Chapter 7

They lay naked under the covers of her bed several hours later, both surprised by their sudden and unexpected (but wonderful) lovemaking.

"I've never been this spontaneous before," Cathy told him.

"I'm glad you were," Hollis replied, kissing her on the forehead as they cuddled and embraced, Hollis relieved that he didn't have any embarrassing incidents other than her seeing the male Depends he was wearing when they got undressed. He put on a fresh pair after they were done just to be safe.

"Now that we've done what we've done, I feel like there's something I should tell you," Cathy said quietly in the shadows of the evening dusk.

"What?" He asked with interest.

"Well, it's just that I could probably write a story about this," she said nervously.

"Oh yeah?" He laughed. "You like to write?"

"Yes, I do….Roomy."

"Good for you," he said, but then he stopped short. "Wait….did you just call me Roomy?"

"I did," she confirmed.

"You mean like in your new roommate?" He asked with confusion.

"Actually, I kind of meant like Roomy, the writer of The Cancer Within and The Lady Pilot," she revealed.

A stunned Hollis sat up in the bed and stared down at her. "Are you her?" He asked, his voice cracking.

"Am I who?" She asked innocently.

"Darling Deena," he whispered with disbelief.

"That would be me," she confirmed nervously.

"Oh my God!" Hollis said with amazement. "Why didn't you tell me!?"

She sat up in the bed, the covers falling down to expose her breasts. "Because I wanted you to get to know me, not Deena," she said "Cathy, I mean."

"But you're one in the same!" Hollis exclaimed.

"No I'm not," Cathy insisted. "You had an expectation of who Deena might be," she sighed. "I wasn't sure if your reality was my reality."

"I don't know what you're talking about," Hollis frowned.

Cathy turned away and she buried her head underneath her pillow. The sheet and fallen away to reveal her white tush. "I was afraid you wouldn't find me as interesting or exciting or sexy or as desirable as the characters in my stories," she admitted with embarrassment, mumbling into the mattress. "That you would be disappointed in me if you realized Cathy wasn't as interesting as Deena."

Hollis laughed as he rubbed her fanny affectionately with his hand. "Don't you know?" he asked.

"Don't I know what?" She said into the mattress.

"You're better than all of them!" He smiled. "I fell for you, not them!"

She sighed with relief. "Really?" She asked happily, rolling over on her side and looking at him.

"Really," he told her, kissing the top of her head. "Besides, how do you think I was feeling?"

"What do you mean?" She asked, looking into his face.

"A guy wearing Depends?" He sighed.

"I don't care about that," she said. She kissed the bottom of his chin. "I never would have abandoned you when you were sick."

"What if I get sick again?" He worried.

"I'm here," she promised.

They hugged and cuddled, Hollis loving the feel of her naked skin against his. His hand dropped down to her bare backside which he squeezed with affection.

"Why did you stop posting?" He asked. "Why did you stop messaging me?"

"I had a writer's block," she confessed. "And a cynical review for Christmas Morn made me feel incompetent. I started thinking that maybe I was hiding in my writing and in my characters to avoid my real life. I became disgusted with myself and I didn't want to write anymore. I didn't want to pretend anymore."

"You can't let other people determine your own passions," Hollis said, giving her a squeeze.

"I almost pissed in my pants when I heard you asking for Deena Darling at the office today," Cathy admitted.

"I can't believe you were standing there the whole time," Hollis laughed. "What were the chances?"

"I knew right there and then it was meant to be," Cathy revealed.

"Fate and destiny," Hollis agreed happily. "Just like a romantic story!"

"Where did Roomy come from?" Cathy asked.

"Room E of the Cancer Ward," he revealed. "Where did Darling Deena come from?"

"Deena Darling was my maternal grandmother,' Cathy smiled, kissing him softly. "She was the most independent, determined, confident, curious, interesting woman I've ever known."

"That's how I see you," Hollis said, kissing her passionately.