The Story of the Curious Bear Cub, Teddy

Book 1

Once upon a time there was a young bear cub, named Teddy. He was a very curious cub who often left the den in search of an adventure. He loved to pretend that he was the bear king and would chase away rabbits as if they were trying to take over his kingdom. But he was also a very lonely cub. He had no friends and his parents were too busy trying to hunt for the family because the food in there area was running low. This made Teddy very sad sometimes. Made him want something big too happen. Something exciting and a little scary. Teddy should have been careful for what he wished for , because a couple nights later a big storm had struck while his parents had been out hunting. He was scared that they would not come back. That he would be alone. If only he knew how right he was. He woke up the next morning after a couple of hours of tossing and turning. He was still alone and there were a couple of branches laying on the ground that were close to the mouth of the den. He quickly started to fear the worse. He sat with the branches on the ground and was playing with them trying to keep busy as he waited to see if his parents would come back. After a few hours though his stomach started to rumble and he knew he had to make a choice. Teddy would either have to stay here, wait to see if his parents show up, and run the risk of starving. Or Teddy goes out into the forest to look for food and hope that he can find food, as well as his way back home. The young cub walks back and forth just outside of the den as he tries to make his choice. Finally, after his stomach rumbles for the third time he looks at the den once more before he turns towards the forest and starts his first true journey on his own.

End of book one

A/N: To let you know more about this. This is a project I am working on with my girlfriend. It is something we are doing for our future kids. This book will have illustrations and be more spread out. We don't know exactly how many books we are going to make, but we hope that you can read it from like eight year olds perspective. Or if any parents read this could you give us some advice to make this better. That would be great. Anyway, thank you for reading.