Summary: "Do you believe in love at first sight, Jerry?" Jerry is just your average baseball playing teenager who loves candy. Ready for a snack, he purchases some candy bars, but how can he resist the cute boy selling his favorite chocolates? Lemon. Dub-Con. MXM. Slash. Fluff. Virgin. First Time. Slight Smut.

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Candy Bar Lover

Chapter One:

Love at First Candy

"Do you believe in love at first sight, Jerry?" A teenage girl said as she twisted her blonde locks into a circle around her index finger. She stared at the tall boy in front of her. She let her eyes wonder over his brilliant muscles and up to his jet black her and brown eyes.

"Depends, I fell for Almond Joy candies right off the bat. " He raised his lips up in a crescent shape, "Same for baseball, all good things take me by storm." His eyes glazed over Charlotte, but not with the same conviction that she had for him.

"Come on! Be a romantic! Won't it be –"The bell rang cutting her off mid-sentence. She grunted and turned in her seat. She did not to get in trouble a second time in Mr. L's class for talking.

Jerry stared at her from behind. Love a first sight? Eh? He thought. That was a fictional, school-girl thing. Who would just fall for someone right out like that? It didn't make sense.

That was until today.

"Now class, I need you to take out you-" Mr. L was interrupted by a hollow knocking at the wooden door. He grunted and turned towards it with contempt.

"Come in." He barked before writing the pages on the board to start reading.

A teen with ginger hair that had subtle hints of auburn crept inside and closed the door gently. He bowed his head while letting his hair fall into his green eyes.

"Sorry for being tardy, Mr. L." The boy spoke in a meek voice nearly quieter than a mouse. He slipped in to a seat in the front row of the classroom and pulled out his English textbook out of his dark green book bag.

The teacher turned and broke his stern composure at the boy. He sighed out.

"It's quite alright, Arthur. Unlike some," He glared at a boy sleeping near the back of the classroom, "you haven't been late before." He walked to his desk and sat down pulling up his laptop. Arthur's arrival reminded him that he didn't take attendance.

The clock ticked slowly, but time seemed to move faster once the students actually started to read. Before anyone could finish the last few pages, the clock already read 2:20 pm. Five minutes before the students were released from the high school.

Arthur sank into his chair and looked hesitantly before pulling out a bag filled with Heath bars, Almond Joys, and KitKats. He was supposed to be selling them, but he never knew how to bring it up and didn't want to interrupt class. He was already late today; it would be far too rude.

He sighed out and gently worked up the courage to ask someone to buy some. He saw a girl with blonde hair seemly waiting for her chance to talk to someone. She had a gentle face, though caked in makeup, and seemed friendly enough.

"Excuse me," He started to speak and tapped her shoulder. She tensed and gave a disgusted look, before widening her eyes at seeing it was just Arthur. " would you like to buy some chocolate?"

She chuckled at his soft voice and slightly flushed face. He laughed too, though he was embarrassed. The girl tilted her head and looked down at her flat stomach. No. No. Ring dance is coming up. She thought while frowning. Arthur stared at her.

"If you don't want any that's fine." He said taking the bag back in a slow solemn manner. Today he would also go home without any sales. Maybe I'll just buy them all. He thought.

"No, no!" She said grabbing the bag and startling him, "you went through all of this trouble to ask me. " She paused again and stared over to Jerry who was busily reading the last page. She remembered that her friend said that he 'fell for almond joys' so he was bound to buy some.

"Jer-ry~!" She rang out and he lifted his head like a soldier at attention. "want some candy? It's um, how much Arthur?"

" O-ne d-dollar. Yes, one dollar a bar. I mean chocolate bar. Yeah." He said in cut up bits and Charlotte giggled at him.

"One dollar, Jerry."

"Sure. Sounds good." He said in a delighted tone. He did love chocolate. He took the heavy bag from her and removed his wallet from his rough jean pocket. The leather gently opened revealing different bills. There was some 20s, two 10s, and some fives, but no ones.

"Uh, got any change?" He asked. Charlotte shrugged and turned back to Arthur who she had been blocking.

"Got any change?"

"Sorry, I do not. Sorry for the inconvenience."

"That's fine."

"No Jerry, buy five."

"Oh, he doesn't –" Arthur tried to cut in, but was cut off by agreement.


He slid the money to Charlotte and removed five chocolate bars. Four were Almond Joys and one was a KitKat.

"Charlotte why are you selling candy? Thought the soccer team was doin' a yard sale?" He said letting out a bit of his southern drawl. It was adorable to most.

"I'm not. Arthur is selling it for um,"

"Creative Writing."

"Creative Writing, Jerry. Somethin' you can't even get in to." Arthur laughed at her comment to Jerry. Everyone could get into it, but he wasn't going to rat on the girl that made his only sale.

"Right. Right. Right. Wait" Jerry scrunched up his eye brows and intensified his stare.

" Who's Arthur?"

"OMG. Jerry. It's October. How do you not know by now who is in your class?" She looked at him shaking her head from side to side. Arthur giggled again and wasn't hurt by the fact that Jerry didn't remember who he was. He knew he was easy to overlook. He liked being a wallflower.

"This class?" Jerry widened his eyes making them look like brown orbs lost in a white sea. Really? He thought.

"Come say hi, Arthur. Maybe if you grace him he'll stop being so damn slow all the time." She gestured and pulled Arthur through the seats and towards the taller male.

Arthur blushed and fiddled with his hands. He felt so awkward at the moment, but he felt like that quite a bit. Jerry, however, was lost for words for the first time. His eyes traced over Arthur's face and body. He looked at the shine of his reddish-brown locks and admired his freckled, red face. He eyes glued to his slender figure and long arms. He felt stuck, but at the same time drawn in closer.

He never felt that way before.

"Th-thanks." Arthur let out calling Jerry back to what was going on.

"No, problem, uh, Arthur." He said as Charlotte cocked her eyebrow. Just what was transpiring right here? She thought.

The bell rang out and the students busted out of their seats. Arthur grabbed his bag and waved to them before walking out.

Jerry still stood there.

Charlotte tugged on his shirt sleeve.

" Jerry?"

She patted him.

"Jerry? Dude?"

She smacked his face causing him to look around franticly with a tense look.

"Yo, Jerry. We gotta go."

"What? Did the bell ring?"

"Yeah, like five minutes ago."


"Oh, is right. Let's get gone." She grabbed her hot pink bag and his camo one and tossed it over to him. He packed his bag mechanically with each book flopping every which way in the bag. He zipped it shut with great force. The books were ripping at the fabric. Charlotte just shook her head and lowered her eyebrows. He touched her back before they crossed into the busy hallway.

"Charlotte, do you believe in love at first sight?"

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