Orphan Altered Life

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2012

All Rights Reserved

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Chapter 1:


A figure concluded in triumph, "I found it! I found my father's journal at last."

He looked through the old pages of a book. The figure had on a big black overcoat ripped on the bottom, red gloves, a mask with a white ghost's face painted on it, black jeans with a ripped out pocket, a black cowboy like hat with a red hatband, and black boots with a big red stripe painted on each one.

He wondered in alarm, "what's that sound?"

Footsteps came closer, the sound echoing through the alleyway.

A creepy voice taunted from around a corner, "people sometimes say the phrase you can run, but can't hide. To me, the phrase is there's no escaping fate."

The other figure remarked, "fate has nothing to do with what went down. Don't you think this childish game of cat and mouse has gone on long enough, Mardrin?! It's been years since it started." He put the gold colored book he had in hand into a pocket in his overcoat.

The second figure muttered, "I always get what I want, fool! I'll get back what you stole from me someday, Rauginar…with your death!" He emerged from around the corner, appearing in front of the figure with the gold colored book.

Rauginar called back in retaliation, "why don't you grow up and get a life, Mardrin?!" He started to turn away from the charging Mardrin. Mardrin had an equally big skeleton costume on. It had red colored bones that covered his entire body, worn completely over all of his clothing except for some red boots.

Mardrin started to comment, "I'll get one as soon as I get…" Before he could finish, Rauginar tried to punch him from behind, Mardrin grabbing Rauginar's fist.

Rauginar remarked, "the rat learns." He chuckled as he spun a leg around to kick Mardrin unexpectedly from behind. Mardrin let go in minor pain as he started to tumble backwards. Rauginar went on, "but I forgot to get your reward of cheese." Mardrin stopped himself by flipping back on his feet.

Mardrin muttered coldly, "don't worry. I'll take you back to your lab after I'm done with a little experiment on you."

Rauginar asked with a sigh, "and what's the experiment?" He tumbled out of range of Mardrin trying to attack him with a sideways tumble kick.

Mardrin chuckled as he stood up. He replied, "to test which one of my 3 new loyal gang members is the most useful, since I killed the last ones. First, let's test Carnaginator 1…Wait! Better idea! Let's test them all at once." Three more figures in costumes like Mardrin's came out of a smashed window nearby, carrying silver swords.

Rauginar figured coolly, "you stole some weapons from a museum, Mardrin? Knowing you, you're starting to lose your touch." One of Mardrin's henchmen tossed Mardrin 2 more silver swords, Mardrin handing one to Rauginar.

Rauginar asked in shock, "A classic sword fight?!"

Mardrin deduced, "yes. I figure since this conflict has been going on for years, we should settle it an old fashioned way."

Rauginar remarked, "it always has…but chivalry doesn't become you."

Mardrin instructed in frustration, "kill him!"

Mardrin and the 3 other figures with skeleton costumes attacked Rauginar. Rauginar ducked under blades as he break dance kicked Mardrin. The Carnaginators tumbled out of the way. Mardrin fell backwards. One of the other figures caught him and helped him to his feet.

Mardrin responded crazily, "thank you Carnaginator 2. Now…let's really duel!"

Rauginar got to his feet and jumped over one of the Carnaginator figures who had sickly light green colored bones painted on him. The Carnaginator figures plunged swords into his boots, almost hitting his feet within.

Rauginar responded coolly, "nice try." He fell with his boots on top of the Carnaginators' swords and rammed his elbows into 2 of their heads. They got knocked out from the impact as Rauginar's boots tore off in pieces.

Mardrin directed in fury, "Carnaginator 3, finish him!" Rauginar jumped off of the 3 swords around his feet, knocking them out of their hands. The conscious Carnaginator desperately picked up one from the ground, Rauginar trying to stab the Carnaginator with his. Mardrin remarked, "like you said, nice try." He blocked Rauginar's stabbing attempt with his own sword. Police sirens sounded.

Rauginar commented, "same old Mardrin…so focused on killing me that you ignore the police coming to get you." He started running from the shocked Mardrin and the conscious Carnaginator.

Mardrin called back, "I know you're a criminal as well, Rauginar! I could just turn you in for reward money to buy myself out of prison and say that I wanted to kill you because you're a thief that takes everything from me! This is not over."

The remaining Carnaginator checked, "what do I do about the unconscious Carnaginators, Mardrin?"

Mardrin suggested, "Carnaginator 3, hide them and wait there until they awaken…that's my answer." He ran after Rauginar.

The conscious Carnaginator muttered, "he'd better give me my reward money!" He dragged the two unconscious Carnaginators into a hijacked ambulance close by while police searched the alleyway Mardrin was seen in recently.

The police realized, "Mardrin escaped…again. Darn it!" The ambulance left with the Carnaginators hidden in it.

A half hour later, Mardrin had caught up to Rauginar, both of them starting to duel with silver swords on the sidewalk. They clung together in uncontrolled fury. Mardrin taunted, "we fight to the death!"

Bare footed Rauginar remarked, "you should know better than that." He blocked Mardrin's sword with his own multiple times.

Mardrin replied in stubbornness, "that's when we didn't have swords." To Rauginar's shock, Mardrin was using his sword like a screwdriver on screws on a side cover of a nearby fire hydrant while knocking him onto the ground with one leg.

Rauginar commented cruelly, "if you want a drink, the water's free in jail." He got to his feet and charged at Mardrin. Mardrin swung with both legs at Rauginar while continuing to use his sword as an oversized screwdriver. Rauginar tried to tumble out of range, but one leg knocked him out. The impact involved colliding with a brick wall, Rauginar groaning in pain right before slipping in unconsciousness. Mardrin jumped onto the fire hydrant, some near screws and a fallen side cover fallen to the ground. He was about to kick the hydrant's top off.

Mardrin chuckled to himself. He noticed citizens on both sides of the sidewalk.

He interrupted in a menacing voice, "attention everyone! I'll be leaving soon after I dispose of someone. Let this be a lesson to all of you to not oppose me…if you want to live!"

A crowd of terrified people were around him in fear as he hit the hydrant's top with one of his hands. A huge burst of water came out of a hole in the hydrant where the fallen side cover used to be, hitting Rauginar. However, when Mardrin hit the hydrant again, the burst of water stopped and Rauginar had vanished.

Mardrin thought in deeper frustration, "where'd he…?!"

He got off the hydrant and saw a broken window behind where Rauginar was knocked out. Mardrin threatened, "as you can see, I made him vanish…want to see more?"

He cut all the glass off of the broken glass window with his sword. The crowd of people that was around Mardrin hurried off in horror.

When the crowd we nowhere to be seen, Mardrin muttered in sick determination, "Rauginar, when I find you, I'll be the last thing you witness!"

A worried voice wondered, "are you alive?!" The figure put one of her ears against unconscious Rauginar's heart. She sighed. She concluded, "he's still breathing…better get him to a safer place."

A sinister voice echoed through the room, "not sure if that strategy is gonna work." The figure recognized the voice, the same voice that she heard while being in the recent crowd.

The figure cried back, "I know who you are, whatever your name is!" She carefully took the silver sword that Rauginar had out of his hands.

Mardrin remarked, "how can you know who I am if you don't know my name?!"

The figure revealed confidently, "because I got the person you tried to drown into this building through a glass window I broke with my legs. The water did the rest." She put Rauginar's sword in hand and stood still, waiting.

Mardrin muttered, "you ruined my justice!" He appeared next to the figure, the room dimly lit with only a single light lit above their heads. Rauginar was visible on some of the floor tiles below their feet. The figure near Rauginar had long brown hair down to her hips and blue eyes. She had a pair of light blue jeans on, along with a white coat covering her shirt and a pair of white boots.

The stranger replied nervously, "there's another word for that, but what's your name?" She tried to attack Mardrin with the sword in her hands.

Mardrin replied amused, "Mardrin, a name you'll start to fear…what's yours?" He blocked the figure's attack with his sword a couple of times in a row.

The figure responded, "my name's Bellimita." She kicked at Mardrin with one leg, Mardrin tumbling backwards out of the way. He landed close to a light switch.

Mardrin replied cruelly, "well Bellimita, you're in my way…and they rarely come back to tell the tale." He turned on the light switch.

Bellimita remarked, "I can be an exception." The entire room was lit. It had piles of scattered boxes, a desk near an empty chair on wheels, a door, some water puddles, and the broken window above the switch Mardrin switched on.

Mardrin challenged, "you have no idea what I am capable of!"

He kicked the chair at Bellimita, Bellimita tumbling away. It crashed into some boxes near the door and stopped moving.

Mardrin asked with partial interest, "where'd you learn that?"

He rammed his blade into the light fixture on the ceiling while jumping into the air. Mardrin landed on top of the desk with an electric spark hitting a paper label. Glass fell from the ceiling and lights turned off again to Bellimita's alarm.

Bellimita explained, trying to remain calm, "from a virtual reality game I picked out. Training for an upcoming fencing course really comes in handy outside of school after all." She tumbled away from the falling glass and for unconscious Rauginar in the dark. Flames started to appear and spread from the paper label.

Mardrin taunted, "no extra lives here…little girl." He hurled a box with the aflame label attached at panicking Bellimita. She saw to mixed relief Rauginar and the only exit door with help from the growing flames around the box.

Bellimita cried out, "you're insane!" She plunged her sword into the box and swung it at Mardrin as though it were a torch.

Mardrin commented, "or is it the other way around?" He tried desperately to plunge his sword into Rauginar while jumping off of the desk.

Bellimita responded, "nice try."

She blocked his sword and kicked him in mid-tumble. She tumbled for the door as Mardrin flipped back to his feet. Bellimita placed the aflame box against the wooden door as fire spread to it. She hurled the sword in her hands at Mardrin in fury. He deflected it to the ground with his. Light filled the room from flames on the door. Close by boxes in wrapping paper went aflame as the fire started spreading. Smoke started to rise.

Bellimita cried, "catch!"

She threw the bomb boxes one by one at Mardrin. Mardrin expertly used his sword's flat sides to whack them back like a baseball bat with both hands. He tried to walk closer to Rauginar.

Mardrin replied, "never!"

Bellimita tumbled towards a pile of boxes nearby as the thrown boxes headed for her. The still boxes started going aflame as she ducked. She nearly missed being hit by a hurled box above. Bellimita tumbled away from the box in the nick of time. It exploded with a bang, towards Rauginar. The other thrown bombs blew up with loud bangs, accompanied by random colors all over. Wrapping paper tore to shreds as a fireworks within the boxes got lit. Bellimita struggled to put Rauginar on the chair while more boxes and fireworks blew up. More smoke rose around them, Bellimita holding her breath. She pushed the chair towards the broken window and jumped onto the moving chair itself. The smoke covered where Mardrin was standing. Bellimita breathed in air from outside and coughed.

She struggled to climb through the window above, when the chair stopped moving underneath. She kicked the chair with her legs without realizing it when she started to nearly climb through the window. Bellimita slipped and fell onto the chair next to unconscious Rauginar. It started moving faster and faster with help from force coming from skyrocket fireworks randomly stuck under the chair's wheels. Mardrin cried out, "you haven't seen the last of me!" He took out and put on a full face gas mask with a supplied air respirator. Smoke hid him from Bellimita's view. The chair moved backwards at the door while Mardrin himself opened it.

Bellimita muttered, "better hang on, or I'll fall off!" The chair almost crashed into Mardrin, Mardrin tumbling out of range. The fire in the room behind spread further. The chair moved fast into a hallway with lit ceiling lights. Fire spread from the room to the hallway's carpet.

Mardrin taunted with a chuckle, "I'll destroy you if this doesn't!" He ran up a set of stairs nearby. Bellimita noticed a fire extinguisher in a glass case built in a near wall, but also circuit breakers for turned off smoke alarms built in the same wall.

Bellimita figured with a smile, "I can…I know how to stop the fire."

Mardrin threatened, "then this is just mild compared to what I'll do to you." He continued up the stairs. The chair hit them as it stopped moving. Bellimita held onto the chair with a hand on Rauginar to try to stop him from falling off from the sudden stop. They just moved backwards a little. Bellimita got off of the chair and charged at the circuit breaker with an aching back.

Bellimita realized in shock, "I have to get out of here before there's more trouble!" She stopped running and looked for the circuit breaker for the smoke alarm. Lit skyrocket fireworks were still stuck under the chair. Bellimita deduced in worry, "the fire's almost here!" This was while flipping unlabeled circuit breakers on and off, lights flicking on and off.

A while later, Bellimita turned back on more than one smoke alarm with the circuit breakers. The fire was thankfully put out with a deluge of water from the sprinkler system connected to the smoke alarms, right before it could get close enough to hurt her.

Bellimita muttered in relief with a sigh, "that was close."

The skyrocket fireworks stuck to the chair were put out by water. Suddenly, she heard footsteps getting louder from the stairs to her shock. Bellimita thought in desperation, "Whoever's coming, this is not good. If someone else is coming, it's most likely the people who own or work in this place…and if they see this mess, I might get framed for it!"

She pushed the chair into a closet. Bellimita realized, "wait, the sword I threw! It's still in that room! It might come in handy if I and Mardrin meet again."

She closed the closet door and ran into the room where the chair came from.

A little boy wondered, "where did I put that remote?"

Bellimita thought, "someone's definitely close by." She picked up the sword on the floor out of sight, noticing part of a shadow of a person walking in the hallway. Bellimita silently closed the door to the room and listened in.

A voice upstairs called out, "dinner's ready!"

The little boy called back, "coming!" The shadow started to disappear.

Bellimita decided, "I need to get out of here…and fast!" She cautiously opened the door and walked out, carrying the sword that she picked up.

Rauginar wondered in a daze, "where am I?" It was coming from the closest where she left him.

Bellimita replied, "well, I don't know either, but I'm guessing we're in a house." She opened the closet door to see Rauginar regain consciousness.

Rauginar checked startled, "who are you?!" He started sitting upright in the chair.

Bellimita insisted, "calm down! I've been looking for you, Rauginar. I saved you from someone who tried to drown you, but it'd take some time to explain further. I'd like to find a safer place first, where we can talk without the possibility of someone else listening in."

Rauginar pointed out, "then why do you have a sword like Mardrin's?"

Bellimita suggested, "if I get you to a safer place, can I explain then?"

Rauginar answered seriously, "ok, but if you try to double cross me, I'll knock you out and interrogate you. Got it?"

Bellimita went on a little taken aback, "yep. There's a way out. I could show you."

Rauginar assumed, "so this is Mardrin's new hideout?"

Bellimita pointed out, "you agreed I could explain later, but could you get off the chair so I can move it under that open window over there?" Rauginar saw the broken window in the room nearby with understanding.

Rauginar replied, "sure." He got off the chair and pushed it towards the broken window.

Bellimita offered, "and I believe this is yours. I found this sword in your hands while you were unconscious."

Rauginar responded in confusion, "thanks…I think." He positioned the chair directly under the open window. Footsteps sounded again from the set of stairs.

Bellimita realized, "we got to get going." She heard the footsteps and closed the door behind her.

Rauginar offered, "I can hold these Carnaginators off and you can go first…all I need is that sword back."

Bellimita revealed to his shock, "I'll explain later, but we're not in that kind of danger and we have to go before someone sees this mess."

Rauginar figured, "oh. Can I have it back anyway? I'm not gonna stay here, I'll follow." Bellimita tried to pull herself through the broken window while standing on the chair. The footsteps came closer.

Bellimita deduced, "here you go. It's too hard to climb out with one hand." She tossed the sword to Rauginar, Rauginar catching its handle with one hand before it fell to the ground. Bellimita climbed through the broken window, but the doorknob on the door started to turn. Rauginar got on the chair and repositioned its back to conceal him. The door opened behind him.

An entering citizen deduced in horror, "someone seems to have broken in! I got to call the police. Everything but the chair and the desk is destroyed!" Rauginar climbed through the broken window, both him and Bellimita running into the streets beyond.

Rauginar checked, "know of a safer place?"

Bellimita answered with a groan, "I think so, but my back hurts."

A police officer asked, "you heard of the name Rauginar? It looks like he broke into a room in your house." He was talking to the recently mentioned citizen outside. The official was in a police car, the car next to an apartment building near where Rauginar and Bellimita were running.

The citizen replied, "yes, and I know he's a known thief. He must be up to no good!"

The officer checked eagerly, "where did you last see him?"

A little while later, Rauginar and Bellimita were walking on the sidewalk towards another house. Bellimita tried to assure him, "we are in a safer place now. No one's coming after us."

Rauginar concluded, "I wouldn't be too sure about that." He turned around and saw police cars coming for him.

The police chief called out, "there's Rauginar…on the street we were told he'd still be on! This has been going on for too long. Get him!" The police cars gained speed in response.

Bellimita replied, "uh oh!" They both started running again.

Rauginar reminded her, "they're after me, not you! I can shake them off." The police cars had only seen Rauginar's back.

Bellimita realized, "the owner must've called police." She and Rauginar fled into an alleyway.

Rauginar insisted, "yep, but we need to get to a safer place than this so you can explain what's going on…know of one?"

Bellimita responded, "follow me and I'll show you." She ran with Rauginar through alleyway after alleyway, police on motorcycles nearly spotting them in the maze of streets.

The police concluded in frustration, "I think we lost him. Shit!"

An hour later, Rauginar and Bellimita had eluded the police and got to a middle school building. Bellimita led him to the building's locked front doors. Rauginar urged, "so, what's going on?"

Bellimita suggested, "I'll tell you when we're inside, but the only problem is a way in. I forgot that they close the windows…darn it!"

Rauginar assured her with a chuckle, "not exactly." He took out some handheld tools and used them on a nearby unlit window. The frame fell off as he unscrewed it. He caught the window on reflex before it smashed. Rauginar revealed, "don't worry, I'll screw it back on when we get out."

Bellimita realized in shock, "you've…done this before?"

Rauginar hinted, "it's not the only trick I've learned out on the streets." He handed the window to Bellimita to hold and climbed through the opening where it used to be.

Bellimita replied in amazement, "no wonder you haven't been caught for years, but what do I do with this window?"

Rauginar offered, "I'll take it and position it back in place."

He opened his hands as Bellimita handed the window to him. She climbed through the opening with difficulty. Rauginar placed the screws in the frame backwards into the wall with a set of plastic tweezers in each hand. On the last turns, he on reflex yanked them out in time as the window became part of the wall once more. Rauginar and Bellimita were in a classroom, desks in rows and columns. Moon light faintly lit up the room.

Rauginar urged, "now, what happened when I was unconscious?"

He found a light switch nearby and flipped it on. The classroom was lit as though daylight was within.

Bellimita told him about her first encounter with Mardrin.

Rauginar sighed in frustration, "perfect! He'll come back, knowing him." One of his fists hit a desk hard. He went on in relief, "but thanks for the save, although I'm not sure I'll be alive at this rate."

Bellimita asked in fear, "you're saying that he'll return and kill us no matter what?! Isn't there at least something we can do besides wait?"

Rauginar pointed out, "I wish it were that simple, but I've been fighting him for two years…unable to fully defeat him yet. Only his Carnaginators! He's that clever."

Bellimita asked with a sigh of frustration, "do you know why I've been looking for you, Rauginar?"

Rauginar answered a little taken aback, "no, I don't."

Bellimita revealed in tears, "because some of his Carnaginators killed family members of mine. There aren't many of us left after that twisted carnage! That's why I want to bring Mardrin to justice."

Rauginar realized with mixed feeling, "well, you came to the right guy. I also want him in jail. I've seen him do much more than just carnage! He's done arson, smuggling, thieving, and kidnapping. Least I stop him half the time, but he still grows too powerful. There's nothing the teen boy Mardrin can't do with his twisted mind and money stolen from his victims."

Bellimita realized in horror, "you know who he really is under that skeleton outfit? And he's just around our age range?!" She got up and searched for a tissue box.

Rauginar explained with a sigh, "yes. I've even talked to him before he became a criminal, but since I've also been one for five years, why would police believe my word?"

Bellimita realized in deep shock, "they wouldn't." She took some tissues out of a close by tissue box to wipe her tears away. She checked, "but what time is it?"

Rauginar guessed, "umm…according to that clock over there, its 7:00 p.m. Why?"

Bellimita deduced in alarmed realization, "oh shoot! I got to get home soon for dinner."

Rauginar offered, "since Mardrin's gonna come after both of us, maybe we should team up to put him in jail. When and where can we talk again?"

Bellimita remarked, "even a homeless criminal can have a temporary one." She checked for an exit door in the building's halls.

Rauginar offered with a chuckle, "the abandoned house on Turgon hill. Very few have tried to even walk past it because of rumors of it being haunted. However, I've cleaned it up and have lived to tell the tale."

Bellimita suggested with relief, "sounds like a good place to start. I'll be visiting there tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. See you later, Rauginar." She walked towards a near exit door.

Rauginar asked, "umm…before you go, what's your name? Just curious."

Bellimita responded, "Bellimita." She waved bye to Rauginar and left the building through the exit in front of her. It was unlocked from the inside.

Rauginar replied cheerfully, "see you there, Bellimita." He turned off the light switch to the brightly lit classroom.