The lecture is over. I'm sitting alone

in a room where all of the lights are switched off.

Our talk was of war and of hunger and need,

of people who's only desire is greed.

Though one hour later the students flow out

forgetting the class and what it was about.

They run to their cars, to their jobs and their friends

while my feeling of being defeated extends.


But then I sit down and I write down my thoughts

in order to understand human defaults.

A horrible thought slowly fills up my mind.

One that I wish I didn't just find.

I see it clear as my pen slows down

I'll never be council to anyone's crown.

I ask 'what's the point?' and I let a tear fall

The way the world functions makes me feel so small.


So though the question I can't stop asking myself

is lying in wait at the tip of my tongue,

it's always to lie there, not to be spoken.

At least then I know it will never be broken.

Alone on the paper, a question of shame;

With no one to remember

and no one to defend them,

are we all not then to blame?


2015 MTveit. All Rights Reserved.