Through the immense black vastness of space, there flew a mirror.

The mirror, surrounded by nothingness, created sparks of light to fill the immeasurable darkness. But the nothingness still reigned supreme. Through years of weary travel, the mirror became blemished and distorted.

Then came Helios. He appeared from afar, a tiny shimmer in the midst of nothingness.

The mirror was curious. She allowed herself to be deflected by an insubstantial vapor in the direction of the shimmering pinpoint.

It was thus that the mirror viewed the radiant god from a great distance. And, as the mirror observed, reflections were sent back in the direction from whence they came.

Helios was observant. He saw these tiny reflections; and, being curious himself, he paused and examined the direction from whence they came. Helios saw what appeared to be an insubstantial speck traveling slowly through the isolated vapours of space. Intrigued, he directed a few rays at the object. To his surprise, the object reflected the rays back- it was not blown away like the insubstantial vapours which seemed so prevalent in his life.

He looked closer, and took it upon himself to draw nearer to the object. Was it real? Indeed, it was- the mysterious object was still there. If anything, it seemed to be drawing closer. What unusual behaviour! Was it drawn to his light? Helios was fascinated.

The mirror, who went by the name Jaegiri, was fascinated herself. The tiny, flickering object in the far distance had flared brightly for two heartbeats, and she had caught a hint of its extreme beauty. What was this mysterious phenomenon that cast light amidst the abyss of nothingness?

After eons of immeasurable time, the two finally reached each others' orbits, and began to converse. They conversed about many things: Of the nature of their strange and empty world; of the glimmering spirals which slowly spread from the distant horizon; and of the primordial, insubstantial specks which drifted always across their path.

They were Helios and Jaegiri. And their world was that of conversation.

Eons continued to pass. And with the inexorable passage of time, the mysterious shimmering spirals of the distant horizon began to approach. They seemed to approach faster and faster, and without warning, the black and frigid space around Helios and Mirros was filled by the flickering and scattering spirals. The spirals bloomed and shattered upon colliding with the colossal forms of the two ethereal beings, who paused their conversation and looked with wonder.

The two examined the spirals, which split and multiplied, fractally, around them. And they became entranced, for the delicate, shattering galaxies were made of countless miniscule worlds.

What is this strange phenomena? spoke Jaegiri. As she spoke, time seemed to slow.

I am not certain, replied Helios, as time seemed to slow further. I have never seen these phenomena before.

They are Worlds, boomed a voice from the distance. See how they multiply. See how fragile they are. ...These Worlds are meant to be consumed. They are meant to be consumed by us.

Helios and Jaegiri turned in the vastness of space and beheld a form so terrible, they felt fear pervade their being for the first time.

It was a Chaos God- one of the First and the Oldest. His name was Karavos.

Karavos's massive void kindled from within a blinding fire. This fire leapt forth and formed a column of spiraling light which was so fearsome in its beauty that both Helios and Jaegiri began to flee. For everything that touched the light rapidly dissolved, and the dust was consumed by the terrible god.

But in the distance, past the edge of the horizon, there appeared something which was so different to the Light of Karavos that it gave them pause. It was a undulating column of impenetrable darkness. And at its root was an ancient form that was similar, and yet different, from that of Karavos.

It was the High Order God Teludir. He was also one of the First and Oldest. Indeed, he was one of the Ancient Trinity, consisting of himself, Karavos, and Ochrinocron the Ephemeral. Teludir was similar in shape to his brother Karavos, but of a vastly different mind. His vehemence at his brother's actions was great.

He directed his column of darkness at the light of Karavos to stop his brother's destructive rampage. When the two emanations met, it threw the Sea of Worlds into agitated motion. For the Vortex of Teludir swallowed up Karavos's Light, and the immensity of the forces disrupted the former peace of the Spiral Sea. The Spiral Sea began to constrict around the opposing spirals of the two gods.

Helios and Jaegiri were caught up in the constriction of the Sea, as were all the other gods that were adrift in the nothingness beyond. Ochrinocron himself, eldest and most powerful of the Ancient Trinity, came and watched, but would not take a side.

It was the inexorable might of Order against the explosive power of Chaos. The Sea of galaxies and gods condensed around the two sparring Ancients, and continued to condense, further and further. And just before the destruction of the Worlds and the Spiral Sea came to pass, Ochrinocron intervened, and separated the beams of Karavos and Teludir, using that power which was unique to himself.

Freed from constraints, the immense bulk of the Spiral Sea exploded outwards and began to coagulate, a dynamic manifestation of the balance between Order and Chaos. And that is how the Universe as we know it came to be born.