Here come now, the days of old.

Gone are the bricks, the tar and the wood

Only mold now, mixed with the blackness,

Splattered like blood, cracked and marked

Like the life you left behind.

Come, now, stir it with me.

Take these withered claws and dip them in this font,

It is not gone now, only changed.

You do not know, do you?

You fool, you mutt. You strung me dry, tight and taut,

A wrung washcloth, through and through.

What was it to you but a conquest, a goal to achieve?

Two for two, is what you thought. Lock it shut and goodbye.

A kitten, I was. Mew, mew, and you were the hawk.

Gut it dry. Kill it, crush it, and tear it in two.

We were both there when we felt it snap.

That old rope bridge, its time had come

It was already worn, like a weak swimmer treading water

Hour after hour, week after week

And like that, those old knotted threads broke loose, fell apart

And I knew the end had come.

My bridge, the planks I set, hammered in place, no good.

You were too heavy, your thoughts too slow.

But what you do not know, I will tell you now.

You crossed the bridge, but I jumped the cliff

And before I fell, I calculated the drop.