Long ago, when the Sun and Moon still mingled in the lives of the creatures on Earth, they were revered by both humans and animals. They would watch their followers for signs of the qualities that they championed and reward their subjects with gifts. Whereas the Moon advocated emotions, beauty, and wonder, the Sun respected strength and vitality.

Watching the creatures on Earth, the Sun found that he favored the Canines. Canines were strong but also cunning and beautiful; they were the Sun's prized subjects. Rewarding them for their strength, the Sun gave the Canines a gift. He granted the strongest among them the ability to walk undetected among humans.

Five were chosen: the Jackal, Emile; the Fox, Hime; the Dog, Alastair; the Coyote, Artemis; and the Wolf, Lune. However, those chosen were not ordinary Canines; they were Weres—faster, stronger, bigger, and smarter than the rest of their kind—they were able to do the impossible, and Lune was the strongest of them all.

The Sun's gift gave them the power to change into humans whenever they wanted and change back into their true form just as easily. With the ability to walk among their prey, they were the Kings and Queens of the land. They hunted humans without fear and were able to stalk the forest at a moment's notice. These five Elder Weres reproduced and passed their gifts onto their progeny; creating long lines of Weres that each had the gift of the Sun.

It was not long before they became arrogant. They were no longer afraid of the Sun, the Moon, or the Gods. They grew insolent and ran among the cities causing havoc. Every full moon, Lune and the Elders would come together to share their latest conquests. However, this meeting was different from the other ones.

This night started off similar to every other, but soon Lune grew restless. Pacing back and forth, he could not shake the insanity that ran through his veins. As far as he knew, none of the other Weres were feeling the same way. The gnawing feeling in the back of his mind did not relent, and he knew why. He needed to do something new, something big, something reckless; causing havoc in the city was not satisfying him any longer. He had the world in his hands, but his imagination felt far too limited. Running out of ideas, Lune asked the other Weres to test his strength.

"I'm growing bored of these petty games we play with the humans. I want a real challenge. Who will dare me to do something of importance? I will take any challenge, I have the strength to complete any challenge you can think of." Lune boasted to the others with insolence, such that it riled the other Weres to no end.

He knew he was being foolish, but the insanity pushed out all reason. The other Weres were quiet, still unsure of the consequences; even the usually chatty Fox was quiet. But the most unruly of them all finally spoke up. Emile, the Jackal, gave the wolf a challenge that he would be a fool to take up.

Emile dared Lune to question the Moon. For during the past nights, they had watched the Moon turn from a sliver to full circle. The jackal wanted the wolf to ask why the Moon was not always in its full shape like the Sun always was. This would mock Moon as you should never ask a Lady about her size. Lune, even knowing the brazenness of the question, would not back down from the challenge. Thinking this was just what he was looking for; he summoned the Lady Moon's audience with a howl.

"Moon, Moon! Lady Moon, oh where does your light shine tonight?"

Moon's eyes drifted toward the lone wolf unimpressed by his attempts at getting her attention.

"Wolf, why have you called on me?"

"Why Moon, I've become very curious about you. There are so many things that we have yet to learn from you! Won't you be so kind as to enlighten me?"

She gazed down at him from her perch, knowing nothing good could come of this. However, Moon having no worshippers praying to her at the moment, decided to amuse herself with his presence.

"I will listen, but be warned that should you overstep, you will be punished. It will not matter if you are Sun's champion."

Apparently undaunted and gaining more confidence, Wolf circled the ground beneath her trying to assert a dominance he did not have. He had what he wanted, her attention, now he could begin. He then began pouring insolent questions in a constant stream, eventually coming upon his real purpose.

"Ah Lady, I just have one more question."

"After asking so many questions, are you sure you are not tired of hearing yourself talk? Is your curiosity not yet sated?"

"Not yet, Lady, just this one left and I promise to let you on your way." Lune was not the slightest bit nervous until this moment. He felt a chill coming over him and briefly wondered if this was wise. "Why does your shape change every day? Are you only strong as Sun those few days when you are as big as him?"

After remaining silent for what seemed like years, Moon finally answered. "I hope that was just your stupidity talking for you, Wolf, for if you try me, I guarantee you will not like the consequences. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are as stupid as you sound. And the answer is yes, and no."

Lune, knowing he was overstepping his bounds, couldn't resist boasting. "Does that mean that when you are not at your fullest, you are even weaker than the Weres, who have the power to walk on land as humans? Is that why you have never changed form to become a human? It must be terribly lonely up in the sky, even the Sun joins us on land every so often, bestowing gifts upon us so that we may rule the world. I've never once seen you step on Earth, that's why your humans will fall to us."

The Moon cried miserable tears for she had envied the humans she watched and her heart broke when they were mercilessly hunted by the Sun's disciples. So weak was she that she could not protect the very champions that she longed for. In the sky, she was always alone, her tears were tears of loneliness and they became the stars in the sky. Seeing her cry, the Weres cackled with Lune, without fear of consequences. The Moon was humiliated. The Weres did not fear her at all, not even now when she was at her fullest. The Moon, slighted, punished the Wolf with the very gift he had just boasted.

"You do not fear me, and that will be your undoing. Until you learn what true strength is, you will never be able to fully use the Sun's gifts."

Lune was too arrogant and forceful; he had no concept of the finer points of true power. That was a trait that the Sun neglected when he chose his champions. She would be the one to teach the wolf a lesson of humility. Unfortunately, she had no doubt that his clan all learned from him, and so she would have to punish them all. She restricted his and his clan's powers such that they would only be able to return to their true Wolf form when she was at her fullest. Their fates were tied to one another, each only as powerful as the other.

Turning to the rest of the Weres, she warned them that they would get receive the same fate if they transgressed back to their arrogant ways. Scared into obedience, the Weres started being more discrete in their endeavors—retreating to the forests and becoming things of myths.

Appalled that he would be stuck mimicking his prey, Lune would return to the Moon and howl for mercy month after month. Yet, she did not grant him audience until years later. As she turned her eyes on him, Lune pleaded her to take her curse back. He assured her he had learned humility, vulnerability, and respect for the Lady. Moon, although feeling pity for the wolf, did not grant his wish.

"Lune, you will not learn the lesson you need in this lifetime."

"Please, all powerful Lady Moon, I have learned my lesson. I have made mistakes, but my family suffers for it. The curse makes us weak and we've become fools among the other Weres." He pleaded over and over.

Moon sighed. "I cannot take back a gift I have bestowed. This is the rule we all abide by."

"Please Moon, there must be something you can do. We are the strongest of the Weres, but remain the weakest of men on most days. My family is becoming exterminated. When the other Weres can turn at will, we have to wait until the full moon to fight back. Humanity is a weakness we cannot survive."

Unrelenting, she stared into his soul with a prediction. "Centuries from now, one of yours will not call it that; he who has the power will choose what the real weakness is."

The wolf fearing that he would never be able to enjoy the freedom of his true form again, cried for mercy, but the Moon turned her back to him.

To this day, his descendents howl to the moon every month, hoping to gain her audience. But these days, the Moon and Sun no longer entangle themselves in Earthly affairs.