Cthulhu Attacks Earth

By Shadowgate

The Department of Homeland Security was monitoring what appeared to be strange activity over the Bermuda Triangle.

An agent said "I think we've got some activity. Our satellite is focusing on the Bermuda Triangle."

Agent Decker said "I don't believe any of that stuff about the Bermuda Triangle."

A top supervisor said "I don't know, I wouldn't be quick to dismiss the legends."

Agent Decker asked sarcastically "do you believe in Cthulhu?"

Another agent asked "what about fairies that grant wishes?"

Other agents start laughing.

All of the sudden there was a bright flash in the room.

One agent yelled "holy shit!"

The top supervisor said "something is going on tonight."

An agent who fell out of his chair after the flash asked "where the fuck did that flash come from?"

The top supervisor said "I don't know what the satellite is doing or what's going on but like everything else this stays top secret. Something is going on."

It was now 4AM and Cthulhu was in full site. Two USA Navy Jets headed straight toward Cthulhu. One of the navy jet pilots reported back to department of homeland security "we have Cthulhu in our sights."

Cthulhu growled loud and the jets maneuvered around to avoid him.

The department of homeland security ordered the two pilots to fire missiles directly at Cthulhu.

They both fired at once.

Although both missiles struck Cthulhu they did nothing.

The department of homeland security officials decided they had no choice at that point but to threaten use of nuclear weapons against Cthulhu.

Some officials were against it due to the possibility of wiping out half the east coast of the USA.

However they got in touch with the president.

Soon when Cthulhu realized the nuclear threat by sensing it he jumped out to outer space.

Cthulhu figured that a planet that suffered the destruction due to nuclear warfare would not be ripe for the taking.

The End