Mental City

Part 6:

Worlds for Thought

Back on a certain beach, Gravin and Linda, along with several other rich looking women and men, were back on the bumper car race track of a certain sports stadium.

Up in the clear blue sky...a red swirl started to form.

A breeze started to form around the same time. Gravin and Linda, still somewhat shaken by Josh's actions, were in the middle of the bumper car racing. Bumper car after bumper car bumped into each other.

Some bumper cars fell off the race track, and some stayed on the track. The wind started to get stronger and louder as time went on.

Linda, off the track, was noticing the growing red swirl and the growing stronger winds. She called out, "what is that?!"

Several bumper car drivers suddenly stopped at the sound of the shouting. The wind was now as strong as a gentle push, and the red swirl was noticeably as big as a distant sun.

Gravin, who was one of those who stopped driving, said, "what… indeed?" Suddenly, the sports stadium started being shaken by the growing wind. The bumper cars started to shake too. The drivers, the maids, and the butlers started to evacuate the beach, heading for motorboats nearby. Gravin called out, "hurry!"

Linda called out, "Gravin!"

Linda followed Gravin with haste to one of the multiple motorboats that took off of the beach. The wind was becoming as strong as a hurricane, which started to tear the houses and stadium to pieces before the residents' eyes.

The residents looked back with a shiver as their homes gave in to the hazardous weather. Giant waves swept the motorboats upward.

The maids and butlers tried their best to steer the motorboats away from danger, but some of them didn't make it.

Linda started to cry again, with Gravin holding her close. She cried, "Gravin!"


Selena was in her bedroom, looking out one of her bedroom windows.

She noticed a similar red swirl and a similar wind outside...within Mental City.

Selena was struggling to teleport into the red swirl, to try to figure out what was going on…but all she saw was herself on the other side of the window.

She sighed, "I must be getting close…but maybe I got too close."

Selena groaned in mental pain, lying down on the bed in partial defeat. The wind and the swirl grew stronger, tearing at Selena's office, Rebecca's home, Selena's home, the Green Shell, and everywhere else in Mental City.

Everything was shaking like crazy, to the point where lying on the bed didn't help Selena much at all. Selena thought as she got up, "or maybe I'm as close as I'm going to get."

With a flash of near blinding light...Selena disappeared in literally no time at all.

Selena appeared in what looked like a library, filled with books and bookshelves. There was even a computer at the library like desk that could be used to look up specific books.

Since no one was at the desk, Selena decided to use that computer.

To her looked like it already was used recently. Yet, the library looked very dusty and forgotten.

On the computer screen was book references titled Reality Check, Cold Hearted, Mental Madness, Shapes of a different Color, and Circle of Daggers…and the short descriptions or blurbs of the books fit with the worlds that Selena had been to. What was even more shocking was that they were grouped in the same library section.

After a while of reading the blurbs, Selena walked over to the library section with all five strangely familiar books. None of them were there.

Selena figured, "but they haven't been taken out…which can only mean one thing."

She found the reading section, and five familiar open books on a table. Selena then heard footsteps, and a huffing noise. She looked in the direction of the sounds.

Selena saw before her a bright red demon: With long yellow horns and fire all around him.

The demon muttered, "you're in my forbidden territory now, girl…and you will suffer!"

Selena gasped as the demon grabbed her by the throat, "surely we can talk this over? No then?"

Selena reactively teleported away from the library in hopes of getting away from this demon.

Selena appeared on abandoned Antarctica...with the strong cold winds taking out the demon's aura of flame.

The demon roared with rage, as if he had been wounded. The demon let go of Selena, with Selena dropping to the snowy ground.

She was back in a hooded coat, which made it a bit easy for her to get back up.

The demon punched Selena in the chest, sending her backwards against an ice carved building. Selena tumbled out of the way as the demon struck the ice building with his claws, nearly hitting Selena with them.

Selena ran into the same ice building, with the demon not far behind.

She found something to use as a club, and used it to whack the demon backwards. The demon crashed through the ice building, landing in a snowbank outside.

The thing that was used as a club was a snowboard that suddenly appeared when Selena wanted it to. Selena tossed the snowboard aside, teleporting it back to where an Antarctican was with mere thought.

Selena ran out of what was left of the ice building...just as the ice building started to collapse into ice pieces.

The demon though got back up again, charging at Selena. Selena teleported out of the way, just before the demon could get her.

Selena appeared back in the library, relieved to be out of sight of the demon. She gasped, "what…was that…thing?!" Suddenly, the demon came out of one of the open books, flying towards Selena with its wings.

The demon muttered, "Selena…"

The demon knocked some bookcases over, towards Selena.

Selena tumbled out of the way as bookshelves crashed down to the floor. Books of other worlds fell into a pile under the shelves, with a familiar red swirl seeming to eat them up. Selena quickly teleported to another world…in hopes of finishing off the demon.

Selena appeared on the sea beyond what was left of a certain beach, with a motorboat under her feet and her hands at the wheel. The demon was flying after her, with fire returning around his body.

Selena curved the motorboat into a dive over a tidal wave, and back into the water with a great splash. The demon called out, "I'll get you one way…or another!"

The demon started breathing fire at the motorboat that Selena was driving, setting it on fire in a surprise attack. Selena steered the motorboat around another wave, which helped put out the fire.

The demon growled in frustration, swooping downwards with his claws. Selena ducked as the demon nearly hit her. The demon crashed through a third tidal wave, his flames extinguished for now.

Selena then got an idea. She teleported a trident shaped harpoon to her hands, and aimed at the demon. Selena spun the motorboat backwards with one hand, using a tidal wave as momentum to chase after the demon.

Selena called out, "behind you!"

The demon gasped in surprise as Selena fired the harpoon gun at him.

The demon clutched his side in pain, but he kept flying towards Selena. He pulled out the harpoon in mid-flight, hurling it at the motorboat's motors and jamming it successfully.

The motorboat ground to a halt as Selena went flying out of the motorboat, which exploded shortly after.

Selena was swept up in a ocean wave...and she couldn't clear her mind enough to teleport away or swim away.

Shortly after though...Gravin and Linda's motorboat came into view.

Linda called out, "Selena?!"

Gravin quickly took out a fishing net from the back of the motorboat and tossed it over the side. He then just as quickly took out a fishing rod and latched it onto the fishing net, giving Selena a means to return to the surface.

Selena reflexively grabbed the fishing net. Gravin called out, "pull!" He, Linda, their two maids, and their two butlers pulled the fishing rod backwards, while Gravin struggled to reel in the strained rope. The demon was too busy dodging tidal waves to notice what was going on.

Selena gasped for air as she was barely pulled up to the surface.

She gasped, "thanks."

Linda added, "any time."

Gravin wondered, "how did you…?!"

Selena answered, "my motorboat…ran into some trouble."

Just then...the demon came flying towards them. He breathed fire at the fishing net, but all that he did was make steam. Selena's upper body and the rest of her teleported out of the way in time. She appeared on Gravin's motorboat.

Gravin called out, "what the…?!"

Linda called out, "go!"

One of the maids sped up the motorboat, while one of the butlers drove it past some waves. The demon was getting closer and closer, until he grabbed and scooped up Selena in the air. Selena reactively teleported away from the water in mid-air, taking the demon along with her.

Linda muttered, "good luck…wherever you are."

Selena and the demon appeared in a warehouse, with the demon hurling Selena against some metal shelves.

She teleported to the other side of the metal shelves as she seemed to fall through them, landing on the ground below with a groan.

Some familiar yellow armored officers turned in the direction of the groan, to see the demon coming around for the attack. One of them called out, "take it down!"

They aimed their laser pistols at the demon and fired, but they only seemed to make the demon regenerate and grow strong again.

Another one of the officers called out, "it's not working!" Selena was just starting to get up, when the demon knocked her backwards against some metal shelves. Selena groaned again, getting dizzy as she teleported to elsewhere to escape the monster. The demon teleported after if he could read her thoughts.

Selena and the demon appeared in the crocodile king's jungle territory.

An enraged crocodile king called out, "so you're the one that's corrupted my lovely creature!" He punched the demon in the face, sending him backwards to the ground.

The demon chuckled, "believe me…I had nothing to do with it."

The crocodile king figured, "why should I? There's plenty of love triangles…and this one is about to break!"

Selena smiled as she teleported elsewhere with her last ounce of strength…before she fell unconscious.

The crocodile king flung his tail at the demon, sending him crashing into a tree. The tree grew back in place, right between the demon's legs.

The demon chuckled as he uprooted the big regrown tree and hurled it at the crocodile king, who jumped to the side to dodge it.

He sighed, "enough of this petty bickering." The demon teleported to where Selena was.

The demon appeared in Eric's office, to be blasted by laser rifles by Eric's bodyguards.

The demon cried out, "the power!" He was getting strength from the laser rifle the point of turning into a giant demon.

Selena, in frozen time, had regained consciousness…like she did before. She and Eric gasped as the demon's head came out of the ceiling.

Selena then thought of something.

She called out, "grab hold of something!"

She teleported the red swirl from Mental City to the demon's head.

The wind picked up, tearing the office apart. The bodyguards and Eric grabbed the nearest anchored furniture they could find, which in this case was the office desk.

The demon cried out in pain as the red swirl sucked the demon in...body part after body part. Selena, the bodyguards, and Eric were being sucked into the vortex as well.

Eric cried out in confusion and chaos.

Selena fell unconscious once more, but this time…no frozen time helped her.

But just before she fell unconscious, she saw the red swirl reverse itself and its effects…without the demon.

A while later…

Selena got up from inside a small compact house...with a man with short gray hair on the ground that was still unconscious. Selena dragged the body into a closet, and closed the closet on him.

Selena wondered, somewhat taken aback, "where…am I?"

She noticed an open door to her left, and a very small control room in a corner. A lit fireplace, a sink, a shower, and a toilet were nearby. A fold out bed lay within the wall to her right. Beyond the door was swampland, as far as the naked eye can see.

The monitor screen in the small control room alternated between worlds...including a few that Selena had already known about. One dial knob on the control panel said patients, the other dial knob said fantasies. A keypad built into the control panel went through numbers and an enter key, but no letters. A cd slot was built into the control panel as well.

Selena figured, "maybe a cd from the closet can help me figure out what in the world is going on here."

She looked carefully in the closet, but was stopped by the gray haired man.

He sighed, "I give up."

Selena asked, "give up what?"

The gray haired man sighed again, "all I wanted was to give people eternal bliss with overdoses of the pleasure pills, but all I did was make things worse."

Selena gasped, "you mean…you…and you alone…?!"

The gray haired man concluded, "it wasn't easy, but I got my fellow doctors to take overdoses of the pleasure pills. Not enough to be inactive, but enough to distribute overdoses by my command."

Selena muttered, "you monster! Don't you know that the body decays overtime…if not treated right?"

The gray haired man sighed, "I had hoped that the pleasure pills would slow down the metabolism of the body…enough to survive old age. But I guess even pleasure pills aren't enough to give eternal youth."

Selena sighed, "never mind about what could've been done! How do I bring everyone back to normality?"

The gray haired man muttered, "it can't be stopped."

Selena sighed again, "at least tell me what happened before all of this."

The gray haired man responded, "you don't remember? There was a great flood in the early twenty first century...which washed out all of the continents. All that's left is swampland and some huts for houses. For years, humanity has searched for a return to technology. Many died from the flood and its aftermath. Only millions of humans remained…all of whom lost many people they knew well. So, a way to take the pain away was to make pills for everything: Food, water, even pleasure. So I thought: What if I could permanently take that pain away?"

Selena realized sadly, "and that's why you gave everyone overdoses of pleasure pills."

The gray haired man figured, "and as far as I know, you and I are the only one to snap out of it."

Selena then thought of something, "if I could be sent back…"

The gray haired man realized, "then people could stop disappearing. I know I have a pleasure pill somewhere…"

He then said, "here." The gray haired man gave Selena a red pleasure pill, which Selena swallowed.

She found herself in the red swirl from earlier...with millions from everywhere crowded around her.

Selena figured, "I guess since everyone's here, I should tell you why you're here."

Shouts of agreement echoed across the swirl.

Selena went on, "because of a grave, but sweet and understandable mistake. You may not believe what I'm about to tell you, but I think you should at least know that what you think is happening isn't really happening. You're all dying…as you can tell from the unusually red storm of apocalypse."

Shouts of disagreement and agreement echoed all over the place.

Selena called out, "listen, please! I can save you from this fate…but you have to put faith in me to make it happen. You created your worlds, and you can save them…if you just believe in yourself. It may not seem like much now, with your worlds seeming to be gone forever…but they'll always be in here, in our hearts. And so will all the loved ones we lost…be in our hearts and memories. And as long as we hold onto them, they'll never truly leave. And nor will our sense of self, our goals, and our purposes ever die...if we just believe in them."

Many shouts of mutual approval echoed across the swirl, with everyone disappearing faster and faster. Soon enough, Selena was the last one standing in the swirl.

She sighed, "I'm going to miss my perfect life…but now it's time to live."

And with that, Selena disappeared from the swirl…and back into reality.

The End