Chapter 1

It was an early Wednesday morning and I had been woken up by some chirping birds outside my open window. I slowly opened my heavy eyes and looked out at the still burning sky. I turned my head away from the window to my bedside table and looked at my digital clock.

It was 5:30 in the morning.

I let out a sigh and see my cold breath turn into fog. It was probably really cold last night as I watched it until it disappeared into the air.

I finally decide to get up and go to the bathroom. I shuffled my heavy feet against the thick blue carpet that was under me and it was like I was a walking zombie. My hands swinging back and forth, slumped shoulder, and I groan tiredly. I finally reached the door to the bathroom and reached for the door knob. It brought a shiver up my arm and that woke me up a little. I open the door and walk inside the bathroom, feeling a rush of cool air blow past me.

The bathroom floor was tile, so it also absorbed some of the freezing air last night. I almost jumped from the icy sensation. Walking up to the sink and looking into the mirror, my hair was all over my face, I had bags under my eyes, and my face was oily.

I look horrible!

What did I do to deserve this?

Sighing in exhaustion, I walked to the shower and turned on the warm water. When I finally felt the water heat up, I quickly undressed from my tank and shorts and jumped into the tub. I breathe a sigh of relief from something warm this morning.

I was in for about 10 minutes, enjoying every drop on my skin. When I did finally get out, I put my hair up in a towel to let it dry. I then dried off my body and put on knee length jeans, a blue tank, and a white lace long shirt. I walked back into the bathroom, took off the towel from my hair, and grabbed the hairbrush from the sink cabinet.

Brushing my long hair was a little tough but I can manage with it. It has grown to my hips so I either have it up in a bow, in a braid, or a low bunny ear ponytail. I braided my light golden, brown hair into a loose braid before lightly pulling out the short hairs in front to frame my face. By the time I got out of the bathroom, it was about 6. I had to be heading to work soon, so I quickly ran into the kitchen to make breakfast.

"Hey. Do you like butter on your toast?"

"Eeeek!" I let out a little squeak in surprise.

I got scared when I was surprised by Ray. He's my neighbor and a very close friend. But he has a bad habit.. no, make that a lifestyle of coming into my house anytime he likes. But we are so close; we are like brother and sister. Some people even think that we really are brother and sister. We're so alike in different ways.

I was leaning against the wall breathing hard. Trying to slow my heart rate down from Ray surprising me like that.

"So? Do you like butter on your toast?" He asked again, acting like it was a normal thing to see everyday.

"Yeah, sure." I finally calm down and head to the fridge. Even though he does this every morning, I still get surprised. "When did you get here and what are you doing in the kitchen?" I got some orange juice out and also two glasses from a wooden cabinet that was over the sink.

"I got here when you got into the shower." He turns to me and smiles. Sometimes I even wonder how he knows I'm in the shower. Creepy. "And I'm making you breakfast." I pour a cup of orange juice and hand it to Ray. He always had that wide smile on him. I have never seen any other expressions on him. He's just always so happy, and I like that about him.

"Well what are you making for breakfast?" I took a sip of orange juice and turned to him, leaning against the countertop.

"Your favorite!" He picks up two plates from the counter behind him and hands me one. "2 sunnyside's half cooked eggs, 4 sausages sliced in an angle, and a basil turkey gravy on whole wheat toast! With some butter on it, of course." He gives me a huge smile. I just love seeing that smile on him. It makes him look cute.

I took one of the plates and we both sat down at the dining table.

"You really have to stop watching me cook and sometimes make something that you're good at." I look up at him after I finished one of my eggs.

"Well, like what?" He asks me still with that cute smile on him. "I don't really cook for myself." He scratches his head and starts blushing. Why is he blushing? Oh yeah, I cook for him. I put on a little mischievous smile.

"Maybe I can make something different for dinner and you can try repeating it. Because you always watch me cook so if I do something different than my usual, then it will become a little challenge for you." I smile while tearing off a corner of my bread and wiping the rest of the gravy off my plate.

"You know? I have amazing taste buds. Maybe you can test on me some foods and see which ones I can't recognize and make a dish with that." He stands up and takes both of our plates and starts heading into the kitchen.

"That's what I'm thinking of doing." I reply as I finished my cup of orange juice and stand from my seat.

I wasn't keeping track of time and remembered about work. I turn around and look at the clock. 6:45.

"Oh my gosh! I'm gonna be late!" I shout out as I run up the stairs and into my room quickly to get my things for work. My apron, my shoulder purse, and my jacket.

"I can give you lift if you need one." Ray yells over his shoulder while putting the dishes into the sink.

"That'll be great. Thanks!"

We left out the door and Ray drove me to the cafe, just barely enough to be considered late.