A/N: Bitter ol' Grandpa talking to the fly on the wall. Had in mind the effect of the internet age on human psychology and values when I wrote this.

"Say now, what do we have here... a fly? You're so busy buzzing around you must be bored with all the goings-on." (Moves closer and peers) "Why you sitting there lickin-n-groomin yourself like I was gonna take your picture? Why won't you talk stupid thing? Struck you dumb did they? Scoundrels! I'll bet my best stick they did."

Buzzz… (Fly flies away).

"Damn it! I knew you were one of 'em. Why, you got a nerve coming in here spying on me and saying whatever you of a mind to. Get the devil outta here! Go on, git, and don't ever come back you pesky two-timing rascal! – if I get my hands on you, I swear, I'll stick you in that web like the rest of 'em! And then I'll have a good laugh at ya! Stupid fly. He thinks he's seen everything."