In the earliest ages, before the advent of time, there was only Nothing.

The darkness and emptiness stretched for infinity, unbroken.

All was Silent;

All was Nothing, and Nothing was all.

...Then everything changed.

An existence had appeared. It was only a point, almost nothing - but It was there.

There was nothing save Itself; aside from It, the Nothingness still reigned supreme. It was the First. And with the First, the Nothingness was broken.

With the breaking of Nothingness appeared a Second.

The First and Second were drawn to each other, by their likeness, and their existent gravity. Their motion was a dance, a dance of Time.

It was thus that, with the Second, Time was created.

The Two drew ever nearer, and their motion had only one end. Their collision was inevitable.

And, indeed, the Inevitable happened.

The Two collided.

At the very moment of collision, each became aware of the other, and each became aware of itself. And with that a massive explosion occurred, and ripped through the Nothingness, and obliterated it.

The shockwave formed harmonics and dissonances, as the Two fought to perceive each other. The harmonics and dissonances of the Two resolved into the basis of Matter and Energy. And as the massive shockwave expanded, so did the realm of Matter and Energy.

The Two perceived the Universe, which the clash of their minds had created; and they were Awed.