Verse 1

Unmarked, unclaimed,

Another me rots in an unnamed grave.

Atop a tree,

Why can't the world passing it by see her?

Took her own life,

Now her livid corpse lies,

Covered with a crimson blanket.

I'll say goodbye,

Let her go, let her die,

Leave her alone in her casket.

chorus 1

I had a crimson scarf around my neck.

Traced it back to the me with the heartbreak.

Covered her face with the cloth once again,

Sleep well, dear, no more nightmares, no more pain.

Verse 2

Frozen, faded,

Free at last from the gloomy jaded past.

Long forgotten,

Wasn't it her walking to his den last?

Gentle old tree,

Embraced the long dead me,

Till I found her, they lay in wait.

I'll set her free,

Let her go, let her see,

That I'm here, defeated my fate.

Chorus 2

I had a crimson scarf in my stained hands,

Never knew why but now I understand,

It was my one link to the past I feared,

Sleep well, dear, now I'll take over from here.