Ok everyone! This is my first poem I'm publishing and I'm REALLY excited! I would love reviews and ideas for more poems.

So, without further ado, we had The Phantom

Bright sun illuminates the sleek figure behind me

My eyes are concealed with sunglasses, but

They don't conceal my small smile.

New York stands behind me and with it the clamor of

A hard-working city. But for now, I have escaped the city,

And the era. I am standing in front of history.

The history of the figure behind my back is sad.

It radiates pain and Death. The history underneath my boots

Displays more suffering and hidden terror. But the saddest part

Is the happy, skipping children

Who, play around the figure's friends,

Who don't know anything about how sad this place

And how much they were disrespecting the lives of those who died here.

If only they could understand.

I am smiling.

Because of the old Phantom behind me.