Mental City

By Arim

Copyright ©, 2012

All Rights Reserved

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Part 1:

Reality Check

A shot was heard as a shocked woman with long red hair fell to the ground. The figure in an overcoat that was standing over the unconscious body heard footsteps coming towards him. He tucked away a handheld gun and tumbled out of a window, landing in the equally expensive pool of water below. His gloves and overcoat were soaked as a butler with short gray hair entered the room above, gasping as his eyes noticed the fallen woman.

The shooter muttered to himself as he got out of the pool, "serves her right." He had first checked to see if the coast was clear, then kept running back towards a expensive mansion made of real estate from the backyard.


There was an office with a pair of comfy chairs, in front of a desk with a rotating chair. A woman with shoulder length brown hair was sitting at one of the comfy chairs, with a somewhat embarrassed person in the opposite comfy chair. The opposite person had short black hair, who was talking to the woman uneasily. He sighed, "I'll take less pleasure pills next time."

The woman urged, "you promise?"

The man concurred, "I promise."

The woman insisted, "we'll be monitoring your progress over the next two weeks. And you'll remember to take your prescription displeasure pills?"

The man confirmed, "yes sir…ma'am."

The woman added, "that'll be all." The man left the office, closing the door behind him. Not long after, the woman turned on an intercom on a old fashioned home styled phone.

She asked over the phone, "Rebecca?"

The other voice answered, "yes, Selena?"

Selena answered grimly, "what happened to the other clients that were scheduled for this afternoon?"

Rebecca asked back in confusion, "what other clients?"

Selena sighed, "could you just get me the schedule?"

Rebecca confirmed, "right away, ma'am." Soon after, a woman with long blond hair came into the office, with a schedule at hand. She confirmed as she handed it to Selena, "here's the schedule." Selena looked at it in disbelief.

She gasped, "but Rebecca…that can't be. Almost all blanks for the afternoon?!"

Rebecca shrugged, "last minute cancellations?"

Selena shook her head, "no…it's as if they never existed."

Rebecca urged, "so where do we go from here?"

Selena suggested, "well, since we have the rest of the afternoon off, I want you to call up their hotel rooms in Mental City to see if they're there."

Rebecca blurted out, "but…I don't even remember where those suites are!"

Selena sighed as she got out a pen and some paper, "I'll make you a list."

Rebecca wondered, "and what will you be doing…if you don't mind my asking?"

Selena concluded, "to ask around for my clients."

A half hour after making a list and checking it…

Selena sighed, "if only I knew where to start."

She was walking in a public park within Mental City, walking across a dirt path. The park surrounded two giant speaker towers, which was blasting away pop music of the past and present across the city. A dome made of two way mirrors to give off the illusion of the sky and sky painted sound proofed frames filtered out the loud music to a calming volume. Suddenly, the background shook around a surprised Selena, then burst to pieces in near blinding light.

When Selena opened her eyes, she saw herself standing on the edge of a seaside cliff, looking down upon the crashing waves of the sea below. Below was also a beach, with expensive looking beach house styled mansions and big expensive looking pools of water as a part of that large beach. A old fashioned drive-in movie theater and an old fashioned sports stadium was on the edge of the beach. Behind her were several men in overcoats, talking amongst themselves. One of them with short red hair asked, "so, what did you think of the game last night?"

A second man with shoulder length black hair exclaimed, "it so rocked!"

A third man with short blond hair complained, "no, it didn't…the Task Masters lost to the Ground Masters by 50 goals!"

The first man wondered in a whisper, "umm…who is that?"

The third man pointed out, "I haven't seen her before." Selena turned around towards the conversation.

She muttered, "ahem."

The first man to the third man's left concluded, "sorry. We didn't realize that you realized we're here."

Selena sighed, "that can sometimes happen. My name is Selena."

The third man introduced, "I'm Josh, the one to my left is Alex, and the one to my right is Gravin."

Selena concluded reluctantly, "nice to meet you. I'm looking for someone named Joseph. Have you seen him?"

Gravin concluded with a sigh, "yes, but it's been so long since we last saw him."

Selena wondered in concern, "what happened?"

Yesterday, on the shores of this beach…

In the old fashioned sports stadium, bumper cars on wheels were racing each other on a track.

A woman with long red hair was driving past a man with short brown hair, getting ahead of him in the race and flirtingly tapping his bumper car with her bumper car.

Then Gravin on his wheeled bumper car bumped into her bumper car, sending her bumper car skidding across the track. She made a tight turn, barely continuing to be in the race.

The man with short brown hair bumped Gravin hard, with Gravin bumping him hard back against his bumper car.

The man with short brown hair made a tight turn back onto the track, crashing into Alex in his bumper car. Alex and his bumper car went flying off the track, landing hard against the padding to the side of the track.

Alex cried out in partial frustration, "blast it, Joseph!"

Joseph continued on his way on the track, chasing after Gravin. Several more bumper cars passed by a shaken Alex, smashing against each other in competition for first place. Joseph was catching up to Gravin, when he was suddenly rammed into by Josh's bumper car.

Gravin backed up a bit, then sped up abruptly. This sent Josh's bumper car skidding against Joseph's bumper car, with the woman with long red hair speeding fast towards Gravin. The wheels interlocked on Josh and Joseph's bumper cars, sending both of them flying out of their unbuckled seats.

Josh landed against the hood of another bumper car, with Joseph landing against the side padding. Josh fell unconscious as a woman with long black hair stopped abruptly to pull him into the bumper car. She struggled to pull Josh in, when another bumper car hit her bumper car. Both of them tumbled off, landing against the side padding with a thud.

She cried, "oww! That hurt!"

This was despite not really being injured by much. Several more bumper cars skidded against the padding, nearly hitting the two knocked over people.

Maids and butlers were helping up the knocked over bodies, and dragging the unconscious bodies away from the track.

The woman with long red hair and Gravin seemed tied for first place, when a woman with long brown hair rammed the woman with long red hair's bumper car with her own.

Gravin crossed the finish line as the two women somewhat playfully fought for second place.

The woman with long red hair crashed into one of the poles for the finish line, while the woman with long brown hair nearly missed being covered by the finish line ribbon. She threw the ribbon off of her, then walked over to the woman with long red hair.

In a surprisingly relaxed tone, the woman with long brown hair congratulated her, "nice racing, Brittany."

Brittany said in kind as they shook hands, "you too, Linda."

Alex sighed, "I was so close."

Joseph wondered in worry, "is Josh all right?"

One of the maids insisted, "he will be."

Gravin urged, "he's a police chief. He's been through tougher."

Joseph muttered, "true that."

Gravin concluded with a sigh, "I know you don't like Josh much, but just think of your wife…and how much better that feeling is than hating on Josh."

Joseph sighed, "I do…it's just so hard to be around him. It's like…he doesn't know when to quit."

Alex figured, "maybe if you just talked to him…"

Joseph pointed out, "in a nice way? You know my temper."

Gravin figured, "well, we tried."

Alex groaned, "he never does…that's the problem."

Joseph concluded, "and you have?"

Alex commented, "well, actually…"

Joseph sighed, "I will…after Josh wakes up."

Hours later, in the evening…

In a fancy and expensive mansion bedroom was Josh's body, with a head cast obviously around his head as he slowly woke up. He muttered, "where…where am I?"

Brittany urged with a whisper, "I'm here, dear."

Josh wondered, "what's wrong?"

Brittany pointed out, "it's Joseph."

Josh asked nervously, "what happened?"

Brittany concluded, "he's…he's…disappeared."

Josh tried to reassure her, "I'm sure he'll be back. He always gets back up when he's down…we all do."

Brittany went on, "but it feels…as if it's more than that."

Josh insisted, "look, don't worry about it."

Brittany insisted, "how can I not? He's never been gone this long before!"

Josh sighed, "how about this? If he doesn't come back in an hour from now, I'll send a search party for him. Ok?"

Brittany sighed back, "I just hope we're not too late."

An hour later…

Josh and Brittany were both on their feet, inside another mansion. A congratulations party was in session, in honor of the winner of the race. There were cupcakes, party games, and eight sleepover bags around. Brittany though relatively recently decided to go outside on one of the balconies to get some air, with Josh right behind her.

Josh insisted, "I already sent word to police headquarters. Let's go back inside, why don't we?"

Brittany sighed, "but you know I miss him, right?"

Josh put an arm around her and added, "of course. Why don't we let the police do the worrying though…for a change?"

Brittany accused playfully, "are you calling me a worrywart?"

Josh asked back, "what do you think?"

Brittany sighed, "I know you're just playing, and it's sweet and all…but I just want to be left alone right now."

Josh gave in as he let go of her, "just…let me know when you're coming back in."

Brittany added, "of course, dear." Josh walked back into the building.

He muttered to himself in a bedroom nearby, "is it possible that…she actually loves Joseph? Why…that little liar!" He smashed his fist against a pillow, huffing and puffing with jealous anger.

Josh calmed down after a short while, heading back downstairs to rejoin the party. Gravin, the guest of honor, asked casually, "where's Brittany?"

Linda added with her arm around Gravin, "yeah…we haven't seen her since we ate those cupcakes."

Josh insisted, "she'll be out shortly."

The following morning…

Josh woke up from bed, and got an idea.

He snuck to the kitchen in his mansion, ate some food, and in slippers went to his personal dressing room.

Out of his own dressing room's drawers, Josh pulled out a pistol and snuck it into his overcoat.

He then put on the overcoat, and easily left through the backdoor. Josh used the keys he got from Brittany to open her mansion's backdoor, stealthily moving up the stairs and down a hallway.

Noticing a butler coming up the stairs, Josh hurried to Brittany's bedroom door.

Through the keyhole, a shot was heard as a shocked Brittany fell to the ground.

Josh in an overcoat was not long after standing over the unconscious body, with his head cast still on his person and the unlocked door flung open. He heard hurried footsteps coming towards him.

Panicking, Josh tucked away his old fashioned handheld pistol. Josh tumbled out of a window, landing in the equally expensive pool of water below. His gloves and overcoat were soaked as the butler with short gray hair entered the room above, gasping as his eyes noticed the fallen Brittany.

The shooter muttered to himself as he got out of the pool, "serves her right."

Josh had first checked to see if the coast was clear, then kept running back towards a expensive mansion made of real estate from the backyard. He returned to his bed, sadistically satisfied with what he did. According to his point of view, justice was done.

Back at the present day of the relative future…

Alex finished his point of view of what was past, "so, we believe him to be swept away by the waves."

Josh pointed out defiantly, "not from where I stand."

Gravin exclaimed, "guys! We've been having this argument ever since he's gone missing."

Selena gasped in realization, "and you killed her, Josh."

Josh muttered, "now why would I do such a thing?"

Alex added, "yeah…why?"

Selena concluded, "simple: You thought your partner was favoring her partnership with Joseph over your own partnership, jealous of her grief and love for him."

Josh muttered, "Why, you little…!"

He pulled out a spare non-waterlogged pistol, aiming it straight at Selena before the shocked crowd.

Selena purposely backed away, towards the edge of the cliff. She fell and caught herself on the cliff face, the bullet missing by inches. It landed in the sand below, harmlessly swept up by the waves below. Alex was too shocked to do anything, but Gravin was wrestling over the gun in Josh's hands. Josh swung his other hand against Gravin's side, knocking the wind out of him.

Selena was just starting to get back up, when Alex shouted: "Josh, don't!" Josh looked hard at Alex.

He said, "I'm sorry…but if anyone outside of us found out, I'd lose my reputation." Josh was now pointing the gun at Alex.

Alex muttered, "you already lost your reputation, you idiot!" From behind Josh, Selena suddenly knocked him out with a punch in the back of the head. Josh fell to the ground unconscious, in front of a stunned Gravin and a hurt Alex.

Gravin muttered, "good hit."

Selena responded, "thanks. The only question left is: Where is Joseph?"

Alex muttered, "I can't…can't believe him!"

Gravin urged, "we should first break the news to the others."

Selena sighed, "very well."

A half hour later…

Linda sighed to Gravin, "it's almost unthinkable."

Gravin put an arm around her as he said, "I know dear…I know."

Selena sighed to Alex, "we've been everywhere on the beach, and still no clue as to where Joseph is."

Alex muttered, "is that all you can think about?! My best friend turns out to be a murderer, and that's all you can say?"

Selena sighed again, "Alex, I know it's bad…I really do. But what can I say right now that would make the slightest difference?"

Alex sighed, "I guess you got a point there. I just wish it didn't have to be this…way. What is that?"

Selena pointed out as she handed him a calling card, "I'm a counselor. I can help you…at a better time."

Alex more calmly said, "thanks."

Selena wondered, "so what's going to happen to him?"

Gravin figured, "probably years in his own jail, with his second in command taking over his job as police chief."

Linda sighed, "he did take things a little too personally sometimes…but I never realized it could…" She broke into tears, with Gravin hugging her meaningfully.

Selena sighed once more at a nearby window, "where…are you?"