Lies and Longing


A simple drabbles by Litte Yagami Osanowa


"Let's set on journey! I want to travel all around the country in Roeasia!" He stated with a bright smile plastered on his handsome face. "After all, it was the King's duty to see and observe the entire country he had"


That's not your real reason to propose this journey on the first place. You hide the truth within yourself. No one knows—not even us—the way you're thinking. I can never understand you well even though we already together for a long time. You're like a closed book to me. Your smile is sincere and bright as the shining sun yet behind you're smile is only a cover. It was created by you for us. I always know that you have a soft-spot for us. That's why you wish to conceal the truth in front of us. You're afraid to make us worried. You're too kind.

We didn't expect this to come. Yet there is nothing we can do for you for the least.

It was only you who suffered for us.

It was only you who throbbed our hearts and made it empty with loneliness like this.

"I promise," He said to us "…I'll be back. I'll definitely return. So don't put that sadness look in your face—we'll surely reunite again. Please smile and… wait for me"

More lies.

Even though I want to believe in those words you've said, it didn't change the reality I've been faced. You'll never return. The promise you said back then was only a cover. In order to make us a bit relieved to know that you'll be back, you tell lies. Unfortunately, we learned the truth soon enough after that.

You'll never come back as you promised to us.

At first I didn't want to believe it. But after 900 years passed without you, I was certain that you'll never return here. I was desperately waiting for you. This place is not the same without your presence. But what am I going to do now? I'm already at my limit. This loneliness is too big for me to bear. The empty shell of my heart already scattered into pieces.

I stubbornly locked myself inside the throne room—the place where I can strongly feel your presence. Day by day passed so quickly yet here I am, sitting on the cold marble floor with my head on the empty throne chair. With my eyes closed, I was reminiscing our past memories where you still here.

Memories aren't real—I know that. But I can't help myself in this state. It's better to get hurt physically rather than being hurt mentally like this.

Just how much longer I can bear this?