Berwyn ran through the forest with his eyes glued to the ground, looking at the massive footprints that were imprinted deep into the mud. Werewolf tracks….. He thought, thinking back to the contract he'd been hired to complete.

It was simple in itself. A werewolf had been terrorizing the villages around the kingdom and he'd been tasked with hunting the beast down. The beast had even left his tracks in the mud, which hopefully would lead to his lair.

The half elven hunter swerved around trees and leapt over rocks mentally running over his equipment: I've got my silver sword, my crossbows with silver arrowheads, my steel dagger, and some poisons….that should be enough. His gear was light but protective and was dark green, blending him into the forest. His footfalls were quiet and left no imprint in the mud, and his hands were flexing around his weapon hilt. The silver blade was more than enough to deter a were-beast of any kind, but still he'd never fought one before…The coin they were offering was more than enough to make him try though.

500 gold, just for the beast's head….. Berwyn mused as his armor creaked and stretched with his arm movements I'll finally be able to repair this tin can I call my armor…..heck I'll have enough for upgrades!

He paused, and his silver eyes narrowed as the tracks led up to a cave…a cave that smelled of blood and gore. "Must be the place….." He drew his silver blade and advanced cautiously letting the darkness swallow him whole.

A figure sat, huddled in the cave and surrounded by dead animals and blood splatters. His body was wracked with uncontrollable shivers and his face was in his hands. "Control…..must gain control…..Must"

He was a monster….he'd killed sheep, cows, deer…..all in an orgy of uncontrollable bloodlust.

He was a man…..He'd guarded a princess from every villain under the sun, she loved him

But she'd hate him now, so that's why he ran…..he was a monster….no one loved a monster.

And with this monster in his heart he couldn't be a man.

"I'm being tracked, but he'll go away if I can gain control….." He promised himself "I'll gain control." He was being tracked by a dangerous man…A man armed with silver.

His blood began to boil as the hunter came closer, he could hear the man's heartbeat and his quick labored breaths. He stood up and began to sweat taking deep breaths as his transformation began to occur. Moonlight shone through an opening in the cave's roof and he fell to the ground as his bones began to contort and expand. His leg bones stretched and began to grow becoming thick, his feet elongated and his toes fused together to form claws. His chest became broader as his heart doubled in size and his arm bones began to thicken, with his fingers growing into claws. His shoulders and hips changed shape dramatically and his facial features jutted out. Finally black fur sprang from his clothing and he let out a massive roar as his transformation was complete.

He lowered down to all fours and his red eyes narrowed as he sniffed the hunter…..the prey that had entered his domain. His boiling blood coursed through his veins and he rushed forward, towards the mouth of his cave, and let out a low growl.

Berwyn stopped, hearing the growl that seemed to echo off of the cave walls and intensify until it practically vibrated his ribs. He held his blade in both hands and walked forward slowly, letting his eyes adjust to the darkness, until he saw a pair of glowing red orbs.

The Werewolf walked forward, letting his growl become louder….warning the hunter to back off. Berwyn advanced still matching the beast's steps until finally both warriors stopped, each one aware the other wasn't going to leave. The Werewolf let out one final howl before he charged forward, swinging a massive claw directly at the hunter, fully prepared to rip his prey limb from limb.

Berwyn ducked the swipe and lashed out with his sword, but the Werewolf jerked his arm upwards avoiding the blow with a slight whimper.

Silver, must avoid…..Silver….. The Werewolf backed away from the hunter keeping his red eyes on the glowing blade.

Berwyn held his weapon between himself and the monster, with his mind taking in the tactics that the beast employed. He fights like a monster, yet dodges like a man….

Berwyn lunged forward, propelling his body into a twirl as he aimed for the head of the beast, and the Werewolf ducked the blow, slashing his claw at the hunter's exposed torso. Berwyn completed his spin but grunted as a claw caught his armor, tearing it.

The sting in his side was painful, but thankfully it wasn't bleeding… drop of blood could set this creature off….. Berwyn thought. He moved forward again, slicing and feinting with his blade, backing the Werewolf into a corner.

The Werewolf moved backwards, keeping his body out of reach of the blade, the painful….painful….blade. He felt his back press into the cool stone of the cave wall, and he pushed off the wall, locking a massive claw around the hunter's sword hand.

Berwyn groaned as his sword arm was jerked above his head and he groped for his dagger with his other hand. He drew it and jabbed the steel blade into the Werewolf's shoulder.

The roar of pain the beast let out was so loud it deafened Berwyn for a brief moment, and the Werewolf jerked his shoulder, ripping the blade from his flesh. The Werewolf's eyes narrowed as he lashed out with his claws, too angry to even give a conscious thought to the silver weapon or the pain it would cause him.

Berwyn rolled backwards and began to parry the claw swipes with his sword and dagger, the clangs sounded unique as claws met the steel and silver of the blades, that was coupled with the yowls of pain as the Werewolf's skin met the silver. Still both duelists pressed on, neither giving up.

Berwyn kept his blades up as the odd duel continued, wondering what would make a Werewolf use this tactic in a fight. His thoughts were interrupted when the beast clamped its jaws around his shoulder, and bit down….hard.

The Werewolf tasted blood and he bit down harder, ready to crush his prey beneath his strong jaws. Berwyn gritted his teeth as he slashed the dagger across the Werewolf's face, trying in vain to get the monster to loosen his grip. He lifted his leg and began kicking the beast's stomach, hoping to distract it while his silver sword moved in for the kill.

The Werewolf however was too smart for that and released Berwyn's shoulder, licking the blood from his lips, letting the metallic taste coat his tongue and drive him wild. His eyes narrowed to become red slits and he growled again intent on finishing the fight.

Berwyn groaned, most of the damage had been to his armor, and the teeth had only just punctured the skin. His shoulder wasn't unusable, but it hurt like the underworld. He sheathed his dagger and switched his blade to his unwounded hand, using his wounded one to reach into a pouch on his armor.

The Werewolf sensed that his prey was weakening and moved in for the kill, which was just what the hunter was counting on.

He hurled a vial into the monster's eyes, a vial that contained a mixture of water and wolfsbane.

The beast roared as the vial shattered and the herb began to burn his eyes. He clawed at his face, attempting to get the mixture off of him as his eyes squeezed shut, and tears began to form from the pain. Berwyn lunged forward, stabbing at the monster's torso and legs with the silver blade.

The cave quickly filled with the smell of burning flesh and hair as fumes began to rise from the Werewolf's eyes. Must smell…..Must hear…. The Werewolf thought as he moved forward, swinging his long arms blindly.

Berwyn danced around the strikes, cutting the monster's arms as he did so. He smirked to himself, this fight was going to be over soon…

Until it turned against him.

The Werewolf's hearing had finally kicked in and he was able to swing his arm like a club, painfully colliding it with the hunter's ribs.

Berwyn flew backwards into the stone wall, and he fell to the ground, coughing up blood. That last blow broke a rib! He concluded as his hand wrapped around the hilt of his sword. He saw the Werewolf moving towards him in a blind rage, claws raised and ready for the kill. Berwyn struggled to get to his feet and raise his sword, before both hunter and monster let out a rage filled cry, charging towards one another.


The sound of bells clashing and clanging together, amplified by the echoes of the cave drove both warriors from the charge. Berwyn stumbled backwards a bit, Bells this loud could only come from the Castle nearby…..the same one that hired me to hunt his monster down….Sounds like an alarm.

The Werewolf fell to his knees and clamped his paws around his ears, letting out a pained torturous howl as the bells and their echoes bounced around in his ears. He whimpered and clawed at the dirt, and his mouth began to open and close violently as if air itself was his enemy.

Berwyn lowered his sword, from what I hear werewolves aren't affected by loud noises….at least not noises like these….he is in pain for a different reason.

The Werewolf kept up his whimpering and whining as the bells continued to toil, only ceasing when the last echoes of the long dormant bells faded away.

For a long moment both hunter and monster, man and beast, stood still, perhaps letting the silence they had taken for granted truly be appreciated.

The cave was suddenly filled with the cracking and shifting of bones as the Werewolf became the man again…a fully clothed man who slumped on the ground….a man with fear in his eyes.

"Hang on" Berwyn said, sheathing his weapons and holding up his hands "I won't hurt you…..Don't be afraid."

The man's fearful eyes peered past the hunter's shoulder staring outside the mouth of the cave….the fear was not meant for the hunter, but rather for what lay beyond the cave. The fear of what the bells symbolized.

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