Cosplay, Magi and Mischief



Susan took a deep breath as she peered down from the second floor of the mall. The young girl had found herself in a wonderland. And the scene she was peering down at was something straight out of the middle east. At the center of the scene was a fountain that seemed to pumping a hundred and ten gallons of fresh water a minute. Heaps of silver coins could be shimmering at the bottom of the concrete well. Most of the coins tossed in where quarter dollars or half dollars.

Surrounding the fountain where dozens and dozens of ventures. Some of the peddlers stood by there tables and called out to the passers. Others stood by, guarding there wares like hawks, and still others found themselves swamped with people rushing in to buy there goods. From her perch above the bazaar, Sue could see some of the ventures where sailing anime DVD's and mangas. Others where offering character figurines. While others offered racks upon racks of ready to wear clothing.

"Its like a flee market." Isabella said with a little smirk as she peered toward her daughter. Once again the girl had surprised her. The middle age women had come to the conclusion that her tween daughter was a little too old for dressing up as fictional character. But once again she had been proven wrong. Right now her long locks of brown had been dyed pink to match the characters. Thankfully she and the character shared the same colored eyes. Thus saving money on colored contacts.

"Kind is." Susan said releasing her breath as she peered toward one of the booths. Her cheeks flushed a little as she noticed one of the offered costumes seemed to be a more 'anime' version of her standard school uniform.

Isabella noticed her daughter was peering toward the racks of clothing. Still smirking she wrapped her arms around her daughters shoulder. "So you could have worn your school uniform here and nobody would have blinked a eye." As a mother she wanted to tease her daughter and keep her safe, and the only way to keep her safe was to hold her close to her body. Or at least she felt.

"OMG Mommy!" Susan said with a sign and a roll of her eyes. "That's like the cheapest route ever! I mean who wears there school uniform to MetroCon? Beside people with no sense of fashion." Susan then poked out her lips in a cute little pout, but despite the pout she leaned into her mothers embrace. She loved being held by her mother.

Isabella laughed and stuck her tongue out. "Well Susan, or should I call you Morgiana, I'm going to leave you here for a bit. I need to pick up a few things from Kroger. Phone, wallet and pepper spray?" Isabella asked as she lifted herself from the railing.

Susan blushed as she pulled her bag close to her body and opened it. "Phone, fully charged. Wallet with cash, ATM card just in case, pepper spray too." She said putting her hand on each item.

"Good, Photo ID? Breath mints?" She quickly added as she kissed her daughter on the forehead. She was taking a risk, she knew it. But her daughter was slowly starting to prove herself to be to bloom.

Susan blushed at the kissed and checked her purse once again, "Photo ID, check, Breath mints check, Inhaler too for you know those pesky attacks." Susan had been inflicted with asthma since birth. It was one of the reasons she had been enrolled in girl scouts and kendo. Hiking and sunshine had for the most part over the years improved the health of her lungs, the kendo drills too had helped to strength them. But still ever so often she'll find herself inflicted with a horrible cold that would sap the young girl of all her strength. Such a cold had happen only a few months ago.

"Good, now remember to mind your manners and obey all the rules. We don't want a repeat of what happen last time at the pool now do we." She gave her daughter one more kiss before stepping out. "I'll be gone for at least six hours or so. Remember where spending the night at your cousins so take care to be on your best lady like behavior."

Susan nodded her head along with each statement her mother made. "Yes ma'am." She said once she was sure everything was said and done.

"Okay, Love you." She said taking her leave.

"Love you too mummy." Susan blushed as the worlds escaped her lips, quickly she turned her sights toward the market below her. She had around two hundred dollars to burn. Not that she planned to spend it all, for that money had come hard, countless hour of chores and odd jobs had been required to earn that money.

Once Isabella was out of her sight, Susan started toward rummage sale taking place below. It took only a few minutes for her to reach the outer rim of the area. Once she was within the area proper, she started to browse through a rack of ready to wear cosplays. Most of the costumes for sale where of the standard fare, sailorfuku's made up the bulk of the offered lot with a few nice dress added in to spice things up. Much to her dismay, she found the prices far excelled the quality of the goods.

Rolling her eyes she moved to the next venture who was offering manga and light novels for sale. Despite signs being displayed that read. 'Wow' and 'Hot Deal!' and oddly enough 'Super Rare!' the goods offered for sale where of the standard fare. And despite one sign reading 'Price Buster!' the goods grouped around that banner where not marked with a discount price. One would come out better shopping on Amazon, eBay or even the local charity shop. The selection was not that great as well, and most of the books seemed to be former library books from the looks of things.

Her hopes dashed, Susan moved to the next one who was selling DVD's and CD's and a few Gamecube games, the selection once again was average with nothing really standing out. Once more the game shop in front of his stale offered better prizes. And so with nothing more to tempted her she left the trade area and started to wonder around.

Despite the mall being filled with the rafters with people, only a fraction of those where there for the convention. The sad fact was starting to dawn on her, MetroCon was no MechaCon or CoastCon. Both where regional conventions. MetroCon being Bella of the Ball in New Orleans and CoastCon being the games delight in Biloxi, MetroCon when compared to these two where small eggs.

"And here I thought this was going to be something big." She said taking a deep breath as she peered through the display window of shop. "Guess, I better call mummy and have her come pick me up." And with that she reached down and picked up her purse. Just then she felt the sudden shock of hunger pains flood through her body. Blushing then giggling a little she peered toward burger restaurant located above the shop window.

Quickly Sue closed her eyes as she inhaled the savory smell of season ground beef patties being grilled up to perfection. And that tongue teasing scent of fresh French fries coming up from the fryer. All caused the young women to almost kill over from hunger pains.

"Well maybe, I should get something to eat first.." She said blushing a little as she started toward the elevator that would taker to the second floor of the enclosed shopping center.

Fifteen minutes later, she found herself seated upon a hard plastic chair, that offered a birds eye view of floor below her. Quickly her eyes fell upon one booth that had escaped her. The wares being offered up for sale where mostly comic books and sealed action figurines. From her seat she could see most of them where Superhero's she knew a from off the top of her head like Batman and Superman and that one fellow called Green Lantern. Mostly because her brother was a huge nerd.

"Hey another Magi cosplayers!" Came a voice from behind her.

Quickly Susan took a deep breath as she turned toward the source of the noise, quickly her eyes fell upon a trio of fellow Magi cosplayers. Along with a host of fellow cosplayers. The leader of the group seemed to be a young women a few years older than her. Her molten gold colored hair seemed to be firmly glued upon Susan.

"Yep she perfect." She said after a minute or two of looking her up and down. "So do you have a name, or are we going to have to call you Morgiana all day?" She said in a jesting tone of voice. As something of a afterthought she tossed a few strains of golden hair behind her.

Susan blushed a little and soon her lips where sticking out in a cute little pout. "I have a name, but if you wish you can keep calling me Morgiana." She said feeling the heat rise in her high cheek bones.

Her statement earned a round of giggles and laughs from the group that was starting to surround her. She could pick out a few of the characters, there seems to be two girls dressed as sailor scouts from the rebooted anime series Sailor Moon. A classic anime that had a large cult following. Three others where dressed in the stander school girl uniforms. With there con badges clipped to the front breast pockets. The reaming four where all dressed as Magi characters.

Rolling her eyes the leader took a deep breath and took a seat across from Susan. The girl had spunk, she liked that and always looked for that in new members. But time was slipping by, if she was going to put her plan into action she need to roll the dice now.

"Okay, I'm going to up front and honest with you, we need you." The leader said taking a deep breath. "There going to be putting on a few skits in a half a hour. And where going to need a Morgiana." She closed her eyes and in a slightly embarrassed tone of voice she added. "None of us thought to come dressed as her."

Susan blinked and blinked again as she started to sip upon her soda. In a way this was pretty good, the convention so far had been a bore. And doing a silly little skirt with some fellow fans might be a good way to wrap up the day. But it had to be a catch somewhere, yes there had to be a catch hidden somewhere.

"What the catch though?" Susan asked as she titled her head to the side and drained the last of her extra large rootbeer. Sweet caffeine, gods gift to all writers, cosplayers and shift workers.

The young women offered Susan a lopsided smile.

"Well, in the scene," The women started blushing like a bride at the high alter. "Morgiana has been recaptured by a slave traders. So you'll have to be wearing these." She said nodding toward one of her friends. "There real wood, a senior at are vocational center made them for us. You can keep them too, a little keepsake to remember us by." Once that was said her friend came forward.

At her command, one her friends approached Susan. A small little smile played upon her face as she presented a pair of wooden cuffs to Susan. "There just like the ones wore by her when she is captured. I made sure my friend sanded them right well, so there no chance they'll hurt your arm or anything." She said winking.

Susan felt her cheeks blushing deeply as she gazed toward the wooden set of cuffs. Her breathing increased deeply as she gazed toward them, then with a look of utter confusion mixed skin curling embarrassment she peered toward the women who held them.

"Okay, and what happens in this scene?" She asked trying her best to control her mind and keep her thoughts from running wild with excitement.

The leader smirked, it seemed they caught there prey, hook, line and sinker as the old saying goes. All they had to do now was reel there catch in and bag her. Quickly she closed her eyes as she cleared her mind, she had to careful with her words now. Each word needed to weighed, tailored and carefully chosen.

"In this scene," She started. "Morgiana, played by you has been captured by some slave traders. The slave trader will be played by one of my friends, I'm not going to ruin the surprise for you by reveling who's going to be playing who." She said smirking.

"But enough tell us a little big about yourself. Starting with your name first." One of the sailor scouts said as they took another one of the empty seats. "Like your kind of young, so you should still be in school? And judging by your accent, your not a capital girl ether."

Susan blushed a little as her accent was addressed. Quickly took a deep breath as she peered toward the gathered group. Finally after a few tense minutes a small little turned upon her face as she settled.

"Well, real name is Susan, I'm a scout and I'm a freshman at St. Kate's and that's about it." Susan said trying to keep it simple.

The leader smiled a little. "Scout? Like your in girl scouts?" She asked smiling a little as she peered toward the girl. "So was making your costume part of a project or something? And have you ever done something like this before?"

Susan blinked and blinked again as she peered toward the women, quickly she titled her head to the side. The one in charge seemed to treating this conversation like a job interview. If that was the case, she needed to go on the offensive.

"Yes, I'm a scout." She said smiling a little as she peered toward the leader. "And yes, this costume was part of a badge product. That's how I got into cosplay in the first place." When asked her second question, a little blush came across her face as she peered toward them. "And kind of, you see me and my friends did a maid café type deal for Student something week and it was pretty fun. Gotta lot of neat badges out of that project too."

This seemed to satisfy the older women who gently nodded her head.

"Cool, well finish your soda, there going to be doing roll call in about a hour down by the fountain. So we'll see you then." She said standing up and offering Sue a little wink. "Oh and don't worry, we'll try to keep the spanking on the fun side of things." She said in a teasing tone of voice.

Susan took a deep breath as a nice pink blush colored her cheekbones. Once the group left she walked over the counter and had had her drink refilled. Once the clerk had handed her cup back to her, she sighed and took a nice long drink. One hour, how many cups of soda could she tuck in in that time she wondered.

The whole of the convention seemed to have gathered in front of the small wooden stage that had just been erected. And given the size and scope of the convention, this put the number of people at around seventy five to one hundred and fifty. A good size crowed. Three times the people she remembered showing up for there little maid café display.

"There are little starlet!" Came a loud booming voice behind her. "I told you she'll show up. You never doubt a scout." The voice chimed in again.

"Okay you get a point, maybe two points, but still we've wasted enough time! Come on lets get a move on where the first in line and there about to start the program. We have very little time to waste!" Scolded another voice.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she stood there, a small ball of sweat could be seen appearing on the back of her head. Remove the confusion clouding her brain and take away the blush and the banter between the two would be almost comical.

"Hey guys?" Susan said speaking up at last. "Should we not get started or something?" She asked as she started to play with her shoulder length hair.

Quickly the leader from before turned toward Susan. She titled her head to the side and after a minute or so she finally spoke up. "Sure, Oh I'm Annabelle by the way." She said strolling over toward Susan. Quickly she offered her, her outstretched hand.

"And I'm Susan." Susan said smiling a little as she took the offered hand and gave it a nice squeeze.

"Well Susan." Started Annabelle. "Here the plan. Where going to skip the build up, since there only allowing us fifteen or so minutes to do this thing you know. So Linda over there is going to are camerawomen for the day." She stated nodding her head in Linda's direction.

"And Annabelle there is going to be playing are lovely hero, Alibaba. Who's going to spanking the little starlet of are skit, the always lovely Morgiana. Who's going to played by the lovely Susan." Linda said smiling softy as she folded her arms across her head

Susan blushed a little as she peered toward both Annabelle and Linda. "Sounds like a plan to me." A deep blush colored her cheek bones as she peered toward Annabelle, and for the first time she was allowed to get a good look at her. She was tall, at least a head taller than herself. Her hair was color of honey as well and her cheek bones where nice and tanned. She was all slender, with the lines of her body curving inward before expending outward. The longer she peered at her, the more she felt herself falling for her. Lusting would be a better word.

"Well come along my little slave." Annabelle said smiling toward Susan. "The show is about to start, and we need to get ready." she said making a sign with her hands to call the young girl over to her side.

Susan blushed deeply as she walked over to Annabelle's side. Once she was by her side, the women smirked a little and placed the wooden cuffs upon her wrist. "Now," She said peering toward Susan like a fox who just cornered a chicken in its pen. "I'm wearing my cosplay under my cloths. So I'll just pop into the bathroom and get changed and we'll be all set to go."

Susan nodded as he peered down at the wooden cuffs that had been placed around her wrist. Quickly she shifted her weight from one foot to the other as she peered toward the older women who was moving toward a near by bathroom to change. A fifteen minutes passed slowly by as she just stood there shifting her weight from one foot to the other. She was blushing now, deeply blushing as she felt the wooden shackles starting to become heaver and heaver with each passing second.

"Sorry I took so long." Annabelle said smiling as she returned from the bathroom. She had changed into her cosplay. And as such her breast had been taped up and her blonde hair had been styled in a cute boyish style.

"Its fine." Susan said taking a deep breath as she smiled toward Annabelle as she peered toward the women. She carried herself with a air of a women who knew she look stunning and planned on using that to her advantage.

With that being said, both Annabelle and Susan made there way onto the makeshift stage that had been set up. Once in center both Susan and Annabelle turned to face the gathered crowds.

"Morgiana." Annabelle said taking a deep breath as she turned toward Susan. "I'm tired of you running off on your own and causing trouble. Your lucky that I'm around to keep saving your bottom." She said signing in a classic anime style.

Susan blinked and blinked again as she poked out her cheeks and narrowed her eyes toward Annabelle, softy she said. "Fool." she said poking her lip out in a pout. Hopefully she was playing her part well, she only had the low level laughter from the gathered crowds to judge the effect of her lines.

"Morgiana…" Annabelle said stressing the tone of her voice. "You could have been killed. Or worst sold back into slavery again, is that what you really want?" Annabelle said turning toward Susan.

"Fool.." She said again as she folded her arms under her breast and poked out her cheeks and pink lips.

"That's it!" Annabelle said taking a deep breath. "I'm going to teach you some respect, and some manners and finally some self control if it's the last thing I do on this earth." She said reaching up and pulling hard upon Sue's ears. Without saying another world she pulled Sue toward a wooden chair that a lovely stagehand had just placed out. The crowed, now totally caught up in the performance was more than happy to overlook the 'Plot Hole' if you will.

A look of concern crossed Susan's face as she peered toward Annabelle. Who quickly pulled her close and whispered into her ear. "Don't worry honey." She said quickly. "Your doing a wonderful job, just keep doing what your doing and we got this thing in the bag." She then winked as she eased herself down in the chair and with one fluid movement of the wrist she pulled the girl down and over her lap.

That look of grave concern was quickly replaced with a deep blush as she found herself laying down upon Annabelle's lap. Quickly she breathed a prayer as she felt the bottom of her dress being lifted up, exposing her pale bottom cheeks.

"Like I said before, I'm tired of your lip, I'm tired of you putting yourself in danger and I'm tired of you running off at a flip of coin. And if your going to act like a naughty child. I'm going to treat you like a naughty child."

"FOOL!" Susan bellowed as she found being pulled down and pulled across the older women's lap. A deep blush colored her face as she felt the hem of her dress being pulled back. To keep in character, she had chosen not to wear underwear. Since the real Morgiana frowned upon them.

Annabelle smiled and licked her lips as she peered toward the tasty offered treat. Without giving it a second thought she started to hammer the bottom with the open palm of her hand, each smack send a shockwave of pain, mixed with a little pleasure into her body.

Low level whimpers and groans escaped her lips as her bottom was smacked over and over again. Each passing minute she could feel the level of sting rising in her bottom and so too did the levels of pleasure she felt in the after glow of each pass of the palm.

"I want you to know." Said Annabelle in a mock scolding tone of voice. "That I'm not going to put up with this from you." She said delivering a dozen or so stingy palm strokes to her bottom.

Susan's mental defenses came crumbling down once this fresh layer of swats where laid down upon her bottom. Soon tears the size of rain drops where running down her cheeks as a overriding feeling of sting and burn flooded over her, eclipsed all feeling of lust.

"And this is only a foretaste of the flogging you'll be getting when we get back to camp." Annabelle scolded as she delivered the last dozen or so stinging smacks to Susan's bottom.

There was nothing Susan could say, she could only mumble something under her breath as she laid across the older girls lap. Her bottom had now started to glow a nice pale pink, and bubbly pink bubbles of lust where filling up her blood stream. Her cheeks bones too matched the color of her bottom. As she could only wallow in the feeling of being humbled in front of a crowed of total strangers, and relish the attention being poured down upon her head. This was indeed a odd feeling, one she'll be taking to her mother about. All in all, it had been a pretty good day, maybe something like this would happen to her at Coastcon? She could only hope.

The End.