"We are standing in front of San Quentin where Adalardo Drew Diamond is to be released. Diamond was convicted of the brutal murders of six women within two years at the age of twenty-four. Now, after ten years, a forensic lab technician has admitted to planting Diamond's DNA on the body of one of the women, thus exonerating Diamond."

The reporter stepped aside and the camera zeroed in on a man with short dark hair and a smile as he waved to cheering supporters and booing opposition. He was dressed in a rumpled black tee shirt and jeans that were hastily gathered by his cousin who strode beside him.

"Adalardo Diamond is being released as we speak, for those of you just joining us."

Rain started to shower down and the reporter raised up her black umbrella.

Diamond reached a car and opened the back door to get in.

"There you have it, folks," the reporter continued. "Adalardo Diamond is finally a free man. This is Dana Schwartz, KSTV News."