A cry echos through the barren of life woods, bouncing tree to tree. The one who has made this noise is a little girl named Jasmen. She is rubbing her eye with one hand and dragging a teddy bear with the other. As Jasmen is walking her face goes from one of sadness to one of wonderment. In front of Jasmen is a giant tree with a pale white trunk and leafs pink as a tutu. The tree then with a voice as serene as an angel spoke. " little one why are you upset? Jasmen with a pout on her face. " I don't know where my parents are an...and... Jasmen begins crying again with her eyes so wide and face so red. The tree with a slight worry to her voice says " don't cry I can help you find your parents. But even with hearing this Jasmen still continues to cry. The tree with curiosity in her voice asks "Dont you want to grow up big and strong some day? Big girls don't cry. Jasmen wiping tears from her bright red face "they don't? The tree responds with a strong gale in her voice "No they don't. Jasmen then asks with a gleam "why are you so big and strong-looking? "Because nature protects me for bad things, the sun feeds me so i can grow. The tree said this in such a calm soothing voice that of a loving mother. Jasmen with a puzzling look on her face asked "If that is so then why aren't these other trees around us as large and pretty as you? The tree as sweet as morning due answered: because my siblings here are not as old as me yet, you see you will be even prettier and stronger when your older. Jasmen smirked but soon she had that same puzzled look on her face "if these are your brothers and sisters then who are your parents? The tree responds in a more enthusiastic voice "nature is my mother and the earth is my father. Jasmon looks on with ow "you have awesome sounding parents. The tree with just the smallest amount of sadness in her voice says. Ok its time to get you back to your parents, I will ask my sibling where they are at. Jasmon face lit up at the sound of seeing her parents again she thought she would be lost forever. Oh thank you miss tree thank you and thank you miss trees family for helping me! The tree then with just the smallest bit of urgency in her voice "Ok little one your parents are straight to your left hurry up and find them there worried sick. Jasmen with a big bright smile on her face Say's. "Bye miss tree, Bye miss trees family! Jasmen then took off into the forest as fast as the nimblest bunny. Soon hearing her parents calling out for her, Then soon after seeing her parents calling out for her.