Sally Wuldkutter

I watched the sally wood cutters hacking at the trees. Due to our woodland magic. Strong trees regrow fast during each spring. As such we have the wood trade. Along with our medical tools. Also our gambling. Then finally we have the ale trade. However I lead the Sally woodcutter and carpenter society. We're still small as Sally's like to be independent. Today I'm was choosing the non Sally's. I saw dwarf lumber mill. I took a deep breath. The dwarf foreman yelled and bellowed at his men. He bowed as he saw me.

"Dorricson" I said. He smiled and said hello. "I represent the Sally woodcutter and carpenter society we'd love for you to join" I smiled. I then showed him the cart of Sally silver and ale. He laughed and shook my hand. My spear guards began unloading the goods. The mill was near our capital city Charlie. Named after the original Sally's dog. I walked to the Sleeping Charlie Puppy Inn. My kin were busy talking about trade with the other kingdom, counties, baronies, and empires. Ale trade was booming along with tourist coming to our empire for gambling. The healers and druid circles took many of our medical tools for healing the wounded and sick.

Our second city Rocky also named after the original Sally's dog was busy developing bakeries and asking the Sally Millers guild and use carpenters for much needed planks. The daughter's of the original Zachary also worked as protectors for our trade caravans. The daughter's and son's of Godwine stayed clear of us. As they dislike the daughter's of the original Zachary. I informed my head leader of the dwarf lumber mill joining our society.

With many people coming to our capital and other cities. We we're building more inn's and houses. We just finished a dwarf trade office for the new dwarf merchant stalls. However our city Isabell was under siege by a rival Sally countess. The Sally gambling baroness we're making a defiant defense. Even Queen Sally sent her personal guard to end the conflict. However we lost several casino to the rebel countess. I walked out of the inn after enjoying my bread and zikorc pale ale. My next task was to move to the local zikorc ironwork smithy. I nodded to the zikorc master smith. He nodded back. "Please take this chest of garnets for ninety nails". He grinned and shouted at his apprentice to heat up the forge. "It'll be done by the end of the day and sent to the society headquarters". I walked back to the society headquarter tired. I logged my deals in the record book. Many said congrats even my head leader said I had a bright future.

Many other woodcutter and carpenters were upset using dwarf's to counter the unreadiness to join the society. "Another triumph for the Sally woodcutter and carpenter society" I laughed.