Author's Note: This is a poem that formed completely unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago, and I decided to properly format it and post it here. I hope you, dear readers, enjoy this piece, and please leave a review to tell me what you think. Thank you.


The words may whisper past my lips,

Soft and quiet, carrying its message upward;

Or the words may be shouted

In a tumultuous phrase that still goes heavenward.

Sometimes, silent tears may fall,

Whether in sadness or joy, only He and I know;

Other times, smiles and twinkling eyes hold wonder

For the blessings He bestows.

There are moments of peace,

But the words are never quite lost;

Rather, they radiate in my heart—

An unspoken understanding and acceptance that can never be tossed.

Prayers are more than a habitual responsibility—

More than mere words spoken aloud (or in the mind);

Prayers are a connection to our Lord

That you and Him hold most dear and kind.