Long ago, when the land was new and humanity began to settle, the world was at peace. The land was rich and fertile, and the oceans were a deep blue, filled with bountiful fish. The skies were clear, and even when it rained, it was peaceful. Humans began to build settlements, and once they did, they flourished.

But a day came when the skies became stormy, the oceans uneasy, and the very land shivered with unrest.

In what seemed like an instant, a legion of evil beings from the underworld, known as Yomi, swarmed across the land, corrupting and destroying all life in their path. Leading the assault on the realm of man was the demon lord Orochi, a great and powerful serpent god, taking the form of a man. For that is all he needed to bring the human realm to its knees.

Wielding the immensely powerful blade, Yomotsu-shikome, the demon king brought the realm to near annihilation, devastating the continent with a single swing.

But then, just as all hope had died, and humanity's extinction drew near,

A young adventurer and his band of heroes appeared, and fought back the forces of Yomi. With the angelic blade, Quinque Viae, at his disposal, he dispatched the demon king, slew the remaining demons, and sealed the portal to Yomi forever.

With the onslaught halted, and hope returning to the world once more, the adventurer was named King, and his men nobles, and under the King's rule and guidance, humanity once again flourished.

The King was loved and respected by all. Regarded as an absolute paragon, and the last, best hope for humanity.