Orphan Altered Life

Chapter 9:

Better Future

Rauginar thought to himself in chaotic confusion, "hmm…which relationship? Mardrin's, Bellimita's, or Kimculia's?"

Shaved and clean Rauginar was starting to look through the profiles of Tom and Carmen on paper while sitting on a blue chair next to the desk, in the villain's laboratory.

He figured in amusement and shock, "it's hard to believe that they were only part of a program in the past 5 years, these profiles from the year 2007 completely match the programmed ones. Wait. What's this?"

He noticed something different in the profile backgrounds.

He realized in deep horror, "Tom and Kimculia were boyfriend and girlfriend…for 2 more years? I guess since I really wasn't in the way, he was able to return to her faster. There wouldn't be a Mardrin profile if Mardrin never existed. There's a Mardrin profile in these papers...and he wouldn't have created his Mardrin disguise if he wasn't facing almost exactly the same obstacles the Mardrin I saw in the simulation go through."

Rauginar started looking at the Mardrin profile longer.

He realized something even more chilling, "yep, just like I thought. It's almost the same, except Mardrin never chased after me. Wait a second. How could that villain get all this info? Oh yeah, he was a spy! He could've spied on all of them in secret…oh my god! I hope this isn't what I think it is."

Rauginar looked again at the Mardrin profile. His world was ruptured again in unbearable shock.

It had a much longer background than the others, branching out from 2007 to the year 3000. Rauginar realized coldly, "the clone…it was the real Mardrin! It was Tom in disguise."

He dropped Mardrin's profile on the floor in horror.

He muttered cruelly and with desperation, "you animal! You're all my archenemy! No wonder you were that clever…no way am I gonna be in a friendship with you in the real world! That means that I must save…Kimculia from a fatal mistake. According to the Mardrin profile, he killed her in 2010 after Kimculia herself found out about his killing and broke up with him. What happened to Bellimita then, I wonder? In the simulation, she joined forces with me to try to stop Mardrin…"

Rauginar noticed something else shocking in Bellimita's profile.

He deduced at near depression, "Bellimita was…killed too. Her entire family was destroyed, when Mardrin planted an atom bomb into the part of Cubixar City where her house was with help from stolen equipment. All to kill a rival criminal gang?! I've had enough with this Tom, I'm gonna kill him! Wait. He's already dying. Plus, if I try to stop him from killing, Bellimita, Kimculia, and/or my family, it'll make a time paradox that'll make no sense since I wouldn't have found out about them being killed. So many lives…gone! But, I don't know how time travel works. Hold on…didn't the clone use time travel to bring me here when I seemed to be dead? That didn't make a time paradox. In that case, I'd have to save so many people with the time machine the clone built, to make it only seem like they're all dead...for the greater good. That is, if I can reprogram the time machine itself."

Rauginar looked through the journal, noticing folded up paper on the opposite side of the front cover and a bunch of complicated notes. He next unfolded the paper to find something much easier to read, and yet a little complicated to understand.

Rauginar read something that confirmed his assumptions, "it was the original spy's plan, according to these papers, to create a time machine and finish project Expendable for the rest of his life in secret. All in an attempt to become unstoppable for domination, while it was the clone's programming to take over the plan and move on to phase 2. In phase 2, the clone used the time machine to go back to 2005, disguised himself as Tom/Mardrin, and figured out how to take over the United States…in 1000 years. However, it seems the clone got bored with this plan over time and decided to go with plan Matrix to take over the world much faster in 2 centuries instead, with me as a test subject to make sure it worked."

Rauginar continued on with his train of thought, "also, it looks like girlfriend relationships with more than just Kimculia kept him less bored for 6 centuries, plus disguised as different people with different personalities as a fun hobby to make himself look human and not be discovered for who he really is. He faked death whenever he got bored with a disguise and to avoid questions. Mardrin/Tom was only one of these disguises! This spy has to have been a very intelligent one to pull all this off without error. All this is so confusing! Maybe if I find and destroy the journal before the spy company he works for hears about it, everyone I loved and befriended in that simulation will be saved…because the journal won't exist and the spy won't have reason to find it when it'd be gone from existence. I don't even care about returning to the past anymore! There'd be too much violence for me to handle if I didn't reverse this spy's twisted legacy."

Rauginar searched for the time machine, realizing it was the unattached elevator in the room.

He went in.

He wondered, "now, how does this work?"

Rauginar heard loose metal under his feet and shifted it. It revealed a control panel in the elevator's floor.

He concluded with excitement, "clock dials, day dial, month dial, year dial, keypad, and a computer screen! It seems like it's been set to go here on its last trip, with the clone's location shown on the computer screen. Ah ha! That's what the screen is for: Inputting a place on earth to go to."

Rauginar got out of the time machine elevator and looked around for more notes on projects Expendable and Matrix.

He deduced in bittersweet satisfaction, "here it is. It says on this computer file that the spy company that he worked for started forming with help from that spy in 1980. That means that if I stop him from forming the spy company in the 1st place, there probably won't be a spy company after the journal…and I won't have to destroy it after all. Another file says that the journal was stolen by scientists that turned on the same company, and that my dad's job was to improve on it and keep it safe in an attempt to stop the twisted spy company for good. Great! That means that if I destroy the spy company, the book can vanish with it. Though...that'd mean no more time travel or cloning. That 1st file I saw gives the exact place, time, and date where the spy company formed. I wonder if I can turn something in this room into a bomb to blow the place up and kill them, thereby destroying the company at its roots and destroying this masterplan from existence...to save it all."

Rauginar looked through the only metal door he hasn't opened yet. The metal door on the east wall led to the bathroom. He found stolen ammunition in a storeroom, with another metal door on the wall on the opposite side.

Rauginar concluded nervously, "there are some powerful weapons in here. Where's a time bomb of some kind?"

Rauginar looked through the storeroom's supplies until he saw some boxes filled with unset time bombs. He took some.

Rauginar thought out loud, "I'll set these clocks to blow up the time machine when it appears on the core of the spy company's building around the time of construction…destroying the company before it even started."

Rauginar first looked up exact coordinates for the place where the spy company used to be in 1980. He set the time bomb clocks to go off in 15 minutes, and put all of the bombs into the elevator.

Rauginar muttered, "I hope this works…it's the best shot I got for the world."

Next, he went back to the time machine.

He entered the time and place coordinates he saw on the 1st computer file. Rauginar closed the loose metal over the panel. The elevator door closed in front of him as the elevator started getting darker.

Rauginar thought desperately, "if this doesn't reverse all the violence I want gone, I'm a goner! If I do, I'm a goner…but the end will justify the means."

The bombs ticked away, seconds left on their clocks by the time the machine arrived at the building core he desired. An explosion followed. Rauginar covered his ears as the company's place exploded as though it was plunged into an inferno. Rauginar closed his eyes, waiting for the end.

Instead...he disappeared along with the time machine in a big flash of light.

Rauginar asked a little rattled, "where am I?"

Another big flash of light went off around him...and vanished as quickly as it came.

Rauginar appeared in a high school hallway with a formal black tuxedo, dark pants, a white undershirt, and a cell phone in hand.

He remarked, "I thought I was dead! Why do I have all this stuff? Is this what Heaven looks like?"

In the hallway, doors and windows around him were closed. A night sky was outside. Footsteps echoed.

Rauginar muttered in deeper shock, "either my plan to reverse the damage worked and altered reality, or I'm having a very long and bizarre dream."

He recognized the face of the person coming towards him...the last one he expected to find.

Bellimita asked soothingly, "what are you talking about, dear?" She was wearing a familiar looking party outfit, Rauginar startled.

She insisted with a hand on his forehead, "you ok?"

Rauginar made up an excuse, deciding to play along, "I'm fine, except for this amnesia I got from…from… I don't even remember that detail. Sorry."

Bellimita assured him with a smile, "it's ok. We've gotten through worse things than this."

Rauginar checked a little taken aback, "we…we have?"

Bellimita chuckled. She suggested, "yes, Rauginar, we have. Maybe this'll help your memory." She wrapped her arms around Rauginar's waist and kissed him.

Rauginar thought cheerfully and amused, "yep, totally warped alternate reality…but at least it's much, much nicer. The only things I don't understand is: How in the world do I still have memory of my previous life? Is this what reincarnation is about? How am I Bellimita's boyfriend, and how did I get into a school in a dress of all things?! Oh, well…maybe there are some mysteries that'll never be solved. However...I have a feeling that the adventure is just beginning."

The End?