I couldn't take much more. (My face was flat on the floor.)
Got sick of breaking the bread. (So I just stayed in my bed.)

I used the strength I had left to pick myself up.
I somehow smashed through the bars with a rusted tin cup.

And as I squeezed through the opening, I saw with my eyes...
My glorious torment and prisons blue skies.

It was always a problem when I said "I had doubt."
You said you hated me here, so I just took myself out.

You'll point your weapons at me, but I've already been bashed.
I see a car in the distance, but I've already felt smashed.

So just when you think i'd be free now at last.
I choose to wait for the car and I embrace the crash.

I was done with my prison and all the pain from it's lies.
I smiled and took my last breath facing prisons blue skies.