gypsy lolita

you sashayed your way towards the makeshift ballroom floor

inside the labyrinth of my mind where ball-jointed dolls,

decked in gothic hollywood glamour, danced to

the tune of crooning corpses with their chainsaw guitars.

amidst the cigarette smoke elegantly billowing

from a mad hatter zombie's lips, you were

illuminated in a spotlight of your own,

dressed in a steampunk corset distressed with

black lace and white satin while delicately

wrapped in champagne tulle.

behind a scaffolding near the stairs,

mannequin lovers were kissing underneath

a spiderweb chandelier while you ruminated

beneath the sugarplum moonlight.

without warning, i kissed your naked neck,

licking your papyrus skin with

my switchblade tongue

as you gasped in delight.

you were my very own lolita with

peacock earrings and garnetstone

gypsy cocktail rings.

my words faded into a footnote

of an over-medicated daydream

because i loved to make you scream.

i could have died in ecstasy,

you could have killed me

with those slender fingernails

digging on my spine.

midnight was a poet's murder

and i could have prayed even harder

but this nightmare was my fantasy

so please don't ever wake me up.