Ultimate Robin Hood: The Liberator

Part 6:

Timing is Everything

Marian was coming back from another outing with King John, walking by his side on the palace grounds in the middle of the night. King John asked, "wasn't that a good dinner, love?"

Marian concluded, "yes, my king…it was." She thought with disgust, "all this kissing up to King John…and still no clue as to where the Royal Family is. God…are they even still alive?!"

Marian let out a small yawn, which partially helped hide her growing disgust for King John.

King John, drunk from their most recent dinner, said, "we have had such a jolly time…that I realized summat. I never showed you the former Royal Family…have I?"

Marian chuckled, "no, you haven't."

King John insisted, "well, since they will be shot tomorrow, it couldn't hurt to show you now. After all, you couldn't hurt a fly…even if you wanted to."

Marian challenged angrily, "then why are you still shooting people?!"

King John sighed, "some chose to challenge my rule…and so they deserve to die for their sins. After all, I am working for the greater good…for those that deserve money and freedom. Maybe it is the wine, but I have never heard you oppose me in such a way before. What side are you on, Marian?!"

Marian sighed, "it is just the wine, darling. You should get some rest."

King John figured uncharacteristically, "maybe you are right."

He then tripped over his own feet, resulting in landing on his side on the pavement under his feet. Marian helped bruised King John to his feet. King John groaned as Marian escorted him into Buckingham Palace.

Marian had an arm around King John for physical support as they walked up the winding stairs from earlier.

King John, half asleep, muttered, "the Royal Family is…locked up in Cleland House."

Marian figured, "we could see them first thing in the morning…before they are rightfully executed. Now, we should both get some rest."

She and King John walked over to King John's bedroom door, which she helped King John open.

King John sighed, "rest…that is what I need. Rest. Good night, Marian."

Marian urged, "good night…my king."

As she headed to her bedroom, she saw agent Guy coming her way.

Guy said in somewhat better spirits, "cheerio, love."

Marian responded, "cheerio to you too. Now if you will excuse me, it is very…late."

Guy put a hand on Marian's shoulder, stopping her from moving past him.

Guy asked, "have you thought about…us? After all, you have had a few days to decide."

Marian sighed, "you really want to know what I think…about us?"

Guy insisted, "yes."

Marian pointed out, "I am sorry, but for one thing…that would be unfaithful to King John."

Guy nervously wondered, "what else?"

Marian figured, "the other thing is…that I cannit picture coming home to you. You would probably be too busy being the Home Secretary of MI5 to spend much time with me."

Guy realized as he let Marian go, "even if I were to step down from my home secretary role, you still wouldn't go out with me…would you now?"

Marian insisted, "it is for the best, agent Guy."

Guy muttered suspiciously, "is that really your decision…or is it what is best for King John?"

Before Marian could say anything, Guy left…muttering the word bugger over and over again.

Marian muttered, "of all the boneheaded people…!"

She walked back to her room to put on her armor and go down to the palace grounds below undetected.

Meanwhile, elsewhere in Buckingham Palace…

Guy was walking down one of the palace's colorful halls, and back to King John's bedroom. He was about to take out his pistol...when his cell phone rang.

Guy uneasily said, "cheerio."

A agent on the other line pointed out, "we have reviewed your strategy to leave Ireland defenseless…and with a minor change, it is good to go. But, it is exceptional…considering that if it wasn't for Northern Ireland being part of the United Kingdom, you wouldn't even be involved."

Guy wondered as he put his pistol away, "minor change?"

The agent on the other line added, "yeah…because you didn't coordinate your plan with us. Instead of having agent Mary infiltrate them, I…the foreign secretary of MI6…am instructing you to use agent Prioress instead."

Guy figured, "but…isn't she a prostitute?"

The agent on the other line chuckled, "exactly. No one around there expects a prostitute to be worth much of anything."

Guy chuckled, "now why didn't I think of that?"

The agent on the other line concluded, "I don't know…but for all of our sakes, we must not fail King John."

On the following night, in Ireland…

A woman with long black hair and a man with medium reddish blond hair were making out in an old fashioned hotel room, when the woman with a gas grenade the size of an earring moved her hands near the victim's nose. The man fell onto the bed knocked out, in the middle of taking off his green military uniform.

The woman went through the officer's things, searching for something.

The room was circular and mostly stone bricked with brown paint, with pictures of marine life and coral reefs.

The woman chuckled, "three down, one more to go." She took out the officer's cell phone and walkie talkie. The woman tossed the cell phone out of a bedroom window, and into the Atlantic Ocean. It short circuited.

As the woman left by purple car, some green helicopters came to the scene. Thinking that the body fell into the water, Defence Forces' officers in green uniform were using radar to track the falling cell phone.

One of them muttered, "he has got to be around here…somewhere."

Another officer next to the first officer asked, "what is it?"

The first officer gulped, "British helicopters…armed and coming towards us."

The second officer called out over a loudspeaker, "this is the Irish Air Corps! We are not your enemy! Break off your attack immediately, and no harm will…"

White and green missiles were launched from ten white and green helicopters up ahead, which were heading towards three Defence Forces helicopters.

The Defence Forces officers fired bullets from their arsenal to try to detonate the missiles early. This resulted in knocking both sides backwards, with eight of the British helicopters falling into the ocean below.

But, sheer numbers of missiles won…as missiles from the two remaining hovering white and green helicopters destroyed the three helicopters one by one.

The Defence Forces tried to call for help from the Reserve Defence Force, but their communications were being jammed.

Several British helicopters landed in the Atlantic Ocean, but British military officers in green uniform exited out of their sinking helicopters and swam to shore. Debris also fell into the ocean below, as British offices climbed onto shore.

One of the officers commented, "why are we doing this again?"

Another officer pointed out, "because MI6 will kill us and our families if we don't. Now…let's move!"

The rest of the officers reluctantly obeyed as they ran across the road...armed with black rifles.

On the previous night, in England…

A tall gray apartment building the size of a small skyscraper stood out in the middle of the night, with ten Metropolitan police officers on patrol. Two pale brown doorways with glass panels and glass doors built inside made up the two front entrances.

On bicycles were Robin Hood, the Black Knight, and the Merry Men, moving between incoming traffic.

Apparently, these bicycles were either stolen or bought.

Horns honked at them, but Robin Hood and the rest of the Merry Men were too focused on finding the Royal Family to care about much else.

One of the Metropolitan police officers called out on a black walkie talkie, "we have got the Merry Men on bicycles, coming around Cleland House!"

As soon as Metropolitan police officers on bicycles came after Robin Hood and his Merry Men, they started to split up.

One of the police officers on bicycle called out, "spilt up! They cannit have gotten far!"

As the police were pursuing Robin Hood and his Merry Men, Merry Men lookalikes suddenly appeared on bicycles to charge at the patrol.

A second police officer on patrol called out in confusion, "but…you were just…!"

Robin Hood pointed out with a chuckle, "I know."

And with that, he kicked the first patrol officer with one leg while using his other leg to move the bicycle.

The first patrol officer crashed into one of the glass doors.

Alarms started sounding off like crazy.

Robin Hood had this time made more use of his backup Merry Men…who were wearing stolen parts of disguises to make themselves seem to be Robin Hood and the rest of his main Merry Men.

Betriss and the Black Knight each had one fist out and a hand on the steering rod of the bicycle, which allowed them to knock over several police officers.

Along the way in through the broken door, George and Little John with tasers in hand tasered the knocked over bodies to freeze them in place. More police officers came down an elevator to get to the entrance hall, where the real Robin Hood and his main Merry Men were.

They got off their bicycles, and propped them up against the unbroken glass door.

By the time more police officers got there, Robin Hood had turned off the lights to give the Merry Men an advantage.

Sounds of punching, shooting, whacking, and kicking echoed across the hall.

That is, until every police officer was taken out…whether by punches, kicks, tasers, exploding guns, or a crowbar.

The lights came back on. The Black Knight urged, "let's do this."

Robin Hood and his main Merry Men searched the first floor of offices surrounded by clear glass and wide pale brown halls, but found nothing. Even using the skeleton key and access codes found in agent Guy's wallet to unlock the office locks didn't seem to lead to clues about where the Royal Family was. This included the desk drawers, file cabinets, and closets. And every computer was password protected, without a clue as to what the passwords were.

Robin Hood muttered, "bugger!"

Betriss assured him, "don't worry…we will find the Royal Family."

Alan-A-Dale wondered with a sigh, "why are we rescuing the Royal Family anyway? I mean, they are just typical fellows."

Tuck commented, "they are not just fellows! They play a crucial part of England's culture and religion."

Lorna remarked, "some traditions are just asking to be broken."

The Black Knight pointed out, "you didn't have to come with us, you know."

Tuck muttered coldly, "and how can you say such treacherous words?!"

Alan-A-Dale explained, "please, just hear us out! We just thought that we would be able to find a way to get to King John himself…through this government run building's files. All we seem to be finding though is password guarded computer screens."

Robin Hood admitted, "it is a good idea…except for that one detail."

George pointed out, "and we didn't find agent Guy's cell phone in his wallet…so that isn't an option either."

Betriss concluded, "Alan-A-Dale, think of it this way. The Royal Family might have found out how to get to King John themselves…while they have no way out and no choice but to listen to King John's ranting."

Lorna figured with a chuckle, "and how do you figure that, hun?"

Betriss deduced, "the Black Knight told us that the Royal Family is going to be shot down tomorrow. Why else would they have been alive for this long…at King John's hand?"

Alan-A-Dale figured, "you do have a point."

Lorna added, "then what are we standing around here for?! We got the Royal Family to save."

Little John added, "let's do this."

Suddenly, there was a sound of a door opening.

Robin Hood wondered, "what was that?"

He and his main Merry Men checked the wide halls, but only thought they had seen a shadow. Before they could see anything else, the lights went out again.

The Black Knight realized, "someone is here."

Little John concluded as he turned back on the lights, "then let's hurry."

Robin Hood and his main Merry Men went upstairs by using a gray stairway, staying cautiously close to each other in a straight line as they did.

As they got to the second floor...the lights went out again.

Robin Hood sighed, "time to get out the torches."

Each of the main Merry Men got out a stolen flashlight, which they used to bring spots of light to the wide halls before them. They searched again, with help from agent Guy's stolen skeleton key and access codes. With help from the skeleton key being put in a desk drawer to open it, Little John found something.

He pointed out, "the Royal Family's dress clothes."

And sure enough, in a closet, were red and yellow uniforms and gowns of varying colors…that looked exactly what the Royal Family was wearing on the same day that they got captured by ex-prince John.

Suddenly...the door to this gray walled and yellow floored office slammed shut.

George called out, "where are you?!"

Little John shouted, "yeah! Show yourself, you little bugger!"

Guy chuckled, "you sure don't sound merry to me."

Robin Hood called out, "Guy! You want your things back?"

Guy angrily muttered, "didn't you hear, Robin?! I got appointed to Home Secretary of MI5…so I could take you down. Now!"

Suddenly, a bunch of gas grenades were thrown through the glass walls to the office.

Robin Hood and the rest of the main Merry Men were holding their breath as they ran out of the office. But, because of the cloud of green gas that was surrounding them...they couldn't see each other.

Some MI5 agents with gas masks on charged at Robin Hood and his main Merry Men. Guy though didn't charge at Robin Hood this time. Instead, he charged at the Black Knight.

As soon as Robin Hood and his main Merry Men were out of the gas cloud, the Black Knight was tackled by Guy.

The Black Knight rammed her helmeted head at Guy, but Guy shifted to the side while ramming his body weight into the Black Knight. Guy commented, "the bigger they are…the harder they fall."

The Black Knight groaned under her armor as Guy got up. As the Black Knight tried to get up, Guy kicked her against another glass wall.

It smashed to pieces as the Black Knight crashed through it. Then, before the Black Knight could react...Guy took out a taser and tasered the Black Knight under her helmet.

Meanwhile, Tuck was whacking MI5 agents across the hall…again spinning his crowbar like a shield against incoming bullets. Lorna, Betriss, and Alan-A-Dale were kicking and punching several incoming MI5 agents.

George and Little John tasered some of the incoming MI5 agents before they could fire bullets at them. Robin Hood ran past them...searching for Guy.

Robin Hood soon enough found Guy...holding with his arms the tasered body of the Black Knight as he started walking away.

Robin Hood muttered in teary eyes, "no."

Guy muttered coldly, "if you so much as follow me, the Black Knight will have seen her last night here."

With one hand, he had a pistol aimed under the Black Knight's helmet. Robin Hood just stood there, not sure what to do.

Guy chuckled, "that is what I thought."

He started walking slowly down the stairs...towards the way out. Robin Hood ran back to the other main Merry Men.

He called out, "don't shoot! He has got the Black Knight!"

By now, the other MI5 agents nearby were either knocked out or tasered.

Lorna muttered, "great! Just great! Now what do we do, Robin Hood?"

Robin Hood figured, "we keep looking for the Royal Family."

Betriss pointed out in surprise, "what about the Black Knight?!"

Robin Hood sighed, "we still have some time to rescue her…and the Royal Family might still be the key to stopping King John for good."

Little John deduced, "it is a slim chance, Robin. You sure we can pull this off?"

Robin Hood insisted, "we have got to…before King John carries out another order that would be hurtful to England."

Alan-A-Dale figured, "sounds crazy enough to work."

Tuck wondered, "what about all the people we bribed to turn on King John? Without those people on King John's side, he cannit regulate prisons or the economy."

George challenged, "yeah. What kind of power could King John have left?"

Robin Hood sighed, "he could declare war on other nations…like Wales, Ireland, or even America. He could draft defenseless citizens of his choosing to fight for him…to their death sentence. And he still has the British military, MI5, and MI6 under his control."

George realized uneasily, "oh…right."

Lorna added, "and with any luck on their side, they could torture information out of the Black Knight."

Betriss concluded uneasily, "then enough talk. We all know the consequences if we fail."

Little John urged, "then let's go."

Alan-A-Dale realized, "you know where they are?"

Little John deduced, "those clothes smelled…like sewer water."

Robin Hood figured, "then let's get into the nearest gulley-pot and see where it takes us. Follow me."

A short while later…

With stolen boots of varying colors and MI5 gas masks on, Robin Hood and his main Merry Men with help from their flashlights walked in the smelly and dark gray bricked sewers.

They saw moving rats and bugs around, but they were easily waved away by sudden movements or swatting. On the street above, an unscrewed gray catchbasin was laying on the road.

Eventually, Robin Hood and his main Merry Men found a row of several wooden crates, half covered in filthy gray sewer water. Coughing came from the crates.

Little John figured, "if that isn't the Royal Family, I don't know what is."

Tuck added, "if I may?"

Robin Hood nodded.

Tuck used his crowbar to forcibly pry open the crates, one by one.

Inside was indeed the Royal Family...with only their undergarments and some gas masks on. This included underwear and bras of varying colors. The Royal Family was also tied up inside the crates by rope, which Betriss and Robin Hood easily begun to untie. King Richard and Queen Anne were recognized by Robin Hood and most of the main Merry Men.

Betriss wondered, "do you need help?"

King Richard concluded, "we would sure appreciate it. Do you have any idea how long we were down here for?"

Tuck figured, "at least a month."

Betriss and the rest of the main Merry Men helped the somewhat embarrassed Royal Family to their feet, soon after they were free from the rope.

Most of the Royal Family was thinking, "how are we going to live this down?!"

They were however either too tired or too polite to show much signs of embarrassment.

King Richard sighed, "our traitorous disowned son John has taken over England…and we could do nothing to stop it."

Lorna figured, "that could change now. Right?"

Queen Anne wondered, "I guess…but who are you?"

Robin Hood added, "I am Robin Hood, and these are members of my Merry Men."

Betriss added, "surely you have heard of us from King John?"

Queen Anne realized, "oh yes…that Robin Hood. We would be so grateful if you could help us get back our titles."

Alan-A-Dale wondered, "hmm…how much grateful?"

Robin Hood urged, "not now, Alan-A-Dale!

Tuck pointed out, "we may be thieves, but we have consciences too."

Lorna challenged, "and what will happen to us after this is over and you return to your regular lives? What then?!"

Robin Hood muttered, "we will discuss this later. Right now, we have to help the Royal Family."

George figured, "right. Owt useful you could tell us about King John?"

Queen Anne realized, "well...he recently told us about how he will take over Ireland tomorrow night and draft citizens to his cause."

Robin Hood realized, "I knew it."

Little John wondered, "how did ex-prince John get disowned anyway?"

Queen Anne sighed, "he humiliated three of my daughters…at the same time."

Betriss realized, "ohh. That is spiky."

George sighed, "we don't have time for this! Isn't there owt that you could tell us about getting past King John's defenses?"

King Richard thought out loud, "hmm…well, there was something about making a death trap for Robin Hood at MI6 headquarters."

Betriss concluded, "so that Robin Hood cannit send a message for help?"

Robin Hood chuckled, "I wasn't thinking that at all. In fact, I will need your help to carry out my plan."

King Richard realized, "me? But…I am no fighter!"

Robin Hood insisted, "exactly. We need more information, and you and your family could provide it. It is our only chance to stop King John for good."

On the following morning…

Marian woke up in a crate, with only a gas mask and her undergarments on.

Around her was the smell of stinky gas, the movement of rats and bugs, and dirty sewer water around the bottom half of the crate. A red bricked sewer tunnel surrounded the sewer water. Agent Guy with black boots and a gas mask on was standing over Marian's open crate. Marian was tied up by rope around her legs, arms, and hands.

She asked, "what do you want?!"

Guy sighed, "in some ways, I am disappointed in you…and in some ways, I am impressed. King John, however, is completely disappointed in you."

Marian wondered, "what are you getting at, agent Guy?"

Guy chuckled a little, "I am ready to forgive you for betraying King John. To get to you, I was willing to assassinate him. But, the fact that you lied to me…"

Marian commented, "just get to the point."

Guy figured, "the point is…that maybe you have chosen the wrong path because you fell for the wrong guy. Is it…Robin Hood? Little John? Tuck?"

Marian chuckled uneasily, "you were right the first time."

Guy sighed, "I know that King John has made some…questionable decisions. But fighting beside Robin Hood…isn't the way to go about it."

Marian pointed out, "when even Parliament is controlled by King John's forces?! I cannit think of another way to go about it."

Guy suggested, "what if I offered you…a legal way? Would you then forget about Robin Hood and his Merry Men?"

Marian remarked, "well, it seems I have no choice but to listen…don't I?"

Guy went on, "MI5 has authorization to neutralize threats to the government. And if I overthrow King John, I could become king."

Marian challenged, "but how would that be any different from King John's rule then?"

Guy chuckled, "over the past month, I have come to the conclusion that King John's polices make more enemies than friends. And going to all that trouble to keep people intimidated…there is no real profit in that. Eventually, even without much opposition, King John's money will go down the drain before he realizes that he is carelessly spending it. Or worse…inflation."

Marian figured, "and you could do better?"

Guy slightly chuckled, "I would have everyone pay tribute to me daily…in exchange for the welfare system, tax dependent services, and letting the rest of the Royal Family out for ceremonies and parties. And of course, I would divide the money up with the HM Treasury, so that enough money would appear back into the economy to keep it going."

Marian chuckled, "then why would you need me…if you have it all figured out?"

Guy confessed, "because despite all the betrayals…I still love you, love. And every king could use a queen."

Marian concluded, "that does sound reasonable…except for one thing."

Guy wondered, "what is it, love?"

Marian added, "how can I be sure that you won't treat me…as just a pretty face?"

Guy figured, "you could even help me catch Robin Hood…if you would like."

Marian decided, "consider it done."

Guy untied the rope around Marian, and escorted her towards a way out of the sewer. More specifically, towards an unscrewable gray catchbasin above…with help from a rope ladder.

On the following afternoon…

Robin Hood and the rest of his Merry Men were back in the treehouse near Buckingham Palace. The Royal Family was upstairs on the second floor, redressed with stolen gowns of varying colors and uniforms of red and yellow.

Robin Hood sighed, "there are still some details to work out…if my plan is going to work."

Betriss pointed out, "like the fact that the Black Knight isn't under Buckingham Palace anymore?"

Robin Hood figured, "yes."

George pointed out, "that MI6 is already limiting and monitoring the internet for England?"

Tuck added, "and that there is still that publicity campaign?"

Robin Hood added, "yes, but…"

Little John interrupted, "and that Robin Hood is, according to that campaign, an outlaw that killed the Sheriff?"

Robin Hood muttered, "you could have at least left that part out."

Little John concluded, "sorry, Robin."

Robin Hood sighed, "still, you bring up a good point. It isn't like other nations will listen to us...which means…"

Betriss realized, "don't tell me you are thinking of…!"

Robin Hood concluded, "yes…I am."

George realized, "but you cannit! It would put everyone here at great risk!"

Lorna commented, "been there, done that. Moving on!"

Alan-A-Dale sighed, "don't worry Robin: We will find her."

Robin Hood figured uneasily, "knowing her, she has probably found a way out of being shot…but I cannit help feeling that summat is wrong."

Betriss sighed, "same here."

Little John figured, "but we will get through it…right?"

Robin Hood concluded, "of course we will. England is depending on us, and we must defend her spirit…no matter what the cost."

Tuck added, "well said, Robin Hood."

Robin Hood deduced, "I just hope it is enough."

On the following night…

A white and green building stood out in the night sky.

Three white circular shaped towers stuck out of this structure, which was mostly shaped like some inflated stadium seats of green over a white rectangular shaped office building. Lights were on outside of the building, and a patrol of twenty MI6 agents in black formal suits were guarding the outside of the massive building.

Guy, with the main Merry Men and one of the backup Merry Men held at gunpoint by MI5 agents, came up to the patrol.

One of the officers stated, "you cannit come in without personal ID, mate." Guy showed them his ID badge.

The first officer urged, "proceed. May I see your…?"

Guy interrupted, "they are all being escorted by me! You got a problem with that? Take it up with King John."

A second officer concluded, "we are sorry. We didn't..."

Guy figured, "of course."

And with that, Guy let some members of the patrol press a bunch of buttons on a computer key lock on the glass door. The patrol went back to patrolling, as Robin Hood, the MI5 agents, and the main Merry Men walked into the office building.

A trapdoor in the office building's white floor tiles and a part of the dark blue carpet slid open to reveal a escalator.

Guy urged, "move it!"

He led the MI5 agents armed with pistols and the main Merry Men onto the escalator...while the real Guy and redressed Marian appeared near the patrol.

One of the officers revealed, "we let the fake Guy in, just like you said."

Guy chuckled, "good. They fell for the trap. Keep me advised on their situation."

The same officer confirmed, "sure thing, mate. May I see your…?"

Marian took out her recovered personal ID, which was enough to let her and the real Guy into MI6 headquarters.

The trapdoor slid back into place, hiding the escalator underneath. Guy led Marian to a security room, with lots of colorful switches and buttons on a gray control console. A big monitor screen showed Robin Hood and his Merry Men getting off of the escalator.

Marian urged, "you aren't going to shoot them, are you?"

Guy concluded, "we just have to keep playing King John's game…while giving Robin Hood the leverage he needs to get past this. At the same time, we have to make it look good."

Marian realized, "you can control the traps from here?"

Guy chuckled, "it is one big trap: A labyrinth that can be altered with just a flick of a switch. But, it isn't the only thing that MI6 has for defenses."

He switched the screen to a second camera feed, which showed an android that looked exactly like Robin Hood. Guy revealed, "all tha had to do was dress it up as Robin Hood…and paint the walls to be like a forest at night."

Marian added, "very crisp…but is the robot controllable?"

Guy deduced, "huh. I don't know. You can go ahead and try to take the robot by surprise. I will control the labyrinth from here. Go!"

Marian concluded, "ta."

The trapdoor slid open again, down some halls from where Marian was. Right before leaving, Marian kissed Guy on the cheek. She then hurried down the escalator, and into the underground maze.

The maze indeed looked like a forest at night...with brown and green metal trees and walls of dark blue night skies.

Robin Hood realized, "I think this was the trap."

Betriss wondered, "what makes you say that?"

Robin Hood pointed out, "because here it comes!"

His android lookalike came charging at Robin Hood and his Merry Men, with laser eyes blasting at them.

The backup Merry Men dressed as MI5 agents with stolen police pistols blasted away at the android, but with no effect. Some of them were blasted into flames by the lasers, which resulted in screaming like mad.

George called out, "this way!"

Robin Hood let George lead the rest of the Merry Men through an opening to the left, and into a winding hall of sky painted walls and metal trees. Blasts from the lasers struck the black carpet below the sky painted walls, lighting it on fire.

Lorna pointed out, "do you do this often?"

Alan-A-Dale pointed out, "I don't think you want to know, love."

Guy muttered, "that is for making me look like a fool!"

He was controlling the robot with some buttons on the control room's console. He accelerated the robot's speed with the touch of a button.

The robot was catching up to Robin Hood and his Merry Men...as they went from shapeshifting hallway to shapeshifting hallway.

Meanwhile, Marian ran through the maze openings that Robin Hood went through…before they closed. This was thanks to hearing screams and Robin Hood's voice.

With help from her knowledge in martial arts, Marian ran from one moving wall to the next with considerable speed. She called out, "Robin Hood! Robin Hood!"

Robin Hood realized with partial relief, "I know that voice."

Betriss realized, "the Black Knight…is here?"

Alan-A-Dale commented, "now if she could hurry…we just might get out of this mess."

Robin Hood and most of his Merry Men were surrounded by flames and a flameproof robot. Even with the two openings around them, they couldn't jump away in time to avoid the robot.

Guy muttered, "and this is for stealing my wallet, you bugger!"

He was charging up the laser eyes for superlaser strength with help from another button.

Tuck remarked, "you should have more faith in the Black Knight."

Lorna figured, "I know what to do."

She hurled her and Alan-A-Dale's pistols at the Robin Hood android's laser eyes. The pistols exploded in front of the android as Robin Hood and most of his Merry Men jumped over the flames.

This resulted in vaporizing the pistols, while Marian tackled the robot from above by jump kicking off of the walls and landing on the robot.

Marian's discharged momentum sent the android crashing into the aflame carpet below, which resulted in exploding the android when it was controlled by Guy to blast the floor. That section of carpet exploded as the android blasted its own eyes out…therefore blasting its own circuitry out.

The android exploded into pieces as Marian jump kicked off of the android. She landed next to Robin Hood and most of his Merry Men.

Robin Hood figured, "what took you so long?"

Marian sighed, "there is summat I have to tell you, love."

As soon as she said it, an opening out of the maze opened up to an elevator door. It automatically opened to let in Robin Hood and his remaining Merry Men, which was a tight fit.

Lorna wondered, "well?"

Marian sighed, "Guy thinks I am working for him now."

Betriss chuckled a little, "how did you manage that?"

Marian insisted, "there is no time to explain. Guy should be coming after you any minute now."

She pressed a button inside the elevator that was labeled S2, which made the elevator go down further into the ground.

Robin Hood figured, "so…we just follow you anyway?"

Marian deduced, "just pretend to be surprised, and we will be fine."

Robin Hood concluded, "right."

The elevator stopped at a dimly lit hall of control rooms...with glass walls around the control rooms. Each control room was set up with a black control console, which had colorful buttons, a monitor screen, colorful switches, and a couple of attached black security cameras that moved back and forth. A figure in a black formal suit was at each console.

As Robin Hood and his remaining Merry Men came onto the floor, the figures at their consoles quickly pressed some buttons that made the hall give way to a pit of spikes.

Robin Hood called out, "fall back! I mean, don't fall!"

He and his remaining Merry Men ran back onto the elevator, when Marian quickly closed the elevator door with a press of a button. Lasers on security cameras aimed at the door started slowly cutting the door open.

Robin Hood and his Merry Men tried to take out the consoles...but the door was quicker. Their aim was off, and so bullets instead hit some of the cameras.

Betriss muttered, "now what?"

Lorna challenged, "how are we sure this isn't the real death trap, hun?"

Marian counteracted, "Guy wants to overthrow King John and take the crown for himself. We should give him a chance to rescue me."

Robin Hood commented, "I should have known how ambitious he really is. If not, we have a small window of opportunity anyway."

Just as Robin Hood and his Merry Men were about to fire with their police pistols and tasers...the door was cut open.

At the same time, Guy came out of another elevator to shoot down the cameras with his pistol. They exploded, creating holes in the ceiling. With his other hand, he hurled a knockout gas grenade into the nearest control room.

Green gas engulfed the nearest control room while Guy put on a gas mask. It instantly knocked out the figure at the console. Then Guy did the same thing again with more grenades, knocking out every other figure that was clearly at a console before they could react.

In between gas grenades, Guy planted a microchip on each of the consoles…resulting in hacking into and crashing the consoles in a matter of minutes. This was helped by a gray remote controlled car styled remote, which controlled the microchip's circuitry.

As soon as the floor was clear of MI6 agents, Guy walked towards Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Guy chuckled, "Robin Hood. How does it feel to be rejected by Marian?"

Robin Hood played along, "what are you talking about? Marian, is this…?"

Marian urged, "it is for the best, Robin Hood. He wants King John stopped too."

Betriss insisted, "but at what cost?"

Tuck added, "yeah. After the several times you tried to kill us over the past month, why should we trust the likes of you?!"

Guy sighed, "Robin Hood. I can understand that your Merry Men are skeptical, but don't you judge people for who they really are…Robert?"

Robin Hood thought out loud, "you know who I am?"

Guy figured, "it was hard to figure out. But, in the past week, I finally finished my research. Your fingerprints were an exact match for a lawyer named Robert. I just wanted to make sure…so I collected more evidence. Your escape from a flight to Sweden, for example."

Robin Hood muttered, "one thing is for sure though. Thinking of your kind running the country again…makes me sick."

Little John added, "you tell him, Robin!"

Guy realized, "so, you're an enemy of my new government. Very well."

He aimed his pistol at Robin Hood before anyone else could react.

Marian muttered in teary eyes, "Guy, don't!"

Guy exclaimed, "you still love this man…don't you?! Don't you?!"

He quickly shot down the elevator light before anyone else could stop him. Lorna and Alan-A-Dale tried to hit his pistol, but Guy dodged them both.

In the dimness of it all...Guy quickly grabbed Tuck's incoming crowbar and swung kicked into him.

Tuck clutched his chest, coughing violently on the elevator floor. He passed out soon after.

Betriss tried to kick and punch him, but Guy hurled George against her. Betriss was knocked unconscious from the sudden weight hurled on top of her.

George got back up.

Robin Hood almost found Guy...but Guy kicked him into a remaining glass wall nearby.

Robin Hood coughed like crazy as he got back up. Lorna and then Alan-A-Dale were kicked against the floor, unconscious. One by one, George and several other Merry Men were hurled against several more unbroken glass walls…who were knocked out as a result.

Marian ran to Robin Hood. She asked in teary eyes, "are you all right, Robert?"

Robin Hood muttered, "if I don't get out of this alive, you should know that I…love you."

Marian concluded with a hand in Robin Hood's hand, "I know."

Suddenly, Guy came out of the elevator: After he checked to see that everyone else was unconscious.

He called out, "you have failed, Robin Hood! King John will take over Ireland...and when he does, I will control both England and Ireland!"

Robin Hood chuckled a little, "that is where you are wrong, agent Guy. You see anyone…missing?"

Guy realized, "oh, bugger!"

While Robin Hood and his Merry Men came into MI6 headquarters' trap...the one backup member of the Merry Men that wasn't dressed up like an MI5 agent wasn't really a member of the Merry Men. He was actually King Richard in disguise…who had snuck off from the group while they went down the escalator.

King Richard in disguise used his basic knowledge of MI6 operations to find a black communications console by elevator. It had the same build as the security consoles.

The security people were focusing on Robin Hood and his Merry Men though…not on the security footage of King Richard accessing an unattended console. And by the time they realized it, it would be too late to stop it.

King Richard broadcasted a message to the president of the United States, which said, "this is King Richard of England…here to tell you that England has been taken over by a dictator named John. He is the disowned Prince John of England from last year…and he must be stopped! He has already tried to raise prices too high, start war with Ireland, take out citizens that disagree with him and his government, separate the rich from the poor, and outlaw acts of charity. This is extremely urgent…so get here as fast as you can!"

Guy muttered coldly with tears in his eyes, "if I go down, so will you!"

He fired bullets at Robin Hood, who ran into the opposite elevator with Marian.

Guy chased after them. He tumbled into this other elevator as it closed behind him.

Marian tried to punch Guy while he was laying on the ground, but Guy tripped her by spin kicking from the ground. Marian tumbled back to her feet as Robin Hood charged at him.

Guy hurled Marian against the wall before Robin Hood could get close enough.

Robin Hood cried out, "no!"

Marian kicked Guy backwards in midair while being hurled...stunning him long enough for Robin Hood to punch him in the chest.

Marian was coughing violently on the elevator floor. Guy was coughing like crazy as he rammed his gun into Robin Hood's face.

Robin Hood was coughing violently, feeling dizziness and nausea at the same time.

He reactively took out his gun...and fired at Guy.

Guy was hit right in the chest, and sent to unconsciousness on the elevator floor. Robin Hood fell unconscious...unaware of what he did.

A week later…

Robin Hood woke up to find himself on a blue mattress...with white sheets over him. He was in a grey and yellow room, with a green monitor beside him and a window to his left. Robin Hood had breathing tubes in his nose, which he used to breathe normally. There were stitches on his nose. His chest was in a cast.

Robin Hood groaned, "where…am I?"

A figure in a black formal suit with shoulder length red hair answered, "you are in a hospital…near MI6 headquarters. On behalf of MI6, we would like you to answer some questions."

Robin Hood figured, "ok." He thought, "what have I got to lose? If King John is still in power, there truly is no justice here. And if my Merry Men died that night…"

He got teary eyed just from thinking about the terrible thought of losing his criminal friends like that.

The MI6 official asked, "what do you last remember?"

Robin Hood thought out loud, "agent Guy was beating up my team."

The MI6 official urged, "and…before that?"

Robin Hood concluded with a cough, "agent Guy was trying to become king of England…and failing miserably."

The MI6 official informed Robin Hood, "agent Guy…is dead."

A shocked Robin Hood asked, "how?"

The MI6 official went on, "your gun…killed him. But, according to a medical report, you fell unconscious at the same time."

Robin Hood realized, "so...I did it in self defense?"

The MI6 official concluded, "that is what it seems like. But, have you ever thought that agent Guy was playing along with King John…to get enough time to send the word out to America himself?"

Robin Hood tried to wrap his mind around this concept, "that…doesn't sound like the agent Guy that I know. He was a traitor to England, and a…!"

The MI6 official cried out, "enough! Now, it is most likely that…"

Her cell phone then rang. The MI6 official urged, "sorry."

She talked over her cell phone, "wait…what? What?! He cannit just…! Fine…he can. And cheerio to you too." The MI6 official sighed, "as of now, you are pardoned for all charges against you. Good day…Robert."

And with that, she left Robin Hood alone in bed.

Robin Hood realized solemnly, "ta, King Richard."

King Richard had cleared him of all criminal charges, for what he did as Robin Hood. And reasonably...for every other member of his Merry Men.

Another week later…

Robin Hood and Marian were staying at Marian's dark red bricked factory styled house for the night. Robin Hood and Marian were mostly healed up at this point, and able to walk again.

They were in a white and green bedroom, with a tilted window overlooking the night sky through the pale blue roof. There was a double sized dark red bed below the window, with matching covers and pillows.

Robin Hood and Marian were lying on the bed, staring out at the starry night sky. Robin Hood was back to being dressed in a black formal suit. Marian was dressed in her black gown.

She pointed out, "it has been two weeks since that night, love…and you haven't said much to me. It is kind of scary."

Robin Hood sighed, "I just cannit help thinking about agent Guy…how I ended up killing him."

Marian turned to Robin Hood with a hand in his hand, "it isn't your fault, you know."

Robin Hood muttered, "is it so wrong…to feel satisfaction for what happened to him?"

Marian commented, "in some ways, agent Guy deserved it. But, in some ways, we all feel terrible for what happened. At least now though...it can be bearable. It is time to move on, Robert."

Robin Hood figured, "maybe you are right. It wasn't a voluntary act that killed him…but an involuntary act that did."

Marian concluded, "you are making progress."

Robin Hood pointed out, "so is the rest of the team."

Marian reflected, "very true. Thanks to the Royal Family, Alan-A-Dale and Lorna have been given agent status at MI5…and MI5 is asking each of us if we want to join them."

Robin Hood realized, "we could be dealing with matters of security on a daily basis."

Marian added, "it wouldn't be much different than what we already have done…together."

Robin Hood pointed out, "but we would be sworn to secrecy."

Marian deduced, "a small price to pay…to protect the spirit of England."

Robin Hood sighed, "but what if…I end up killing again?"

Marian concluded, "maybe none of us have to really kill. We have found a way to humanely take down criminals, and we can do it again."

Robin Hood added, "ta…for the vote of confidence."

Marian suggested, "well…I am thinking of joining MI5. But, only if you will join me."

Robin Hood concluded with a small smile, "I cannit think of a better way for justice to be served."

Marian kissed him on the lips.

She said with a smile, "I thought you might say that."

Soon after, Marian and Robin Hood started making out on the bed. And at least part of the moon was shining above them...which was like a light at the end of a long tunnel.

A few days later…

Robin Hood, the Black Knight, Little John, Betriss, George, Alan-A-Dale, Lorna, and priest Tuck were standing in a dimly lit circular room with dark blue walls. The room had a 3D movie projector, a couple of loudspeakers, and four security cameras built into the dome shaped ceiling. Four doors led into this room from north, south, east, and west.

Robin Hood and his main Merry Men each had a wallet, a black pistol, a MI5 ID card, and some mysterious gadgets that looked like ordinary things.

A unnatural voice that came from the loudspeakers said, "Merry Men, are you ready for your first official mission?"

Alan-A-Dale figured, "I was born ready, mate."

Lorna sighed, "Alan-A-Dale."

Alan-A-Dale sighed, "sorry."

Lorna, Betriss, Robin Hood, the Black Knight, Tuck, Little John, and George all said in turn, "I am ready, mate." Well, except for Lorna, who said hun instead of mate.

The voice from the loudspeakers responded, "good. You are to locate agent Prioress of MI6...and stop her from killing more innocents. She was discovered as one of the corrupt fellows that were put in a high position of power…thanks to King John."

As the voice was talking, 3D image files of agent Prioress appeared in the center of the room…including moving action pictures stolen from camera footage.

George shrugged, "nothing we cannit handle."

Little John confidently added, "we will take her down. You can be sure of that."

Betriss wondered, "and what about the others?"

The unrevealed voice answered, "they are already…taken care of by the uncorrupt members of MI5."

Robin Hood challenged, "does that mean tha were…?"

The unrevealed voice went on, "that isn't your concern! Your concern is about the important innocents that could be harmed by agent Prioress. She was last sighted in England…and that is why we have selected you to stop her."

The Black Knight concluded with a sigh, "we will stop her, mate."

The unrevealed voice concluded, "excellent. Peter Pan out."

And with that, the 3D movie projector was turned off. The pictures of agent Prioress disappeared from the room.

Little John remarked, "well, he is no Peter Pan."

Robin Hood uneasily pointed out, "did you hear what…?!"

The Black Knight pointed out, "not in here! We should wait until we are out on the job."

George added, "right…so we can make fun of him out of earshot."

Betriss urged, "George!"

George wondered, "what?! We aren't…? Ohh...right."

He said this as Robin Hood and his main Merry Men walked out of the briefing room, and into a similar room with bicycles inside.

The Black Knight commented, "and you almost got us in trouble with MI5."

George urged, "sorry."

Robin Hood assured George, "it is ok. We are still getting used to having rules...again."

Tuck added, "then what are we waiting for?"

Little John added with a chuckle, "let's do it."

Robin Hood and his main Merry Men got onto the bicycles, and pedaled out of an automatic sliding metal door in the ceiling. They came off of a ramp, and out into the countryside. The sun shined brightly upon the trees and grassy plains.

It was another day…and another adventure.

The End