His wings, torn off,

Blood, he cough,

Tears flood his eyes,

This is his body after he dies,

Disgrace, he betrayed his God,

He takes upon the trident rod,

For God has banished him to the fiery gate,

To dwell upon the forgotten, this is his eternal fate,

Sadden by his actions, which he believed were right,

Maybe one day God will return him to the light,

He hopes God will forgive his sins,

And again will he be cleanse,

I too hope to be upon God's court,

Hope to be pled innocent and join his fort,

Until then, on my left wrist, I will wear Lucifer's mark,

It's a symbol of forgiveness, no more cutting in the dark,

Like Lucifer, I too, wish to be forgiven one day,

God, my sins, will you one day slay?