The Angel's Eyes

Glimmering with the light

of a thousand moons,

The Angel's eyes

cascaded with tears

As he watched the world

Beneath him burning

And it was not by his hand,

but by that of the gods

watching above

And the Angel rejoiced,

for he found a sure cure;

And he plummeted to the Earth

And quenched the burning

with his tears

And the gods were Angry.

They cast him in a prison of light

And would not let him go;

Until the hint of a shadow

Insinuated its way

Into the depths of his heart.

And the light around him seemed to fade,

And at last he gave in

to the dark

And he was free

from the searching gaze

of the blundering gods

And the Realm before him shimmered.

It had the ethereal light

of the heavens he once had known,

but without the harsh light

and the radiant, controllsome power.

And the Angel looked around,

and saw that the land was silent.

"I have come into a Realm

all my own," said he.

And a dim shifting behind him

made him turn in a before him stood a god,

and his head was horned.

"You turn away from oppression

So now you are freed,"

said the God.

"Go, now. Pursue your purpose.

It is there

if you look

hard enough."

And the angel ascended,

deep to the depths of the

ethereal sky,

and the twilight stars twinkled.

"I shall live like a Man," the Angel said;

"I shall see how Man thinks;

I shall see what is love."

And the Angel descended,

Alighting upon a village.

And as he alighted,

A woman awoke with a start

and rushed to the window,

for her heart beckoned her

to see what was there.

And she saw nothing, for

the light had gone;

But 'neath the faintness of

the moon

stood a man,

clothed in a feathered robe.