A/N: Inspiration for when you lose sight of yourself as you navigate the streets of this world.

What could the little thing do? The breeze on the meadow was teasing it so. It clung on wondering, "Where did my bright yellow petals go?".

His brothers and sisters crowded around him and whispered, "They went down...".

So he asked them, "Will we go down too?".

They didn't answer, because they didn't know the answer. Until...

The wind laughed heartily at them and said, "Of course not you sillies! You're going up!" and pulled them up and away on his shoulder, up into the sunshine and the blue sky. He carried them over the green hills, into the soft white clouds and down into a silver valley glistening with dew. Nestling them in a patch of brown earth, he whispered, "Grow up little one, you have much to see."

Be the flower. Be the seed. Be the wind or the sun or the dew or the hill or the cloud. Be what you are. Just be.