma. In other words, the moral cycle of the universe."

Suvria figured, "perhaps…but he's won so far."

Dr. Gent insisted, "until you stopped him from kidnapping the president again."

Suvria realized in relief, "you're right…I did."

Dr. Gent replied satisfied, "you're welcome."

He was driving down the highway back to their hotel. Suvria had a cast around the skin over her left rib and under her shirt, where Kumo hit her. Suddenly, Dr. Gent's cell phone rang. He suggested, "could you get that for me, Suvria? I have my hands full, and I can't pull over in this traffic."

Suvria checked, "where's your cell phone?"

Dr. Gent answered, "in the cup holder near your cast." The traffic jam around them started to clear up. Suvria took out Dr. Gent's cell phone and answered it. After a little while of phone conversation, she hung up. Dr. Gent wondered, "so, who was it?"

Suvria hinted with worry, "Dyna, and he's got some bad news." Dr. Gent drove faster towards a fork in the road, horns honking around them in frustration.

Dr. Gent asked, "and the bad news is?"

Suvria reported to him solemnly, "the Pentagon was taken over by Kumo and his henchmen hours ago. Dyna seems to be the only one to have escaped! He also says that Kumo plans to use bribery or enslavement to use the Pentagon to attack the rest of the government, which will start in a half hour."

Dr. Gent responded in a more serious tone, "we'd better warn the president, while we still can." He fiercely turned the car around and started heading back for the white house.

Later on…A familiar voice suggested, "remind me again where this story started."

Suvria reminded the president, "Atlantis…during the great cave in." Dr. Gent was standing next to her, the president back in his chair in the Oval Office.

He chuckled in disbelief. He remarked, "isn't Atlantis just a myth though?"

Dr. Gent offered in response, "you want to see the secagori?"

The president replied, "sure."

He realized in deep shock, "oh my god! It's real." This was at seeing Suvria's steed in one of the White House's gardens.

Suvria commented, "and you said it wasn't."

The president chuckled. He replied, "so I did. However, there's more to this story that's worth telling now." This was right before ripping off his clothing and mask like a crazy lunatic to reveal himself as Kumo. Dr. Gent and Suvria gasped in horror. The Kriceams popped out of nowhere to surround them.

Dr. Gent muttered, "this is a new low, even for you!"

Kumo chuckled again. He revealed to their shock, "I followed Dyna on his way to the Oval Office, where the real president was, and kidnapped both of them in one fell swoop. Then, I imitated Dyna's voice through a message from his own cell phone to lure you two into the same trap! After I take over the Pentagon for real, you'll be ancient history when I become the first modern conqueror!"

Despite this trickery, Suvria and Dr. Gent weren't finished. An earthquake started to their deeper shock. A fissure full of lava and black smoke started to form under everyone's feet.

Dr. Gent suggested, "maybe we should continue this later, before we're barbecued."

Suvria responded, "you go on without me! I can handle this myself."

Dr. Gent insisted, "but you'll burn up!"

Suvria pointed out, "Kumo and I have Atlantean armor to protect us… you don't."

Kumo realized in horror, "and neither do the Kriceams."

Dr. Gent reminded Suvria, "doesn't the secagori have dragon scales?"

Suvria answered in partial defeat, "all right…all right! You can come, long as you ride the secagori."

Kumo whispered to the Kriceams, "find the Pentagon and enslave it in preparation for my conquest!"

This was right before they ran for it. While Kumo was distracted with the brainwashed Kriceams, Suvria helped Dr. Gent into the air bubble on the secagori's back.

Suvria advised, "for steering, all you need to do is pull on the reins with your left hand to go left and the opposite hand to go right." She tapped on her Atlantean necklace to activate her armor.

Dr. Gent replied, "thanks, and good luck." The crystal glass air bubble closed around him. Around this time, Kumo was doing the same thing with his Atlantean necklace.

Kumo challenged with a smirk, "let's do this." Lava shot out of the volcano like a huge water fountain of flames.

Suvria stated proudly, "show time."

Bushes caught on fire. Grass burst into flame. Ashes fell in a cloud. The Kriceams ghosted out of sight through an inferno hedge maze. Suvria and Kumo stood next to the smoking fissure, their hands shape shifted into long swords as their eyes focused on each other intensely. Dr. Gent hovered in the air with the secagori, watching the fight scene near the surprise volcano below in worry. Their swords clinked against each other, their heads shrinking and returning to normal to dodge head stabs.

Kumo challenged, "next round…sudden death!"

He shape changed his other arm into a club to nearly knock out Suvria. Suvria tumbled out of range and extended her other arm into Kumo's chest.

Suvria muttered, "ignorant tyrant!" Kumo tumbled backwards, struggling back onto his feet. They went back to clinking swords in fury. Lava flows covered Kumo and Suvria head to toe, but their activity only increased in speed. Dr. Gent dodged incoming lava squirts in midair.

An hour or so later, Dr. Gent got tired of flying.

He landed the secagori on top of the white house near the volcano. Kumo was at this point trying to drive Suvria over the edge of the fissure to make her fall in by moving closer and closer towards her in hand-to-hand. Now both hands were in the shape of swords, flipping or tumbling to dodge each other.

They even tried to sneak attack each other with missing kicks.

Suvria was backing up further and further in circles without realizing it. The small plan worked, but not without Suvria tripping Kumo over the edge to join her in her descent.

Dr. Gent cried out in fear, "Suvria!"

He started the secagori's next flight, closing in on the volcano's wide mouth.

Surprisingly, Kumo, Dr. Gent, the secagori, and Suvria made it through alive. Something even more shocking happened during that time.

They discovered that there's more to volcanoes than meets the eye. Within this volcano was a furnace for a floor, with lava oozing out of it. A network of flameproof tubes was built within its walls. Several Atlantean workers in crystal armor were controlling it all from rock chairs and keyboards.

Suvria wondered in amazement, "Atlantis…is alive?!" This was at seeing the workers.

Kumo muttered in protest, "that's impossible! I clobbered all the survivors to death with the Kriceams!" Another evil thought crossed through his mind.

A worker realized, "wait! There's some of our people."

Kumo and Suvria swam through the lava as if it was water, but couldn't see each other well enough to continue fighting. In fact, they were trying to hold their breath to avoid breathing in lava, but their air was running out. Dr. Gent steered the secagori around the rising lava column, before it hovered in midair because of him searching for Suvria and Kumo.

Dr. Gent pointed out, "there they are!"

Another worker decided, "then let's give them the welcome they deserve." She pressed a button on the nearest keyboard, a diagonal geyser of lava jetting out of the volcano. It brought Kumo and Suvria to the ground with a thud. Thankfully, their armor protected them.

When Kumo and Suvria reached ground level, the workers gathered around them and bowed in honor. The secagori and Dr. Gent hovered in midair still as a statue. Dr. Gent commented, "now I've seen everything."

The workers responded in mid-bow, "greetings fellow Atlanteans, we are workers of Hadentis." Dr. Gent landed the secagori close by.

Suvria asked with a groan, "Hadentis? What's that?" She struggled to get up in her armor. The workers gave Kumo and Suvria a helping hand up.

A third worker concluded, "you must be from Atlantis, the sister empire of our empire Hadentis…or at least it used to be before plate tectonics started splitting the Atlantic Ocean in two."

Kumo responded in disbelief, "I thought half of Atlantis died from one of those earthquakes, which led to Atlantean scientists becoming curious about the outside world and setting up observation posts disguised as mountains!"

Dr. Gent replied, "what the…?!" Suvria didn't hear him due to the sound of the eruption.

She went on in amazement and relief, "me too! It's amazing that you survived…and even more unbelievable that we both agree on something."

Another worker checked, "why…are you enemies?"

Dr. Gent interrupted, "oh come on! You're talking about the guy who destroyed Atlantis."

This was before Kumo could say anything.

A second worker whispered in disappointment, "lock him up then."

He made hand movements that resulted in Kumo getting his feet stuck to the floor by extra lava. However, Kumo started shifting through it, the workers pulling him out with lightning fast reflexes. Kumo started shifting through air molecules to try to get away, but some of the workers flew into his path to knock him out before he could even dodge.

Suvria asked in surprise, "how'd you do that? Even I can't do that!"

The workers returned to the ground.

A worker revealed, "actually, if you drink Lavnic drinks, you can. We'll hold a fair trial for the accused one, with evidence provided by you."

Suvria replied back, "my name's Suvria. The accused one's name is an Atlantean criminal called Kumo."

Dr. Gent checked, "Suvria, are you ok?"

Suvria figured, "I am now, Dr. Gent." This was right before they embraced each other in a hug.

Dear Diary,

The trial for Kumo succeeded in giving Hadentis reason to lock him up in one of their underground prison cells. The secagori's speech was translated by them, which retold the story of Atlantis's downfall by Kumo.

Also, I'm quite impressed with Hadentis down here. And I'm not just saying that because they arrested Kumo, but it was a bonus.

Its residents say that Lavnic drinks, the only kind of drinks around this underground empire, give over a time of four days their drinkers powers only imagined in dreams, like the flying and super speed I witnessed in Kumo's capture.

I bought some of their drinks, enough for eight days in case Dr. Gent wanted any. He decided to try some.

He joked that if he wants to protect me, he's got to have some. I've usually proven things through action, because action speaks much louder than words in my opinion.

I've found out today the real reason behind volcanoes: Hadentis's lava factories.

I was in one when Kumo and I fell into the volcano that erupted at the White House, which was strange to Dr. Gent for some reason. Since Hadentis was never curious about the outside world, they didn't know that another world was above them. Unfortunately, according to Dr. Gent, this has led to several deaths, including an unfortunate encounter with a volcano called Mount Vesuvius that resulted in Pompeii's destruction with an avalanche and a hot ash cloud.

The really fast transportation system is a complex series of several mine carts attached to each other. They're pulled down their tracks through a tunnel network lit by glowing liquid lights made out of lava, by rock trains.

Dr. Gent thinks they're advanced cavemen (is that a good thing?).

Lava turns out to be made out of melted Atlantean crystal, which is actually ordinary rock mineral. Furthermore, the fuel for these underground trains is also lava. Interestingly, Dr. Gent says the trains above ground run on burning coal, which in reality is a drier version of plant and animal remains.

He figures this technology can really shape the future. Out of my ton of money, I gave construction workers and gardeners I found within Washington D.C. a five million dollar donation along with Hadentis's donation worth nine million dollars in gold for rebuilding the White House and its gardens after one of Hadentis's lava factories accidentally destroyed it.

The White House should be up and running again in three or four months…at least that's Dr. Gent's guess.

Ironically, Hadentis also has what is called Democracy.

Hadentis's politicians and the president are having a meeting tonight to discuss where Hadentis's volcanoes should be active and inactive in hopes of preventing future deaths from volcanoes. However, there's also bad news. The pentagon really has been taken over by the Kriceams in the chaos, according to Dyna himself. He came to visit Dr. Gent and me in our visitor cave in Hadentis. The rock beds aren't really comfortable to lie on either.

Apparently, Hadentis's citizens usually use armor as cushioning. Oh, that's got to be painful.

Dyna told us that the police are gathering up their forces against the military army the Pentagon is bringing on the surface, getting ready for war across the United States of America. Dr. Gent thinks it's the next civil war. War is a terrible thing…it promotes revenge and selfishness overall at a terrible price. I speak from experience, from watching greedy mer-people go to war with Atlantis years ago to Kumo's unnatural disaster. Hopefully, things will lighten up tomorrow.

Dear Diary,

Dyna's told us that tonight the war's begun. Despite the power of the misguided military rising to battle with the government forces, some of the military broke away and got smart enough to not follow orders from the Pentagon. Apparently, the Pentagon told the military a huge lie to our horrible disbelief!

The fib was that the police are planning to take over America. It was told so complexly that this crazy lie sounded real to them…planned by Kumo no doubt.

Unfortunately, what Dyna refers to as secret services believed it too because of paranoia and joined forces with the military! Again, my world is spinning out of control.

At least I got to keep the crystal mask as a souvenir from the trial.

The president's meeting went well, and Hadentis is planning a migration from one part of the empire to another. They'd be going where enough volcanoes out of the way of upper society can support its people.

Since his home was demolished two nights ago, his temporary new home is within a visitor cave in Hadentis next to mine. Dr. Gent said he had to leave today to go back to his medical profession in New York City in order to keep his job.

However, he had considered letting me go with him tonight. He had to finish packing today, so he couldn't go yet.

He said yes, so now I'm packing for the trip to his apartment building. The military's first attack was on the Virginia State Capitol, and the police sadly lost that round.

Dr. Gent informs me to my shock that the military knew that the police get orders from governors who work at state capitols. They thought that if the police were planning to take over America, that the governors of the fifty states were the ones at fault.

That explains why the military attacked a state capitol. I cried in tears for who knows how long.

Hadentis decided to send its military to help the police win the war more evenly, since it was Kumo that started it and they want to make Kumo pay for destroying half of their people in the destruction of their sister empire Atlantis.

I wish this war and hatred will stop soon, but most likely it won't.

Dear Diary,

Today was real chaotic!

Traffic took so much time away on the road that it took an entire day just to get to his apartment.

I would've used my secagori to get there, but I didn't know how to without following Dr. Gent.

There was weather called a thunderstorm outside…at least that's what Dr. Gent calls it. He explained that it's a rain storm with thunder and lightning. Since Atlantis was underground, weather's new to me.

Atlantis didn't bother to teach about it, because with observation posts and underground homes, you didn't need to know about weather because you never had to go outside. Then again, we never had to try to escape Atlantis until it crashed down.

Apparently, there's something called the water cycle, which is a cycle where evaporation around water bodies, cloud formation, and condensation occurs. Lightning is quick flashes, while thunder is quick booms. However, together, they can set things on fire…like the Kraceams.

Thanks to Ben Franklin's lightning rod, houses are in less danger of that nowadays. Dr. Gent gave me more background info on colonial times, like the American Revolution and false teeth being invented.

I hope I won't have to wear false teeth someday. Nasty!

There was also something called a printing press. Back at Atlantis, before it got destroyed, we had stone tablets with carved lettering instead of something called books.

One of the requirements for going to Atlantean schools was a strength test to check to see if you can lift their tablets. The weaker ones simply spied on school and asked around to learn instead. Surprisingly, the weaker ones were just as smart as the stronger ones…strangely balanced when you think about it.

I think it's the genius minds we Atlanteans have…how else did we get our technology and peaceful lives for so long? And how else could great thinkers for humans be possible if we weren't sub-races at first?

Anyway, we used up leftovers from the food I bought at Divney World so that we didn't have to stop at restaurants for food. We also had to find parking lots so that we could eat instead of focusing on the road, because we couldn't do both at once.

There was a strange device called a parking meter (then again, road vehicles are in general new to me). Only one day worth of leftovers left.

Oh well, we can always get more.

According to Dr. Gent, having around three hundred ninety four million makes me rich. Dr. Gent makes a good profit from his job, which makes him in a way rich. Life is so unpredictable…I'm starting to like that quality.

The reason why he has no facial hair is because of an operation called electrolysis he paid for with his own money…that's the last thing I found out today. Personally, I think he's jealous of me.

I got rich just for being born in royalty, and he got rich because of working for it. Interestingly enough, it seems through these sources called celebrity magazines that it's a mixture of both…sometimes you're born rich, sometimes you're not.

It would be nice to learn more…but it would be even nicer for the war to end. We may've won the battle, but not the war…yet.

The End?